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Laal Ishq…Red Love… Season2 Part7
Dedicated to Shabnam who wants a long Preeran scene.

Maan got Geet’s call.
Geet:Maan sir…please come to Park Street area soon.It’s urgent.
Maan got tensed.
M:Geet….are you ok?
G:Sir…we will talk directly.
M:Ok Geet…I will come now.
Maan rushed to Park Street.
M:Hope Geet is fine.
Maan reached the place.
He looked for Geet calling out her name:Geet…where are you?Your Maan has come.
Suddenly Geet came before him.
G:I am here Sir.

Maan was relieved.
Suddenly Maan noticed Geet in a glittering Saree and jewellery.Geet held his hand and led him to the cottage near by.Maan was stunned.He saw lit candles all over.He was surprised.
Geet:How is it Sir?

Maan held her shoulder:Tell Geet..what is all this?

Geet looked at him deeply :Maan Sir…I brought you here to tell you that this Geet is yours…completely yours.
Maan was surprised and happy.
Geet held his hand.
G:I love you Maan Sir.

Maan cupped her face in his hands:You don’t know how much effect your 3 magical words have on me.I am so happy that I feel that I am the most luckiest person n this world to have you in my life.
Geet:Even i am the most luckiest person in this world to have you in my life Maan Sir.

Suddenly he kept his finger on her lips:Not Maan Sir…only Maan.Your Maan.
She blushed.
They shared a romantic eye lock.


Maan told his parents Rishi Singh Khurana and Harjeet Singh Khurana about Geet.
Rishi:Good decision.
Harjeet:Finally you decided to get married.We are so happy Maan beta.
Maan was very happy.

Maan’s parents came to Geet’s house to see Geet. Geet touched their feet.
Harjeet was very happy :My Maan’s selection is perfect.Geet is a jewel.
All were very happy.
Rishi:Let us start the engagement preparations soon.

Madhavi:Yes we will.
Maan Geet smiled at each other.

Chandni got into an empty classroom to write notes peacefully.Suddenly the door got closed.She turned back and was shocked to see 2 boys smirking at her.
Chand:Why did you both close the door?
They:To get you alone.
Chandni got scared:Open the door.
They:No way sweety.

Chandni tried to open the door.But they pulled her back.
Chand:Leave me.
They tore her duppatta.
Chand:No..leave me.
They moved closer to her lustfully.
She screamed:Advayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
Advay who was in the foot ball ground practising foot ball with Lavanya sensed something strange.
Advay thought:Why do I feel that Chandni is in trouble?
He looked at Lavanya:Lavanya…I will come now.
La:Where are you going leaving practise?
Adv:To look for Chandni.
Lavanya became dull:But why do you want to look for her now?
Adv:I feel she is in danger.
La:Just because you feel like that you are stopping the practise and going?How can Chandni be in danger in our college?Relax Advay.Chandni will be safe only.

Adv:I can’t relax Lavanya.Anything can happen anywhere Lavanya.I need to make sure that Chandni is safe.

Advay walked away.Lavanya became dull.
La:Will Chandni be in danger?
She too walked after him without his knowledge.Advay got inside the building and walked along the empty corridors.He felt some sobs.
Adv:This voice..some girl is crying?
Advay moved towards the door of the classroom from where he heard the sob.The lusty boys were attacking Chandni and Chandni was trying hard to push them.They resisted it and moved towards her face.
Chandni screamed crying:Advayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Advay was shocked:It means it is Chandni who is stuck up here.Why is she crying?
Adv:Chandni..I am coming.
Chandni was relieved hearing his voice.Advay knocked the door hard and it got opened.He got inside and was shocked to see Chandni getting attacked by two boys.Advay punched them hard.They ran out.
Chandni cried looking at Advay:Advay…I am scared.
Advay cupped Chandni’s face:Chandni..relax…Nothing happened to you.
Chandni wept:If you had not come I would have been…

Adv:But i came.Right?I will always be there for you.I will always save you from all dangers.When i am there nothing will happen to you.It’s my promise.

Chandni and Advay had an emotional eye lock.

Rabba ve….

Advay thought:Why her tears hurt me?
He wiped her tears.Chandni embraced him:Please be with me Advay.Please don’t leave me alone.I am scared.
Adv:Relax Chandni.I will be here with you.I am not going anywhere.
Advay caressed her.

Lavanya was watching it emotionally standing near the door.

La:Advay was right in sensing that Chandni was in danger.Without seeing anything he felt that.It means his heart is already connected to Chandni’s heart.
Lavanya’s eyes welled up with tears.

