Laal Love – OS

It’s my first attempt to write something and that writing is a os….

?Laal Love❤

Swara: A cute innocent girl but became insane coz of something.She lives alone in an old haveli in Konkan.She likes solitude.ImpOSsIBle to know her.(21 years)

Sanskar:An handsome carefree young man and a photographer ? who lives in Kolkatta. Loves to make Impossible things possible. Orphan cum Adventurer. (23 years)Goes to Konkan for a task.

Shadow(Spirit):Tries to kill swara…

Is that really a task or a plan or destiny???

*Sanskar house*
Sanky completes his packing and starts his journey to Konkan.

*Old Haveli,Konkan*

At 6:30 pm

Swara was running in the garden of her haveli….touching flowers and admiring the nature. She was singing madly (ofcoz she’s mad na?)…


Swara: Tu sacchi achi singer ha…don’t worry u will surely become a great singer in the world

Suddenly she saw a shadow…??
She was scared seeing that coz the shadow was smiling wickedly.
She wipes her eyes and then the shadow is no more … vanished within a fraction of seconds.

Then she goes inside her house and she sleeps coz she was very scared…

A pathway Near Old Haveli,Konkan

Next day morning….6:30 am

Sanskar was completely dashing in his jogging attire with stylish goggles…

He was jogging when he was thinking about his task where he was supposed to do something which is different as well as something very unusual…
At the same time it should be something special with some spookiness.

When his mind was pre-occupied with this; his heart started thumping fastly…
Wind was blowing heavily all of a sudden in a particular direction.
Then his eyes witnessed the old haveli which looked like a perfect match for his thought.
He went near the haveli.

Sanskar: Hello!! Is anyone here??? Hello….Hello….Anyone here?

Getting no response…he went in and saw a door which was so beautifully decorated….he opened it slowly to just witness an angel sleeping very cutely.

Sanskar:Hello…Excuse me…I’m ….

Swara: Awhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh(screams)

Sanskar:Hello…please listen…just a minute…hello

Swara started throwing things madly which she found near her…She was scared not seeing a boy but seeing a person nearly after many years.She’s hell scared now.

Swara(shouts):Get out from here….Just out….get out soon…get out…

Sanskar didn’t know how to react but seeing the girl shouting,left with no choice,leaves from there…

Swara is crying now…

Swara(to herself):Who the hell is he???Awhh…mera hand..ouch…..awhhh

While throwing things she was hit by some sharp object near her…She doesn’t know what to do….so she cries and winces in pain…
All this was seen by a shadow which was unnoticed by Swara…The shadow was smirking evilly…

*Room of XYZ Hotel*(where sanky stays)

Sanskar(to himself):Hey!You idiot the hell can you enter like that…that too a girl’s room…what will she think of me???.Arey chill!Just ask an apology from her and that’s it… matter solved…Now u have lots of work to do but you are lost in the morning scene….
Stop thinking and start working…

*Old Haveli*

At 11:00 am

Swara finally dressed her wound by recalling a memory……

Swara was talking to herself…no no blabbering to herself about herself??….this is like a habit to her….
She always does this but now she stopped her talks seeing a shadow.

Swara:Hey!You…What the hell???What are you doing here again???

The boy was staring her silently…the boy is none other than sanskar…

Sanskar:Well!!Ummm…I am Sanskar… Sanskar,the photographer…I just came here in the morning accidentally and also out of curiosity.And now I actually came here to apologise to you for that incident.You might have been scared of me.I am really sorry for it.And I didn’t meant to scare you or do something.
Well,once again sorry and I will take leave.

Swara:Wait…just a minute…

She suddenly went near him and kissed his cheeks…
Sanskar was hell shocked ? and Swara didn’t know what she did.

Swara(fumbling):Well!!I am sorry…Sorry for the kiss.I didn’t know what I did.Am sorry…

Saying this…she started crying loudly.
Sanskar came out of the shock hearing her cries.He didn’t know what to do but he was not able to tolerate tears in her eyes.
He went near her and wiped her tears and said…

Sanskar:It’s okay…don’t cry…BTW hope u accepted my apology and friends???
(extending his hand for a handshake)

Swara:I am sorry and ya…friends (smiling ear to ear and shaking her hand with his)

((((Time and tide waits for none))))

It has been 3 months since sanskar came to Konkan and he is friend with Swara….
He have vacated his room and have joined Swara in Haveli much after Swara’s insistence….
And it’s been 1 month since he’s here with Swara…
Though swasan knew each other only for three months…they behave like they knew each other for years….but whenever and wherever they are…there will alwayzzz be a shadow other than their own shadow which is always unnoticed by Swara….

Many things happened in these 3 months……….

