Lably love (Episode 1)


The story starts with Abhi getting ready for work. He is been working for a year now as a lab technician and he is enjoying it to the core. He feels blessed that he got a job that he is interested in.

Not only that, but he have also the time to spend for his passion…music…Every body around him is jealous of his flexibility in managing both his career and passion. As for Abhi, he did not care all about that, to him…he is living his life for his dreams and will not change that for any cause.

The scene shifts to Pragya reluctantly getting ready for her first day of work. What life is this? Why am I trapped with this now? Now how to run away from this! Forget all about this Pragya! You definitely cannot escape from this.

Sarla ma, Pragya! Faster get ready and you have to be on time today as it is your first day of work. Pragya, Haan ma, I am getting ready..2 more mins then I will be finished…

Pragya telling to herself, yes I am already finished by signing up to this job…

The scene shifts to the lab now….

Abhi taps in with his ID card to enter the lab as for Pragya she also reaches there and is right behind him. Abhi turned around and saw her looking very nervous. Abhi, First day? Pragya, Yes! How do you know? Abhi, Its written in your face! Pragya, I am sorry about that but now I need to enter inside. Can you give way? Abhi said Sure! and move aside. He was surprised that she said sorry for what he had said when there is no need for her to say that. He thought it as very strange.

Pragya looked around and said to herself, Pragya this is where you have to spend your time now. There is no choice at all. Abhi saw her looking around and went near her to talk. Abhi, so have you seen your supervisor? Pragya, Not yet, I know his name is Abhi but not sure how he looks and I think I am too early here. I don’t see anyone else except for you. Abhi, Yes, you are too early but not as early as your supervisor! Pragya, So he is here? But where? Abhi smiled and said In front of you! Pragya said with stammering, You mean….you? Abhi, Yes I am Abhi. Glad to meet you! You are Pragya right? Pragya, Yes and sorry sir, I thought someone else would be a supervisor. Abhi, It’s ok and I will pass you the working schedule and protocol details. Wait here for a moment. He walked from there and Pragya was thinking how he can be a supervisor at such a young age?


Pragya doing her first task and Abhi notices that.

Credit to: Jiya

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  1. Wow…..nice meeting of abhigya…..loved it yr…….R u elder to me??….pls update soon na…..

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