Laddoo’s SWARAGINI OS- Mujhe apne dost se pyar hai….!

Back with my second OS!!!
Hey guys! Laddoo here….with my second one shot….this tym a Swaragini OS! Another clichè-ridden love story I know, but still! Had thought of a SwaSan OS, but Fida di….I added RagLak just for you. Hope all of you like it! 19 comments for my first OS was really a matter of great joy….looking upto more comments this tym.

My previous OS link:-

Trying to make it a long one this tym. And bashers….u all are most welcome to comment, just be decent. RagSan and SwaLak fans….even u all are most welcome to comment. And silent readers, who read my prev OS, a big thnx to them! Ignore typos and try to understand short forms. I guess I’m bak-baking too much. So, here we go!

Scene I

Shekhar:Sharmishtha! Sharmishta! Where r u? Where’s my morning tea?

Just then, he saw a cup of tea in front of his eyes with a strong smell of ginger entering through his nostrils. What a smell!

Sh:Swara, I know it’s you. Where’s ur mom that u r giving me tea?

The girl with the cup of tea came and stood before him with a pout.

Sw:Dad, from when did u start calling me Swara? Jao, m not speaking to u. And dyu have any idea that mom is not at home and she had gone to her friend’s house yesterday itself?
Sh:Shit! How could I forget? Sorry my Shona. Achha forgive me please.?
Sw(hugging him frm behind):Dad, how can I be cross with u for long? U r my King na?
Sh:And very soon u will have ur Prince Charming also.

The very moment that ‘Prince Charming’ was said by her Dad, it made her heart flutter and a face flashed in front of her eyes and she went into her own world of imagination. But, her thoughts were soon interrupted by another voice.

Voice:Achha Baap ko ek Beti kya mili dusri ko bhool gaye?(Okay, father got one daughter and completely forgot about the other?)
Sh:Arey, how can I forget my Laado?(Guys my name is Laddoo….not Laado….dnt wry.)

So, the girl was our Ragini!

R:That to I can already see. Good Morning Dad! Good Morning my Shonuuu!(pulling her cheeks)
Sw:Ragini, if u call me Shonu yet again, I’ll stop calling u Laado. No one has the right to call me Shonuu except….
R:Except? Ahem ahem! Shonuu….
Sw:RAAGINIII…! Well, Lucky ko phone lagayein? Soch rhi thi use ghar bulau…?
R:Wo to Sanskaar jiju ke sath wo aa hi jayega….(lost in her thoughts)
Sw (snapping her finger in front of Ragini’s eyes):Sanskaar what? Oh come on Ragini! He dusnt even kno of my love.(and she gets sad.)
Sh:Laado, stop teasing my Shona! Well Shona, today Sanskaar is coming back to India…
Sw:What? Really? Dad, u r joking, rgt? Dad!!! Oh! My! God!!!!

And saying this she rushed upstairs to her room and took out a photograph album and ran her hands over the pics of a boy and girl of abt 15  yrs old.

Sw:You’ll be back after 10 yrs Sanskaar. My love for u hasn’t died yet. I am so eager to see u back!

Scene II

A guy in his mid twenties comes and hugs a middle aged woman from behind and covers her eyes.

Guy:Pehchano kaun?
Sa:Kya badi maa! Itne saalon baad bhi aapne mujhe kaise pehchan liya?
AP:Because u r my son. U kno how excited ur mother is? Go n meet her. She’s in d temple.(Sujata is Sanskaar’s actual mother but he calls both of them his mother.)

Su:Wahin ruk jao Sanskaar! First open ur shoes then come inside. How many tyms hv I told u not to enter the temple widout opening ur shoes!
Sa:Maa, how come u know that it’s me? And that I haven’t opened my shoes yet? And how do u even know that someone is at the door?
Su:Bcoz I’m ur mother, pagle!

And they share some emotional moments….
Whereas in a room upstairs….