Swara’s changed now but she couldn’t believe that nor could she understand that…She loves being with sanky then being alone(now she hates loneliness)….
She always helps sanky in his work.They have explored many nearby places places for work but swara never leaves sanky’s hand when she steps out of Haveli and sanky loves that…so he never leaves her hand even and assure her that he is always with her.
She have fallen for sanky but scared to express it thinking it may ruin their friendship..

Sanskar also couldn’t figure out what’s happening??specially with Swara….
He was not aware of anything in the initial 2 months where he meets Swara regularly every evening without fail…
But it was in this one month where he was able to sense something is not right….
He always sees a shadow of third person and moreover he was completely worried now for Swara’s weird behaviour at 12 noon every day but couldn’t ask anything to her directly…..
Sanskar have realised his love for swara and is trying to make her come out of her problem first and thought to confess his feelings to her after finishing her problems….

They have fallen for each other which they never have imagined.(but I think u must have imagined ???).
Love donot wait for the right time to bloom in us but confessing at the right time makes it most righteous…???

*Swara’s room*

At 12 noon

Swara was talking something to herself….beside her was the shadow as usually

Swara:Hey!Sanky is such a good friend…am lucky to have him na….

She was continously talking when she heard something from the invisible man aka the shadow.

Shadow: Swara… (smirks evilly)
Swara…I am here…I am here to kill….

Swara was just numb…She was hell scared now???Didn’t know what to do???So…she started running out of her room…

***what is the shadow and why does it confront her now when it never have confronted her in the past months except scaring her??***

When she was running wildly…she dashed with sanky and both of them fell down on the sofa with Swara above Sanskar…

Sanskar was hell shocked now…???
Not that she had fallen on him but she have come out of her room before it’s 2 noon….

Ya…Swara’s weird habit was that she goes to her room everyday at 12 noon…
locks herself and comes out at 2 noon only for lunch…
The rest of the time…she’s like a normal girl without any illness…

She had never hurted herself in these 2 hours in her room and sanskar doesn’t know what she does in that 2 hours…..

Now back to sofa…..?

Swara was scared a lot and cries holding sanskar….

Swara:It will kill….kill….kill

Sanskar doesn’t know what to do but he couldn’t tolerate tears in her eyes…
So he pats her back slowly and makes her sleep nearly after half an hour…

Since he doesn’t know anything…the reason for now nor her weird behaviour

He walks slowly towards her room and shocked to see a shadow there….

After 1 and 1/2 hours…

*Hall of Haveli*

Sanskar(smiling widely):Swara!Come on yaar.Wake up….U r sleeping for more than an hour now.Am hungry.Come let’s eat…

Swara (scared still):Woh…Woh… sanksar…there was a shadow…it will kill…kill …….

Sanskar(hugs her):Shhhh…did you had a bad dream???Am with you na..don’t worry…(pats her back slowly)…
(saying this she faints….)

Sanskar holds her and carries her(in bridal style) and makes her lay down in the bed….kisses her fore head and leaves……

*Sanky room in Haveli*

Sanskar was thinking deeply about what happened when he entered Swara’s room….

**flashback starts**

Shadow was crying and talking to himself unaware that sanky is being right at the door watching him.

Shadow(to himself):What the hell u have did Sahil??? (he’s none other than Sahil aka Anuj in real?)
U have hurt the most special person in ur life….not once but over and over again by scaring her repeatedly….
Moreover by loving her….U r a cursed one who is bound by black magic but even after knowing that…u loved her??…..Why did u spoil her life???
She was very happy with her life before three years but now…???

Sanskar(was hell shocked now? … didn’t know what talks):Hello…
Am Sanskar…Swara’s best friend and I have heard what u said….

Sahil(wipes his tears and turns back):
Sanskar..u here..Shona!I mean Swara.. how is she now??Is she alright??

Sanskar:Ya…she’s much better now and is sleeping now.But what did you say??I can’t understand that clearly…the Cursed one…

Sahil:Well…I think now it’s time to say the whole thing to u now…
I am a cursed one who was bound by black magic…
My love will leave to my fatality and my love will become insane for 12o minutes coz I loved my love…shona for 120 days…
The 121st day…at 12 noon I thought of proposing her but then I was met with an accident and I died at the spot…
I knew shona for 120 days since I started living in the orphanage where shona lived…..
I didn’t know that I was a cursed one before…
If I would have known…all these would have not happened… (crying again)
It was bcoz of my Curse…my parents died and it’s bcoz of my love…my shona is in this state for 2 hours since last 3 years…..
I brought her here before 3 years and am taking care of her but this is not the final solution…the black magic stops completely working on her only when she found her true love…that sanksar…..
Please don’t leave her sanskar…she deserves happiness…I would not have loved her if I would have known that am a cursed one but I didnot and that’s the biggest mistake I have ever did…
I know u love sanskar please make her free like before..

