Ladies Special 18th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Agent Dupes Meghna

Ladies Special 18th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meghna with Jyoti stitches sample uniforms. Other neighbors join them. Meghna’s daughter asks if their factory started. Meghna says yes. Her FIL signals best of luck. A man sees watches factory without license and walks away to complain. Mandar calls Meghna and informs that officer who signs on license has gone on leave and it will take 12-13 days, so they should cancel order. Meghna says already work has started, how can they cancel order. He scolds to inform him beforehand before taking any future order.

At Bindu’s house, Mota pappa plays game on Bindu’s mobile and says it is amazing. Kangana calls her. Mota pappa says her friend Chandni is calling her repeatedly. Bindu nervously puts phone on DND mode and returns it to Mota pappa. Amar walks to his room.


returns home and sees family busy dancing and singing with Viraj. She walks to her room. Viraj locks door from outside and plans surprise birthday party for Prarthana. Once he gets cake, he opens door. Prarthana walks out fuming and asking who locked door. Family wishes her happy birthday and shows cake. Prarthana shouts who brought cake, they know she does not like celebrating her birthday, and what is Viraj doing here. Viraj says he brought her promotion letter and she is senior manager now. Family rejoices and insist to cut cake. She agrees. Father asks her to sing. She fumes. Punith requests to sing like she used to in childhood. She agrees and sings Ruke Sabke Punith dances with her.

Government officers reach Meghna’s house and ask if she has permission to run factory in residential area. She says no, she will get license in 2-3 days. Officer says it is illegal and he will seize all sewing machines. Meghna calls Mandar and asks if he got any receipt of submitting license application. He says he does not. She says she met agent and gave him 3 lakhs to get license, he took her sign on bond paper and promised to get license by tomorrow. He scolds her that he warned not to fall in agent’s trap, he is coming home soon. Meghna requests officer to wait for 15 min, her husband is coming.

Restaurant boy delivers food at Prarthana’s house and asks 4200 rs. Prarthana shouts who ordered. Punith and Viraj say they ordered. Punith pays money and tips. Prarthana takes him aside and asks how did he get so much money. He says since Viraj came in his life, he got lucky and it is his hard earned money as real estate agent and business is speeding up. Prarthana says she cannot believe and warns not to trust Viraj so much, whatever they get so easily will lose easily. He asks what she means. She says he should not trust anyone so easily. Viraj interferes.

Mandar goes to agent’s address and asks shopkeeper where can he find agent Shirke. Shopkeeper says he does not now, agents dupe people and one should not trust them. Mandar stands tensed.

Precap: Mandar informs officer that they gave money to agent to get license and he escaped with money. Ladies demand to return their money, they don’t want to fall in police case. Kangana calls Bindu’s landline and insists her to give phone to Amar. Bindu says she will Amar to call her and informs Amar. Viraj’s true identity as company owner is revealed.

Update Credit to: MA

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