Guy:Lucky ke bachhe, aa gaya tera bhai! Gayi teri aazaadi chulhe mein! Bhagwaan! Bas wo Ragini ke baare mein na puchhe….
(So, it was our Lucky!)
Sa:How come I dnt ask abt my to be bhabhi?…san…sanskaar! Aa gya mera bhai itni jldi? Plzz yaar. Laado is just my gf yaar. U say, made a gf?
Sa:Lucky ke bachhe, I went to London for studying, okay? Teri tarah ladkiyon ke sath flirt nahi krta main.

Just then, AP calls everyone down, announcing that Gadodia family were coming to meet Sanskaar in the evening and would be discussing about RagLak’s engagement. Sanskaar simply smiled which was noticed by Sujata. She desperately wanted SwaSan to unite.(Patience plzz! Clearing the confusion.)

[Gadodia and Maheshwari families are bound in friendship since 5 generations, Sanskaar and Laksh’s being the fifth one. From when the kids were about 3 yrs old, they have been best frnds. Sanskaar and Swara always used to hang around together and Ragini and Laksh used to do the same. But, at the end of it, all 4 of them were best frnds. Swara had been crushing, not actually crushing on but loving Sanskaar frm when she was just 12. Both families knew abt it except Sanskaar himself! He had left to London at the age of 15 for his higher studies leaving a lonely Swara behind. But, Swara never stopped loving him. On the other hand, Ragini and Laksh, well, they were in a relationship! Well, it was known to both the families and both had agreed for the relationship also. Now that Sanskaar was back after 10 whole yrs, RagLak’s engagement would be done.]

Scene III

Gadodia family has arrived at Maheshwari Mansion to talk of RagLak’s engagement. Here Ragini and Laksh were constantly blushing while Swara’s eyes were continuously searching for someone.

Sw(monologue):Kahan hai ye? Uff, how long will I have to wait?
Su:Swara beta, 10yrs u hv waited, why not 10 mins more?

Everyone burst out laughing while Swara felt heat running to her cheeks and a dark shade of red brushing them.

L:Looks like someone’s blushing….?
Sw:Ya ya, just like my sister was blushing two minutes ago, rgt jiju?(Stressing on the word ‘jiju’)

Suddenly, they heard a voice….

V:Who’s blushing?

Everyone turned around to see Sanskaar climbing down the stairs. And for Swara, she could just feel her heart skipping a beat and her mouth letting out a small whisper taking his name.
Sanskaar went upto everyone and touched all the elders’ feet.

R:Sanskaar bhai, aap ke ‘sanskaar’ nahi gaye abhi tak.
Sa:Ji aap….umm….Ragini!!! Haye meri Ragu itni badi ho gayi! Apne bhai ko ek baar bhi video call nhi kr payi na. 10 saal se nhi dekha tumhe. Bas awaaz sunta tha. Kaisi hai meri chhoti behen….oops….meri hone wali bhabhi? (Laksh is 2 months older than Sanskaar while Ragini is 2 months younger than Sanskaar.)
R:Bhai, dyu think I own a smartphone? I just got it on my bday. And bhai….if u call me bhabhi….I won’t marry this bandar!
L:Sanky….why r u putting my marriage at stake? And laado, meri pyari laado, TUM MUJHE BANDAR BULANA BAND KARO!!!

And everyone burst out laughing at this….
Whereas Sanskaar could surely make out the gaze of a pair of eyes on him.
He turned here and there and finally noticed Swara continuously adoring him with her eyes with a glint of tears in them.

Sa(whispering):Raguu….wo meri Shonuu hai na?
R(whispering):Hmm….to pehchan hi liya use. She was dying to see you all these yrs. Everyday she used to open her photo album and run her fingers over ur pic.
Sa:Does that mean that she….
R:She loves u! She has been loving u way back before u left for London. And u dnt even kno of that!*sigh*

Sanskaar couldn’t help but blush at this fact. And then….an idea struck upon his mind!