Subbu was in the supermarket.He saw Raman there.He went near Raman and patted him.
Subbu:Hey Raman…

Raman thought:Why this guy is always following me?He won’t leave me alone.Fed up of hearing his name daily and seeing him almost every day.
Raman faked a smile:Hi…how is your stomach pain?
Subbu:Stomach pain?Who said I have stomach pain?
Raman:Yesterday due to stomach pain you did’nt come for the lunch with Tanuja.
Subbu:No…I had no stomach pain.Tanuja and I had gone for lunch too.Guess you had misunderstanding.But who told you this?
Raman:Oh..actually I got confused.It’s not was another guy who had stomach pain.
Raman thought:Ishita fooled me?Why?I need to ask her.

Raman rang up Ishita:Ishita…can we meet today?Evening?
Ishi:Sure…Are we going anywhere?
Raman:May be.
Ishita became happy.

Ishita wore a beautiful saree..styled her hair…wore nice jewellery and make up and went to meet Raman.
Raman was lost in her beauty.Ishita blushed seeing Raman’s eyes on her.
Suddenly Raman remembered what Subbu told him and he became serious.
Ishi:How do I look?
Raman said seriously:Beautiful.
She blushed.
Ishi:Where are we going?
Raman:First you tell me why you lied to me.
Ishi:Means?What lie did I tell you?
Raman:Don’t hide anymore.I met Subbu and he told me that he had no health issues like you said and he never planned lunch with us.Then why did you lie to me?I know it’s silly.But still i want to know that.
Ishita became dull due to embarrassment.
Raman:Tell me Ishita..why did you lie?

Ishita lowered her eyelashes silently.

Raman:Are you going to say anything or not?
Ishita’s tears rolled down her cheeks.Raman felt bad.
Raman:Ishita..don’t cry.I just asked a simple question.Right?Then why are you crying?
Ishi:But you are so rude Raman.Suddenly you became Ravan Kumar Bhalla.

Raman:You called me Ravan Kumar Bhalla?
Ishi:Ya.If you are rude to me what else can I call you?

ye khatti meethi takraar hai ya pyaar

yeh rootha roothi ye khatti meethi

Raman was embarrassed:Anyways leave it.But please answer my question Ishita.
Ishi:Just like your question the reason why I did it is also simple Raman.I felt that you were always insecure and jealous of Subbu.And I enjoyed it secretly.So I lied to you..just to see your funny reaction.That’s it.

saath saath rehna hai roothna manaana hai

yeh kaisi hai ladaai

Raman was embarrassed.He thought:How did she understand my feelings for Subbu?
Raman:Who told you that I am jealous of that Subbu?And why should I be jealous of Subbu?

Ishita:I am a doctor.I am intelligent enough to understand that you are jealous.And why you are jealous of Subbu?You know that better than me.You tell me.

ek dor kheenchey hai ek dor baandhey hai
hoti nahi hai judaai

Raman’s lips shivered:No….
Ishita:Now you don’t lie Ravan Kumar Bhalla.And tell me why you are jealous of Subbu courageously.My mood is spoiled.So no mood to roam around with you.I am going.

ek duje se hai shikayatein

phir bhi sang hai yeh hai mohabbatein (YHM song).

Ishita walked off.
Raman:Oh no…I myself made the situation worse.

Shivay Anika were in the car.
Anika:Shivay did’nt tell me yet where we are going?
Shivay:Just a few more minutes.After that you will understand.

Anika thought:Why can’t he say?Why does he want to keep suspense?
Shivay stopped the car and both got out.
It was an old age home.She could’nt believe it.
Shivay: Come Anika…Every 2 months I come here.
Anika was surprised.
Shivay took some packets from the car.
Shivay:Anika…you carry other packets.To help me only i brought you here.
Ani:Sure Sir.
Anika took the other packets.
Shivay Anika got inside the old age home with the packets.Shivay gave them a big amount of donation.He supplied clothes and healthy food items which were in the packets.
Shivay:They are old.They need light healthy food.Why don’t you bring home cooked food for them?They are longing for home made food.
Anika:Sure Sir.Next time when we come here I will bring home made food.

By the way means you like my cooking.Right?
Shivay:When did I tell you that I like your cooking?
Anika became dull:Then why did you ask me to bring home cooked food?
Shivay:I told you to bring home cooked food.Not the food you cooked.Your mother may be good cook.Right?I am sure that years of experience has made her an awesome cook.So i was expecting her food,not yours.
Anika got irritated and thought:Kadoos can’t accept that he likes my cooking now also.
Shivay:Did you feel bad?
Ani:No Sir.You were praising my mother.I am happy.
Shivay:Even if you felt bad it’s ok.I just said an honest opinion.I am very frank.You know?
Anika got irritated and thought:Honesty and frankness…my foot!
Shivay spent time with the old people.Anika smiled seeing it.
She thought:Seeing this side of Shivay Sir all my anger for him has vanished.He is so nice.
Anika too sat with them and talked to old people.
Shivay showed an old couple.
Shivay:Anika..this is Omprakash Uncle and Ragini aunty.They are very romantic.Still they behave like a young honeymoon couple.
Anika smiled:Really?