Saying this he started moving…

Sanksar:Wait a min Sahil…It’s my duty to make swara be like before.I wanna live my full life with her.U don’t have to ask me…till now I was so worried about swara and was wondering without an answer.Now I have got to know the reason and I am really grateful for it..
Thank you so much for this..I have started observing a shadow beside us whenever me and Swara talk…and now I know what I needed to know…
I couldn’t think of any more words to say….all I can say is Thanq u ?.

**flashback ends**

Now sanskar is very excited to confess his feelings for swara…

*Swara room in Haveli*

The same day…At 7:00 pm

Swara wakes up from her sleep and is astounded to see the room fully decorated.

Ya…it’s fully decorated with pinkish red roses and other beautiful flowers.
A dress is kept beside her bed and with a note…

It reads…

?Swara❤…come on…don’t waste time just simply by staring and instead wear this dress…come outside to lawn.

by,?You know who❤

Swara was very happy and started getting ready…
She looked like an angel from fairyland? She was wearing a beautiful long gown which was pinkish red in colour……???
She was looking absolutely stunning.

Then she was running towards lawn nd she was like freezed when she saw…

*The lawn*

The lawn was fully decorated with snow and it was totally looking like an ice-land…At the centre was a cute small igloo like tent⛺with a sweet board saying….

?U know what to do❤Arey Shona!!!
Come in….???

Then Swara went in…
As soon as she went in…
Her eyes started to sweat…I mean filled with tears???but happy tears

It was fully covered with photo frames of Swara-Sanskar…I mean swasan…
All the memories of the past three months came right before her eyes…

Swara was really very happy by seeing all these and then she started searching sanky;…a voice was heard from a nearby table(not from the table but from the tablet on the nearby table??)

Sanskar(from tablet):Hey Swara!…ur know what…I have got a sudden work..
so am leaving…I thought to wake u up but I couldn’t disturb u…so I have arranged these as a token of gratitude with good bye…take care???

After listening this; Swara falls on the floor with a thud and starts crying miserably she has lost him…her lucky prince…

Suddenly she felt something slid in her hand (in her ring finger…guess what it is…ofcoz it’s a ring guys???)

She stared at him…her lucky prince aka Sanskar…

He was looking extremely dashing in his pinkish red shirt with white blazer and white pant…just so good???

Swara: Sanskar….

Sanskar(cups her face):Am sorry swara for making u cry both times…first was a happy and the next was ….

Before he could continue ….

She started beating him and started moving away from him after being exhausted of beating him for nearly 10 minz…

Sanskar pulled her and planted his rough lips on her soft rosy lips….
First she resisted but soon responded to it….

?The gentle first kiss was soon turned into a passionate long much needed one which showed how much they love each other….❤
Then they broke their kiss after being out of breath and Swara hugged Sanskar out of shyness….
They hugged each other not letting go of the other….

***?Love doesn’t need confession❤***

All these was witnessed by a shadow cum spirit which then rested in peace….

And SwaSan lived together forever happily as the Curse in which swara was bound by was broken forever….

Well…here I end my first ever attempt to write something and that something is this ?One Shot❤

?friends whoever reads this…
please do comment…just say me ur views whether it’s positive or negative coz I wanna improve friends…
please do comment….plzz plzz plzz plzz till infinity❤

Credit to: Dharsha


  1. Darsha it ws awesome… like reading fairytale… tell me u got diz idea by reading fairy tale for ur daughter i guess.. bt if ur not dat darsha.. im sorry…

  2. Shreya

    Do I need to the you how it was..?
    Well I would love to compliment you.. Fabulous.. And thanks for making Sahil positive.. I actually have had a recent crush on him.. Lol ..! ?

    • Dharsha

      Well…I don’t need as I know ???
      Crush on Sahil or Anuj….lol ?
      Anyways no thanq for u….so only
      Love ya!!!!❤❤❤

    • Dharsha

      Thanq u so much Bhabi Ji….???
      I know thanq is not is allowed in family even then…???don’t say to anyone…???
      BTW I will write if u read…???

  3. Sweetie

    Dharsha my baby..Awesome OS..I was laughing like hell with all those descriptions of yours..Hahaha.. 😀 😀 Love you a lot.. 🙂 Keep writing haa.. 🙂

    • Dharsha

      Aww…..really Mumma ?
      So sweet of u just like ur name…?
      Am glad that I made u laugh…hahahaha
      Love u too ? and I will try to write in future ?

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