Sa:Shekhar uncle, where’s my Shonuu?(Swara gasped at this!)
I’ve been missing her since 10 whole yrs….she hasn’t called me a single day….where is she?
Sw:So do u think I’m a mannequin sitting in frnt of u?
Sa:Hey miss, who r u? And I see that u r staring at me since long. Staring is bad manners Miss….
Sw:ENOUGH! Sanskaar maine ye apne sapno mein bhi nhi socha tha! U forgot me? U forgot ur Shonuu so easily? Fie Sanskaar! Just shame on you!

And she runs out of the house saying that. Everyone bursts out laughing while Sujata twists Sanskaar’s ears.

Su:Kyu rulaya tune meri beti ko? Why haan? Go and apologize….GO!
Sa:Maa, first leave my ears at least.

And he too goes after her followed by Ragini and Laksh.

Scene IV

It was raining heavily and Swara was sitting on her knees, weeping as if her only possession had been snatched away.
Jag soona soona laage plays….

Jag soona soona laage
Jag soona soona laage
Koi rahe na jab apna
Jag soona soona laage
Jag soona soona laage re….
Hai toh ye kyun hota hai
Jab ye dil rota hai
Roye sisak sisak ki hawayein
Jag soona laage…chhan se jo toote koi sapna…
(For all those who feel this is overacting, I request them to experience this once before saying so.)

Sw:God, why r u doing this to me? How come he forgot me? His Shonu? How can he….?
Sa (covering her with his coat):Who said I forgot u? Chahe ye zameen toot jaye….chahe ye aasmaan phoot jaye….Sanky apni Shonu ko kabhi nhi bhul sakta!
Sw (angry):Stop these cheesy lines of yours. The truth is that u hv forgotten me. Have u ever thought how I spent these 10 yrs? And u said it’s bad staring at someone? Do u realise I haven’t seen u for 10 long yrs? Have u ever thought how I felt? Have u ever thought when YOU never called me in these 10 yrs and instead blamed me that I never called u? Have u….

Sanskaar hushed her down by putting a finger on her lips.

Sa(huskily):Sshhhh….bohot bolti ho tum. I identified u at the very first sight. Dyu think I can’t identify u? How can u even think of that? U can’t even understand a prank. And u r crying like this?
R(from back):Ahem ahem….if u both r dunn, then can we both also join in?
L:Sanky, befaltu mein rula diya meri behen ko. Shona….dnt cry. If he teases u, just tell me then n there.
Sa:Now u both tell me how come this happen? U both getting engaged?
R:Umm…wo…main…keh rhi thi ki…umm…Laksh tum hi batao…


Ragini and Laksh were walking along the footpath holding hands when Ragini saw a panipuri/golgappa stall on the opposite side of the road.

R:Lucky, mera pyara Lucky plzz….
L:No Ragini…not today…plzz yaar…

But, our stubborn Ragini, she ran across the road towards the stall when………………………………………..CRASH!!!
Ragini had met with an accident. Laksh stood there numb for 5 whole minutes before he shrieked at the top of his voice……RAAAAGIIIINIIIIII!!! (Kaan band kar lo, parde phat jayenge?)
He rushed her to the hospital and she was admitted in the OT. After two hrs, the doc came out.(Even her family was there.)

L:Doc she’s okay na? She’s alright na? She hasn’t received many wounds na? Doc say na? Why r u mum? Plzz doc.(He’s at the verge of crying)
D:By God’s grace she’s saved. Or else….better not speak abt what hasn’t hpnd. She’s unconscious rgt now but u can meet her.

Everyone went inside to see Ragini and then left Laksh and Ragini alone.

Inside the ward-

Laksh was holding Ragini’s hand and was carressing her head.

L:I love you Ragini. You don’t know how much I love u. Why do u always do this, ha? What if something would’ve hpnd to u? What wud hv I dunn? Do u kno what u r to me? U r my first love, u r my life, my necessity, u r the only thing I need to stay alive! Tumhare bina main mar jaunga Ragini!