Om and Ragini blushed.
Shivay and Anika joined their fingers together forming a heart and showed it to them .

They smiled:Are you both lovers?
Shivay Anika were stunned by their question.
Om:Tell Shivay.Is she your girl friend?
Shivay Anika looked at each other shyly.

Oh Jaana

Oh Jaana…Oh Jaana

Shivay:Nothing like that.She is my PA.
Anika:Yes..he is my boss.
Ragini:But look like lovers.We see a chemistry between you both.
Shivay Anika looked at each other.

Oh Jaana…Oh Jaana…(IB ShivIka song).

They got out of the old age home after some time.
Anika:I really felt nice here Sir.Thanks for showing me this peaceful place.But how did you start coming here?
Shivay:Actually I was very close to my grand parents.You know that.But after i lost them I felt lonely and then i found this place.I felt that these old people are my own grand parents.Then I started making frequent visits to this place.
Anika smiled.

Arjun reached home.He was surprised to see Saanjh and Maya singing birthday song for him.
Maya pecked his cheek:Happy birthday Arjun.
Saanjh:Happy birthday duffer.
Arjun:I am so happy to see both of you with me on my special day.Without both of you a loney person like me is nothing.
Maya:We both will be always there with you Arjun.
He hugged both of them together.
Saanjh:Maya only brought me here.She made your favourite cake too.You are lucky to have Maya.

Arjun smiled at Maya:Yes..I am lucky to have Maya in my life.
Maya:And I am lucky to have you Arjun.
They shared a sweet eye lock.
Maya caressed his face.
She started singing romantically.

(Thanks to Kavita for giving me Arya dance pics)

Aye Ho Meri Zindagi Me Tum Bahar Banke
Mere Dil Me Yuhi Rahena Tum Pyar Pyar Banke
Ankho Me Tum Base Ho Sapne Hazar Banke
Mere Dil Me Yuhi Rahena Tum Pyar Pyar Banke
Mere Sathi Mere Sajaan Mere Saath Yuhi Chalna
Badle Ga Raang Zamana Par Tum Nahi Badalna

She danced around Arjun while singing making him smile.

Meri Maang Yuhi Bharna Taare Hazar Ban Ke

Aye Ho Meri Zindagi Me Tum Bahar Banke
Mere Dil Me Yuhi Rahena Tum Pyar Pyar Banke
Agar Me Jo Rooth Jao To Tum Mujhe Manana
Thama Hai Haath Mera Phir Umar Bhar Nibhana

Mujhe Chod Ke Na Jana Waade Hazar Karke
Aye Ho Meri Zindagi Me Tum Bahar Banke

Mere Dil Me Yuhi Rahena Tum Pyar Pyar Banke
Ankho Me Tum Base Ho Sapne Hazar Banke

Mere Dil Me Yuhi Rahena Tum Pyar Pyar Banke(Raja Hindustani).

Arjun carried Maya in his arms romantically.

Saanjh smiled naughtily: Arjun…I am here.Control yourself.
Arjun Maya got embarrassed. Arjun put Maya down.Saanjh giggled.

Maya gave him a glass heart.’s lovely.It’s your heart.Right?
She smiled.
Arj:I promise you that I will never break your heart.I will protect it.
Maya smiled.
Saanjh tied a watch around Arjun’s wrist:This is my birthday gift.’s the best. cut cake.
Arjun cut the cake.

He fed the cake to Maya.Maya fed him back.

Then he fed the cake to Saanjh.Saanjh fed the cake to Arjun.The trio took photos together.
Saanjh bid good bye and went.
Arjun to Maya:You brought Saanjh for me?

Maya:Yes.Because I know how important is friendship for you ..and how important is your best friend Saanjh for you.Without Saanjh your birthday will be incomplete.So I brought her here.And trust me.Now I am not at all insecure about your friendship with Saanjh.

Arjun smiled cupping her face:Thank you so much Maya.
They embraced each other.

Preeta cut apples for Karan’s dadi.
Dadi:No Preeta..I don’t like apple.
P:Dadi..don’t say like that.You need to have it.It’s been said that apple can keep the doctor away.
Dadi:If so then I will not have apple at all as I don’t want my doctor to be away from me.

She held Preeta closer.Preeta smiled.
P:Dadi..I am not going away from you.I will always be with you as a grand daughter.But you should have apple to be healthy.So that you will not have to depend on me for curing silly diseases.
Dadi:Ok..for you I will eat.
Preeta fed her apples.
Dadi thought:If Preeta marries Karan she will always be with me.
Dadi:Preeta…Karan did’nt go for practice today.His left hand is having sprain.You go and see beta.
P:Ok..I will.

