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Laal Ishq…Red Love… Season2 Part 6
Dedicated to Yashu Who Wants Arya Scene.Dedicated To P_lata who wants a long Advay Chandni scene.

Geet:I had arranged marriage.His name was Dev.But after marriage on the mandap police men came to the shock.It was revealed that Dev was a fraud who married many other girls.We were shattered.When the police tried to arrest him Dev tried to harm one of the police men.For saving him the other police men shot Dev.
Geet was in tears.
Maan was shocked.
M:Geet…you suffered this much and I did’nt know it.
Geet was very emotional:For society I am a widow though my family and I don’t even consider it as my marriage as it was cheating.

M:Then why are you hesitating to accept me?

Geet:Sir…still the fact is that I am a widow and your family will surely not accept me.
M:Don’t worry about my family.Because since Dev married many girls before you your marriage with Dev was not real.It was not legal Then how can you be a widow Geet?So I will not tell anything to my family.
Geet:But sir. ..hiding is not good.
M:Why should I tell about a fake wedding to my family?It’s unnecessary Geet.I just need your reply.Will you marry me or not?

Geet could’nt speak anything.
M:Tell Geet…
G:I need time Sir.
M:Ok..I will wait for your reply Geet.I can wait for you till the end.

Geet was touched by his words.
They shared an emotional eye lock.

Geet shared this with her parents and sisters.
Geet:I am confused.
Vishwa:He is genuine.Otherwise he would not have proposed you even after knowing your past.

Preeta:Do you like Maan?

Geet was silent.
Madhavi:Geet…don’t make that poor guy wait for a long time.
Ishita:Geet…you ask your heart if you love Maan.

Geet remembered her moments with Maan and blushed.
Anika:See Geet blushing.

Geet was shy.
Mihika:Go and say yes to Maan.

Geet smiled.

Chandni was sitting in front of a book.But her mind was full of her dance with Advay.She blushed.
Advay came near her smiling.
Adv:What are you thinking Chandni?
Adv:You know everyone who saw our dance said that we are a perfect couple.
She blushed.
He moved towards her ear:Magical fairy tale couple.
He blew air at her air.She felt romantic and blushed.
Adv:I have a surprise for you.Come with me.
He took her to a studio.
Adv:This is my uncle’s studio.It’s closed now.
He took her to a room which was dark.He pointed his finger towards the wall.
Advay:Look there.
She looked at the wall.

On the wall she saw glittering moon and stars.
Adv:Did you like my surprise?
Chand:Yes… beautiful.Loved your arrangement.
Adv:Which one did you like?Stars or moon?
Adv:But I liked the moon more.
Advay came closer to her and looked at her deeply.
Adv:Because your name signifies moon.
She blushed.

Yoon Shabnami Phele Nahi Thi Chandani
Chand Woh Bharman Gaya
Tujhko Dekha To Sharama Gaya
WOh Churane Laga Hai Nazar
Yoon Shabnami Phele Nahi Thi Chandani

Adv:You look beautiful like a Moon Chandni.I feel you are the moon who came down from the sky.
She blushed.

Ho Yoon Shabnami Phele Nahi Thi Chandani
Chand Woh Bharman Gaya
Tujhko Dekha To Sharama Gaya
WOh Churane Laga Hai Nazar
Yoon Shabnami

He danced around her and sang romantically.She was blushing a lot.

( Dekho Chand Aaya
Chand Nazar Aaya )… (3)

Aaya Aaya Aaaya
Chand Aaya Sharma

Tu Bhi Aaja

Aaya Aaya Dekho

Dheere Dheere Aake Hawa Gungunake
Har Khabar De Tumhari
Kaisa Yeh Nasha Hai

Nazar Mein Ghula Hai
Har Ghadi Hai Khumhari

Nashe Mein Kadam Mere
Udhar Kabhi Idhar
Gumsum Nazar Jaye Kidhar
Kho Gaye Tujhe Mein Hum Iskadar

He cupped her face.
She was lost in him.

Yoon Shabnami Phele Nahi Thi Chandani… (2)

They shared a romantic eye lock.

Chand Woh Bharman Gaya
Tujhko Dekha To Sharama Gaya
WOh Churane Laga Hai Nazar
Yoon Shabnami Phele Nahi Thi Chan(Saawariya).

Suddenly Advay came back to senses and moved backward.
He thought:How could I forget myself for some moments when I was with Chandni?I did’nt even think of Lavanya.Why?
He faked a smile to her caressing her hair.She smiled.
Adv:Shall we go back?
While walking she slipped and suddenly Advay held her by her waist.They shared a passionate eye lock.

Rabba ve…

She moved away blushing.Then they both walked out together.

Arjun to Maya:Get ready Maya. We will have an outing.
Maya:I will get ready and come.
Arjun:Get ready fast.Saanjh will be waiting for us.
Maya became dull:Why Saanjh is coming with us?Why she is always coming between us?We have no privacy.I feel you are giving more importance to her then me.