Saying this, he got up. He was abt to go when he felt a tug at his sleeve. He turned around to see Ragini in her senses.

L:Laado, kya hua, sambhal ke. U need water? Shall I bring u something? Tell me Laado!
R:Rgt n-now I n-need nothing ek-ex-except ur love. U l-love me L-lucky?
L:Sshhhh Laado! We’ll talk abt this later. First u recover.
R:Lucky, I love u too.

Saying this, she hugged his arm and dozed off while Laksh kissed her forehead.

Next mrng,

Ragini woke up to see Laksh sitting by her, holding her hand. She quietly kissed her hand, but he woke up.

L:Ragini, what happened? Shall I bring u something?
R:Ur heart…
L:Mujhe maar daalne ka irada hai? My heart is already there wid u. I love u soooo much. Never do this again. Or else I will die…
R:Sshhh….never say this again. We’ll live together and die together!


L:So, this happened.
Sa:Whoa! Mera bhai itna senti kabse ho gya?
Sw:Guys, have u all realised that we are dripping wet?
R:Di, aap to kuch bolo hi mat.
Sa:Exactly! Sitting in the rain and weeping like a cry baby! Iski aadatein kabhi nhi badlegi!
Swara sneers and looks away.
Sa:Achha! She’ll not agree like this…
Saying this, he took out a Silk Caramello from his pocket and gave it to her.
Sw:Caramello! Sanky, how dyu kno this is my fav? OMG….Thankuu Sanky….I love u soo much!

Saying this she starts eating the chocolate like a small kid smearing it all over her face, while Sanskaar was continuously adoring her inncocence.
(Guys, she didn’t propose him. Actually, the same happens with me. Whenever someone makes me extraaa happy….I straightaway say I love you! God knows how many ppl I’ve said I love you to….Hehe!)

Scene V

A girl in her mid twenties enters the mansion and quickly goes and back hugs Sanskaar.
Sanskaar was surprised and turned around.

G:Sanky….I missed u soo much!!! Where were u, ha? 10 yrs is sucha long tym u kno!
Sa:Ji….who r u? I can’t recognize u….
G:Kya Sanky….main Kavita! Bhul gaye mujhe?
Sa (monologue):Ho gya kalyan!
(To Kavita):How can I forget u? U came here for Laksh’s engagement na? Come, I’ll show u ur room.

Villain ki entry….?! Kavita is madly in love wid Sanky….well, love is the wrong wrd! She is obssessed and addicted to Sanky! And Swara just can’t bear her….let’s see what’s next!

Scene VI

Sw:Arey bhaiyya, see over there, those flowers are in the wrong place. Maa, where are the caterers? And where is that…
Her gaze suddenly falls on Sanskaar who is sitting on the sofa with his mob in hand and is continuously laughing. And then….idea!
Swara walks upto Sanskaar and bangs his head.
Sa:Owwwwwwww!!! Swara what is this?

And then….another BANG!!!
Sw:First one for sitting idle like this even after seeing sucha lot of wrk. And the second one for calling me SWARA!!! This is not only my sister’s wedding but ur brother’s wedding also I suppose. Lazy brat!!!

Just then Kavita arrives and sees all this.

K:Arey Sanskaar, u r okay na? Anything happened? Swara how dare u hit him? U hv no rgts to do so. Come Sanskaar I’ll apply ointment.
Sw:Coz I’m his girlfriend, happy? And no need for ointment. I’m there for him.
Sa (monologue):Wah wah! Girlfriend ban gayi? I smell something burning!   U
K:A cheapster like u and his gf? Impossible!!!
Sa:Kavita, she’s not a cheapster. Come, I’ll show u around here.
And they went away, leaving a fuming Swara behind.


