Ladies Special 26th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Prarthana Refuses To Help Meghna

Ladies Special 26th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindu prepares mehandi cones singing. Mota pappa watches her from behind and tells his wife that he is worried about Bindu, so he asked Amar to forget Kangana. Bindu turns and seeing him says her mehandi cones are ready. He asks her to go and deliver to clients then. At Meghna’s house, Mandar returns at night. She asks where was he. He says to search job. She says she was worried. He asks why, there is no use going to police station as her complaint will not be registered. Megha says she will search agent Shrike at any cost. Mandar says Shirke is just a phone number and nothing else. Bindu returns home and searches snacks to Mota pappa and mummy. Amar calls Bindu and informs that he is coming home early and they will have dinner together. Bindu says good whole family will have dinner

together. She informs Mota pappa and mummy excitedly. Mota pappa says Amar is coming home early after marriage for the first time. Bindu shies and says she will prepare shrikhand for Amar. Kangana calls Amar repeatedly and fumes when he does not pick call.

Prathana reaches office and seeing Viraj’s flower bouquet with sorry note throws it in dustbin. Viraj says he finished all file analysis and wrote report why they are not meeting target. She says good job, give report to Dubey. He smiles and says he is very talented, keeps back flower bouquet on table. She throws it back in dustbin and asks to leave. Viraj leaves and returns with file. Prathana scolds him and says she hates liers, he lied that he came via local train and took taxi instead. He tries to convince, but she continues scolding him and asks to leave. He walks out. Punith enters next and asks about viraj. She says he went out to have lunch. Meghna walks in to meet executive and gets happy seeing Prarthana. Prarthana asks her to sit and asks if she needs any help. Meghna shows agent Shirke’s car and asks to find his address as police is not helping her. Prarthana says only police can help her and she cannot help. Meghna stands sadly. Punith says he can help her via his friends, but v stops him and says she cannot help her in this matter.

Prarthana buys vegetables walking far away. Viraj says she could have bought vegetables near home. Prarthana says they get it cheap here and suggests him to buy vegetables for himself. He says he does not know to cook. She says he can prepare khichdi, she will share vegetables. He reaches home with vegetables and seeks Seetaram driver’s help to prepare khichdi.

Amar gets ready to reach home and stops reminiscing going for dinner with Kangnana and promising to have dinner with her outside everyday. Prarthana retuurns home and reminisces giving khichdi recipe to Viraj. Punith walks to her and says she has only 1-2 friends and should have helped Meghna in need. She says he is worried for others. Punith says when someone steals hard earned money, they feels very bad. Prarthana asks not to discuss about this topic. Punith says he wants to help Meghna. Prarthana asks not to fall in trouble though. He gets a call and walks down nervously.

Jyoti takes her son to Meghna’s house scolding and blames Meghna’s son Sachin that her son’s marks are low because of Sachin. Meghna scolds her children for not showing her their first term result marks. Daughter says since they did not pay school fees, teacher refused to give marks card.

Precap: Bindu asks Amar how many hearts he fixed till now. Amar says big, small, broken. Bindu says not broken, shattered. Prarthana sees luxury watch in Viraj’s hand and questions him.

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