Arjun was shocked :Maya…was this in your mind?You don’t have any trust in my love?

Maya felt sorry for what she told.
M:Nothing like that Arjun.But I was in fear to lose you.

He cupped her face in his arms:I love you Maya.I love Dusky also..but as a friend.The love I have for her is different from the passionate love I have for you.Saanjh can’t come between us.You both have different place in my heart.Please don’t compare Maya.
Maya became upset :I am sorry Arjun.
Arj:It’s ok.I am taking you somewhere which will remove all your insecurities.

Arjun took Maya to a restaurant near the beach.They were viewing the beautiful sea and having food.Suddenly Saanjh came.
Arjun:Hi Dusky.
A man came from behind.Maya looked at him.t
Arjun and he shook hands and greeted each other.
Arjun:This is Siddharth.Saanjh’s lover and my business rival.
Maya was surprised and relieved:Saanjh’s lover?
Saanjh nodded blushing.
Arj:My business rival too.

Sid:Though we are rivals in our field we are good friends in real life through Saanjh.
Maya smiled.
Arjun:Saanjh and Siddharth always loved each other.But they wanted to keep it confidential.That’s why i hid it from you.
Maya:It’s ok Arjun.But I wish you had told me this before itself.
Arjun:They were waiting for the right situation to disclose it you.Siddharth is so busy that today only he had time to accompany Saanjh to visit us.

Maya:It was a pleasant Surprise for me.

They smiled.

Saanjh:Actually Arjun..we are in trouble.
Siddharth: My dad is not supporting our relationship. We are upset about it.

Arj:Don’t worry.I will talk to your dad and solve the problem. Now we are in this beautiful beach restaurant. We will enjoy the present moment by forgetting all tensions.
Saanjh:You know Arjun.After talking to you the relief I get is priceless.You are there with us so we know that there will be no problems in our life.You are the best friend anyone could get.

Arjun smiled.
They all smiled.
They had food together.Then they went to the beach and romanced.
Arjun pulled Maya closer:So Maya ..I hope now you have no problem with Saanjh’s role in my life.
Maya:I am sorry Arjun.I will never get insecure with your friendship with Saanjh.I promise.

They smiled at each other.
Sid poured water on Saanjh’s face passionately.Saanjh closed her eyes.

” href=”” title=”Read this on” style=”color: rgb(40, 40, 40) !important; text-decoration-line: none !important;”>Saans mein teri saans milee to
Mujhe saans aai, mujhe saans aai
Mujhe saans aai x (2)
Rooh ne choo lee jism ki khushbu

Then they romanced.

Tu jo paas aai, tu jo paas aai
Tu jo paas aai

Saans mein teri saans milee to
Mujhe saans aai, mujhe saans aai
Mujhe saans aai

Arjun Maya danced romantically.

Kab taq hosh sambhalay koyi
Hosh udde to udd jaaney do
Dil kab seedhi raah ha chala
Raah mudey to mud jaaney do
Tere khayal mein doob ke aksar
Achchhi lagi tanhaayi

Saans mein teri saans milee to
Mujhe saans aai, mujhe saans aai
Mujhe saans aai
Raat teri baanhon mein kate to
Subah badi halki lagti hai

Aankh mein rahne lage ho kya tum
Kyon chalki-chalki lagti hai
Mujhko fir se choo ke bolo
Meri qasam kya khaayi

Saans mein teri saans milee to
Mujhe saans aai, mujhe saans aai
Mujhe saans aai


After the office hour…
Shivay:Anika..I will drop you home.
Anika was surprised.She thought:What happened to Shivay Sir?How did he become ready to drop me home?My Boss..the real Shivay Singh Oberoi going to drop me home.What a great achievement for me!
Shivay Anika sat in the car.
On the way suddenly Shivay stopped the car.

Ani:What happened Sir?
Shivay:I need to make a call.Suddenly i remembered.
He got out of the car.
Ani:Why are you going out to make a call Sir?Sitting at car also you can call.
Shivay:Don’t advise me what to and what not to do.Ok?
Anika was embarrassed.

Shivay:There won’t be no range in the car.I know that.That’s why i am going out.
Shivay went away.
After some time…
Ani:Why Shivay Sir has’nt returned yet?

Anika got out of the car and walked in search of him.
She was stunned to see Shivay buying ice cream from a street shop.
Shop keeper:This is your 5th icecream.
Shivay:Ya…I love it.
Shivay sat on the chair on the road side and start licking the icecream.Anika watched it from far.

Anika:He lied to me to have icecream secretly?He is so egoistic that he can’t even let others know that he likes having icecream and is having icecream here like a kid hiding himself from others.Funny guy.Sometimes he is like a kid.

Anika went near Shivay:Shivay Sir..
Shivay was shocked to see Anika and got embarrassed.
Ani:So it is to have icecream that you made an excuse of a phone call?
Shivay became
Ani:Why don’t you admit that you came here to have icecream?

