Lably love (Intro)

Intro to Lably love

Abhi and Pragya are lab technicians working at the same laboratory.

Abhi loves his job but Pragya hates her job due to some reasons.

Abhi: It is so nice to be part of a job that I am interested in and also have flexible working hours, which makes me also have time for my passion.

Pragya: I hate this job! Why did I ended up here? Is this what I am destined to be? It is my first day at work but I don’t have any excitement about it! Why?

How will Abhi make Pragya love her job and him too will be crux of the story.

Both are positive characters but have some negative shades in their beliefs.

All the other characters will have a different dimension too….Do you all like this and shall I write on this?

Depending on the response I will start this ff later. My name is Jiya and I am also a silent reader of all the ffs here. I got inspired by many of the writers here. My style of writing could be similar to some of them as I really follow them. This is something new to me and if I had made any mistakes please forgive me. Hope to get all your support.

Credit to: Jiya


  1. Jiya

    Feel free to tell even if you all find it boring. I am ready accept negative feedback too.

  2. Sura jiya..write ur story..i am eagerly waiting to read ur ff….so do well i wil support u…don’t worry v all ppl guide u…suppose u did any mistake v wil criticise u…k don’t be hesitate to talk anything with bold jiya….i am waiting for jiya new story…

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