Ladies Special 12th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Prarthana Slaps Subodh

Ladies Special 12th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Viraj confronts Prarthana that she slapped instead for Suubodh’s mistake and is still living in past, she should go and slap Subodh instead. He takes her to Subodh’s office. She walks into Subodh’s cabin. Subodh smirks and says at least she realized her mistake and returned to him. She slaps him. Peon walks in with water and stands shocked. Staff also watch it. Prarthana warns Subodh never to do with other girls what he did to her. Subodh shouts at peon to get out. Prarthana stops him, drinks water and walks away smiling. Viraj follows him taunting Subodh. He sees TV anchor recording live footage, takes mic and asks Prarthana how is she feeling now. Prarthana says very light as if a big weight is off her mind.

Meghna gives her FIL’s medicine prescription

slip to Mandar. Mandar says they will be left with no money if they buy these medicines. Meghna asks not to worry, Baba gave 30000 rs from his savings. He runs to washroom. Meghna tells FIL that Mandar has stomach upset as he went to washroom 4 times already since morning. Mandar comes out of washroom and tells her that they need 4 lakhs to start their garment factory. She says she has managed. Jyoti joins her and they both reveal that they took locality people as partners with company shares and gathered 4,20,000 rs. Mandar asks whose idea was it, it is awsome, he will throw noodles party for them. Jyoti asks him to wear helmet and cut onions, else he will shed tears. He cuts onions shedding tears. Meghna taunts him and gives helmet. He says only she can handle him, he is so lucky to have her as his wife. He gets romantic. She says she feels sorry for Bindu who trusts her husband so much, but he betrayed her and is seeing another woman, Bindu is a very nice woman.

In Bindu’s room, she sleeps on bed while Amar sleeps on couch. Bindu says couch is very small, he must be feeling uneasy; they can swap place. Amar says she is so good. Bindu says even he is so nice.

Prarthana’s bosses meet her and inform that Subodh has complained against her in HR, so she has to apologize him. Prarthana says it is her personal matter. Boss says she should have kept it personal then instead of dragging it professionally. Prarthana says she did not mean to make losses to company because of her personal issues. Boss insists her to apologize Subodh. Viraj interferes and says they should not deal with wrong clients, else they will incur losses in future. Boss says he did not ask him and if he has any problem, he can resign. He insists Prarthana again to apologize Subodh.

Precap: Mota pappa sees Kangana in Amar’s hospital and asks Bindu if she knows him. Prarthana scolds Viraj not to interfere in her personal life and shuts door. She opens door hearing doorbell again and stands shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Nice show….
    I am sure viraj will making Prathana fall in love and will frame her in wrong work….
    I think Amar is falling in love with Bindu, but is not realising it..
    Most hopeful lady is Meghna and Mandhar…

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