Ladies Special 27th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Amar’s Growing Attraction Towards Bindu

Ladies Special 27th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meghna’s daughter informs that teacher refused to give report card for not paying school fees. Meghna says she forgot to pay fees, she will go and pay right now and speak to her teacher. Teacher calls Meghna and informs she did not pay school fees, so her children’s marks cards are held, but she should get happy that her daughter Swapna is topper in school and is getting merit certificate, her son Sachin also passed all subjects. Meghna rejoices.

Bindu serves dinner to Amar, Mota Pappa, and Mota Mummy. Amar gets excited seeing so many dishes. Mota Pappa says after Bindu came, they are having new dishes and asks Bindu what is special in sweets. Bindu serves sweets. Family loves it. Amar looking at Bindu reminisces telling Kangana that Mota pappa will not accept their relationship

so easily, so need some break from her to set things right. After dinner, he walks to room and sees Bindu picking clothes to stitch asks why don’t she give them to tailor. She says why to waste money for such small thing, she will stitch easily. He watches her and asks if he can try. She says it is not easy, she has experience from childhood. He stitches cloth in no time. She is surprised and asks where did he learn to stitch. He says she forgot that he is a cardiac surgeon and sews people’s wounds, he has sewn all kind of hearts, small, big, broken and explains about hole in heart by birth.

Viraj takes his friend driver Kishan’s help to prepare khichdi. Kishna walks away midway giving excuse. Prarthana walks in and smells something burning. She rushes to kitchen and asks why did not he set off gas, whole khichdi is burnt. She prepares khichdi and serves him. He asks spoon. She asks if he eats khichdi with spoon. He eats with hand and likes it. Das calls him and informs that his father wants him to meet Singapore clients. Viraj says he is busy whole day at office and above that, dad has given tough boss. Das says that is there. Viraj then sees Prarthana coming towards him and pretends that he does not have money and cannot give loan to his friend. Prarthana says he acts like rich, so his friends misunderstand him as rich. She sees luxury watch in his hand and asks how did he get a gold watch. He says he bought a duplicate for 1000 rs. She says what is the need for pretending, one will not get anything by lying and will get into unnecessary trouble. He says she is right. He walks on street to drop her home. Kishan follows him silently. Prarthana notices him. Viraj rushes to Kishan who requests to return his utensils. Prarthana asks who is he. Viraj says he is a thief and sends him away. Racha notices them together.

On the other side, Punith’s client gives him brokerage fees. His friend says Shetty his happy with his brokerage job. He says he wants to meet Shetty as he wants to find a man whose only phone number he has. Friend says Shetty can find anyone’s address. Punith over phone informs Meghna that his friend will find agent’s address. Meghna asks if his friends will use legal route, she does not need any problem. He says she will not. Mandar reminisces going for job interview and interviewer asking him to get previous company’s recommendation letter. Meghna calls him for dinner and cheers him up saying all their problems will be solved.

Precap: Meghna, Bindu, and Prarthana get new year party invitation at local train. Prarthana’s father signs during party and entertains everyone.

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