Swara was helping Ragini in getting ready and she was already ready. Swara was wearing a beautiful baby pink lehenga with silver embroidery all along and a simple getup. She was looking like a real princess. While Ragini, she was wearing a simple yet gorgeous red lehenga with golden embroidery all around. Looked like she had just descended from heaven. Suddenly  they heard a knock on the door. Swara opened the door to find Laksh standing outside with Sanskaar. She didn’t notice Sanskaar coz he was hiding behind the door.

Sw:Do minute ka sabra bhi nhi hai. Jao….she’s waiting for u!
L:Raguuu….meri Laado….

Swara was abt to say something when Sanskaar pulled her outside.

Sw:Aah! What r u doing?
Sa:Nothing nothing. Give them some privacy.

Whereas RagLak…

L:Hmm, meri Laado is looking like an angel!
R:I never knew that angels wear lehengas!?
L:Laado….uffo….wifey….something is missing here in you….
R(panics):What? Where? Maangtika is there, Kangan is there and…
(He takes the kajal from the dressing table and applies it under her ears.)
L:Now u look perfect!
Ragini blushes and shies away.


Aadarsh and Parineeta were the hosts for the evening. Before the engagement took place, some performances took place on various songs. It was tym for Sanskaar to perform. Kavita and Swara’s convo-

K:Sanskaar will perform with me only. I know he will.
Sw:Madam, galat faimiyaan mat paida kariye. I kno he’ll dance wid me.
K(shouts):Today I Kavita want to ask Sanskaar for becoming my life partner. Sanskaar, I love u so much. Plzz marry me.

Hearing this Swara gets teary eyed and wanted to run away. As soon as she reached the entrance, lights went off and a spotlight fell on her, making her stop rgt there. She turned around when she heard an angelic voice singing. A song which she thought was being sung for her….just for her….! She found another spotlight and a guy sitting on a chair, singing with a guitar in his hand. It was Sanskaar!

Main jadon tere khaab an wale raah tureya
Main turreya bada na maithon jawein mudeya
O jive rehnde panne nal panne judd de
Main ravaan tere nal ohna waangu judeya
Main likhda hunda si tere baare adiye
Jaa ke puchle gawah ne taare adiye
Jo karde mazak ohna hass lainde
Jo taane kassde ohna nu kass lainde….

(Those who haven’t listened to this song, do listen to it. The translation of lyrics is simply beautiful.And for the lyrics translation, plzz check this site: )

While singing he stopped and went up to Swara and sat on his knees.

Sa:Swara, I’ve loved u since we first met. I’m not good at proposing. Just that, will u accompany me forever. I want u to be my partner in every field I step into.
Sw:I…umm…no Sanskaar…Kavita loves u…u shd go to her…
Sa:How long will u be so selfless? I love u Swara….dnt do this to me…

Saying this he got up and hugged Swara and Kavita walked upto them. She separated SwaSan and slapped Swara tightly.

K:You stupid, idiot, how can u do this? U wr sacrificing ur love for me? Arey, u both r destined to meet.
Ragini and Laksh were watching this frm far. Ragini hugged Laksh tightly.

R:I’m so happy for Shona.
L:I’m happy rgt now bcz u will be mine soon.
R:Besharam! Kabhi to sharam karo!

Whereas SwaSanKav-

K:Well, I’m a bit proudy and I will get any boy. Hehe, jokes apart.(She took Swara’s hand and kept it on Sanskaar’s.) You both are made for each other. Be happy with one another. Swara, Sanky ka dhyaan rakhna. He shd be happy.

Saying this, Swa-Kav hugged each other.
(I wnt drag this longer)

SwaSan and RagLak got engaged the same day. After three weeks, the two pairs were bound in an eternal relationship of love, friendship and marriage. They were married! 5 yrs later, SwaSan had a li’l princess named Anaya while RagLak had a li’l prince named Ankush. And as we say each time….they lived happily everafter! And obv with the same bonding of frndship, love and trust!

Love you Helly! Love you Tejaswi! Namish….love you too! And Varun….love you forever!

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