Preeta got inside Karan’s room.He was lying on the bed.Seeing Preeta he got up.
P:Actually dadi told me that your hand got sprained.So you could’nt go for practice.
Karan:Ya…what to do?
Preeta touched the sprained area of Karan’s hand.Karan looked at Preeta’s face deeply without her knowledge.

Rom Rom Tera Naam Pukare
Ek Huye Din Rain Humare
Hum Se Hum Hi Cheen Gaye Hain
Jab Se Dekhe Nain Tihare


P:I think hot water message will help you.
Karan:But who will do massage for me?Should I appoint any home nurse?
P:No need.I will massage.
Karan became happy:Really?
Karan thought:Why i feel so happy?
Preeta brought hot water and cloth piece.She started massaging his hand.His eyes were on her face.
He felt nice when she was massaging.

Teri Kali Aankhiyon Se Zind Meri Jage
Dhadkan Se Tez Daurun Sapno Se Aage
Abb Jaan Loot Jaye
Yeh Jahan Choot Jaye
Sang Pyaar Rahe Mein Rahun Na Rahun

Preeta:How do you feel now?
Karan smiled at her:It was nice..soothing.I loved it.
Karan:I mean…I feel better and my hand is fine.
He moved his hand.
P:That’s so good.
Karan:See…it’s your hand’s magic.
Preeta smiled:I will give you ointment.You should put it.It will relieve the pain completely.

She took an ointment from the bag and gave him.
Karan:How should I put the ointment?
P:Like we usually put.

Karan:Can you please show me how to put it?I am not a doctor.Right?I have less knowledge about it.
Preeta thought:What happened to Karan?Who does’nt know to put ointment?
Preeta put ointment on his hand.Karan felt nice when she touched him.

Sajda Tera Sajda
Din Rain Karun
Na Hi Chain Karun
Sajda Tera Sajda

P:Tomorrow onwards you can go for practice.Do well.I am waiting for your spectacular match.
He smiled:Sure..I will play better and better as you are there to inspire me.
She smiled.

Abb Jaan Loot Jaye
Yeh Jahan Choot Jaye
Sang Pyaar Rahe Mein Rahun Na Rahun

They shared a sweet eye lock.

Sajda Tera Sajda
Din Rain Karun
Na Hi Chain Karun
Sajda Tera Sajda(My name is Khan).

Arjun met Siddharth’s father Ravi Arora.
Arjun:Please don’t stand against Siddharth Saanjh’s relationship.They won’t be able to live without each other.Please don’t make them upset.
Ravi:So you here on behalf of Siddharth Saanjh as you Saanjh’s best friend.Ok…I will allow Siddharth Saanjh to get married.But there is one demand which only you can fulfil.
Arjun:What demand? I am willing to do anything for my friend.

Ravi:Ok..then you lose Mr.Malhotra’s deal to our company..for Siddharth.

Arjun was shocked:What demand is this?
Ravi:Dont forget that you and Siddharth are Business rivals.If we fix Mr. Malhotra’s deal we will get a huge profit and you may face loss.But considering your power Mr.Malhotra will give it to you and not to Siddharth.But I want my son to get it.Only if you agree I will let Siddharth marry Saanjh.And Siddharth Saanjh should never know about my demand.
Arjun said painfully :Ok…I will lose it for Siddharth as Saanjh cannot live without Siddharth.And Siddharth Saanjh will not know about it.
Ravi smirked.

Siddharth Saanjh met Arjun Maya with excitement.
Sid :Dad agreed to conduct our wedding.
Maya:Wow. ..congrats.
Saanjh:I am so happy.Thank you Arjun for convincing him.
Sid:Yes.You are magical Arjun.I don’t know how your words changed Dad’s decision.

Arjun gave them a pale smile.
Maya noticed Arjun’s dullness.
Sid :Thanks a lot Arjun for uniting us.Only because of you I am getting my Saanjh.
Ok then bye. We are going for a movie.
After they went Maya looked at Arjun:Arjun…I love you.So I can read your face well.I am sure that something is troubling you.Is it related to your meeting with Sid’s dad?
Arj:I can’t hide anything from you Maya.It’s not my words which changed Siddharth’s father’s mind.
Arjun told her about the deal.
Maya was shocked:Mr.Ravi is so cheap.He mixed personal life with professional life.
Arj:But I did it for Saanjh.I can’t see Garvin years.
Maya caresses him emotionally:I am proud of you Arjun.Saanjh is lucky to have a friend like you.
Arj:Maya…but I will have financial loss and it can even lead to crisis.You have problem with it?
Maya:Arjun…I love you for your heart.Not your money.Money will come and go,not relationships.

Arjun held her hand:Thank you for supporting me Maya.
M:I will be there with you till the end Arjun.
They shared an emotional eye lock.

Arjun performed poorly purposefully so that he will lose the deal benefiting Siddharth and Siddharth got the deal.Ravi was feeling victorious.

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