Ladka Deewana Aya (SanVeer) Chapter 2 – Savitri Devi College And Hospital

hi guys i am back with another chapter for ladka deewana aya………hope you enjoy as you did the last one

i went home i couldn’t bear the nightmare of veer coming back.i felt scared was he going to embarrass me like always but would he came to my room and gripped onto my hand asking if something was wrong but should i tell her?

mom:what happened dear why are you upset?

sanchi:nothing mom

mom:why is your face is so dull tell me i am your mom

sanchi:okay baba veer is coming back

mom:what a pleasant surprise you should be happy your friend is coming back your really good friend

sanchi:really mom the worst friend ever in the whole galaxy

mom:but you used to play so nice

flashback:sanchi is seen in pigtails and talking to her friends and veer comes and ties her laces to each other and she falls and the next one which he cracks the nuts of her chair in school and the chair breaks and from there she is called fatty sanchi

mom:sanchi i forget to tell you that savitri aunty called you she needed to talk about someyhing to you

sanchi:but mom i have to see veers face then

mom:you have to see it in college so just go

sanchi:ok mom not going next time

my biggest nightmare was to come but i had to go so i reached the house the door was open i proceeded my steps into the silent house i tried shouting hello but no answer came back.this was my chance i could go and tell mom that none was there and not go , i went outside but all of a sudden the light went off what was that something brushed against my face and body i screamed the lights turned on.

sanchi:get out who done ths

veer:do you really want to know miss golgapa

that vouce sounded familier and that nickname but who

sanchi:who is it

veer:you forgot me its your best friend

sanchi:veer get out right now

veer:you remeber me wow miss golgapa a friend is truly a friend

sanchi:ya true but not you mr

veer:did you miss me


he kept annoying me and i answered back for 10 minutes and so and kabir stumbled towards the two of us

kabir:what happened sanchi

sanchi:veer can answer that

veer:just some fun

kabir:come with mw sanchi ill give you some clothes to wear

veer:bro i can give her she is my best friend right

sanchi:i am not and i am going with kabir

we stumbled across the house to his room and this was he chance to tell him about my feelings for him

sanchi:i wnated to tell younsomrthing

kabir:sure say

sanchi:umm.i ya

veer:i want to go to veer thats what you anted to say right

i couldnt say it in front of veer so i went by his say

sanchi:ya right

precap:veer asks her for a date for prom and she says yes out of jealousy seeing isha and kabir togethr



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  1. i really loved the scenes between veer and sanchi so cute update soon pleasse….

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  2. I really like kanchi but after reading this i am falling in love with sanveer update soon ok

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  3. want sanveer to be together but i think kabir will start liking her and then she will have to choose

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      You have to read to see

  4. love the concept

  5. my heart is yours

    finally you are back can you finish dont fall in love with me want to know what happened

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    loved it today

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  8. Really loved this story.I truly want sanchi and veer as a pair. Obsessed with Sanveer ???

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      Thanks and I’m also obsessed with sanveer

  9. Amazing episode, do update soon

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