Shivay:Why should I admit which I have not done?I did’nt come here to have icecream.The shop keeper forced me to have icecream.
Ani:Is it because he forced you that you had 5 icecreams?

Shivay was embarrassed.
Shivay:I thought of doing charity.That’s why I bought 5 icecreams.
Anika felt like laughing:Charity?Very funny.
He put attitude:You find it funny?Are you making fun of me?Ok..then…Yes…I came here to have icecream.What is your problem?

Ani:When did I say that I have problem with you having icecream.Infact I found you cute while having icecream.

Slowly he smiled:Do you want to join me to have icecream?
Anika smiled:Ya..

He bought icecream for her.
Ani:But is this icecream good?
Shivay:It’s yummy.Taste it.
Shivay fed her icecream with his hand surprising Anika.

Seeing Shivay’s face Anika’s felt like laughing:Icecream on your face Sir.
Shivay:You find it funny?

Anika:No Sir.I did’nt mean it.

Shivay:I know that you meant that only.Then I will make your face funny too.
He put icecream all over her face.

Ani:Sir..what are you doing?
Shivay laughed:You look so funny now.

Anika got irritated and put icecream on his face.

Shivay stared at her.
Shivay:How dare you?This is how you should behave to your boss?
Anika got nervous:I am sorry a moment I forgot myself.
Shivay:You need to be punished.
Anika got nervous.She thought:I am finished.
Shivay:Your punishment is you should have one more icecream with me.
She was relieved and surprised.He giggled:I scared you.Right?
Anika was embarrassed.
Shivay:I love scaring you.

Anika called him in his mind:Kadoos.
They both had icecreams together and enjoyed.

Preeta gave medicine to Dadi and went out.Suddenly she slipped and Karan caught her by her waist.

Ranjhna… naino ke teer chal gaye
Sajna… saanson se dil sil gaye

Their eyes touched each others.

Palkon mein chupa loon, oh tera sajda karoon
Seenay mein samaa loon, oh din reain karoon

Preeta became shy to be in Karan’s arms.

Palkon mein chupa loon, seenay mein samaa loon
Tere ang ang rang mera bole

He freed her.
Karan:Are you fine?
P:Yes,You saved me at the right time.Thank you.
Karan smiled.

Ab jaan lutt jaaye, ye jahaan chhut jaaye
Sang pyaar rahe, main rahun na rahun
Sajda tera sajda,
(karun mein tera sajda)

P:I think your wife will lucky as you are very protective.
They both smiled at each other.

Din reain karoon na hi chain karoon
Sajda tera sajda
(karun mein tera sajda)
Rak vaar karoon meri jaan lut doon(My name is Khan).

Ishita rang up Raman:Raman…tomorrow is a holiday.Right?So can you come to hotel Omrica for lunch with me?
Raman was excited:Lunch with you?Why not?Sure.
Ishi:Ok.I will wait for you there.
Raman:Ok I will be there by 1 a.m.

Raman got dressed up and went to the hotel.He saw Ishita there.Ishita was glowing in her black anarkali which had golden border…long gold earrings which had black stone on them.
He was mesmerised by her beauty.

Dil kahin Rukta Nahi

Dil Kahi Rukta Nahi

Chalta hi Jaaye Teri Ore

Dil Meri Sunta Nahi

Ishita welcomed him.They shook hands.

Ishi:How is the decoration?
Raman looked at the flower decoration.

Raman:Very beautiful.You have made the arrangements very well.
Ishi:No…no…it’s not done by me.It’s done by Subbu.
Raman was stunned:Subbu?
Ishi:Yes.He only invited us for lunch.

Ishi:He and Tanuja were coming here for lunch.So he asked us to join them.
Raman:Means we won’t be alone here?Subbu and Tanuja will come here?
Ishi:Yes.I am waiting for them.
Raman became dull and he thought:This Subbu will spoil our lunch too.I thought Ishita and I will have a nice time having lunch together.But this Subbu is determined to ruin it.Stupid fellow.
Ishi:Let me message and ask Subbu why he has’nt reached yet.
She took the phone and read something.
Ishi:Oh no…Subbu can’t come as he is having stomach pain.

Raman was relieved and smiled.
He thought:Thank God Subbu is not coming.
Raman:I guess he is eating too much.That’s why he is having stomach pain.
Ishi:No..he is not foody.He is diet conscious.He has fever.So digestion problem happened.That’s why.

Raman:Anyways let’s order lunch.
They ordered lunch and started eating.
Raman thought:I feel so peaceful now without that Subbu.

Raman:Why are you eating slow?Since you are a dentist you have tooth ache?Open your mouth.
He made her open her mouth.
Raman:I can’t find anything wrong in your teeth.

Ishi:Hey Raman..what are you doing?You are behaving as if you are the dentist and I am the patient.
Raman laughed:Just kidding for an entertainment.Just fun.It’s funny.Right?
Ishi:Funny?I found it boring.
Raman was embarrassed.
Ishita started giggling:I was also joking Raman.

He smiled with an embarrassment.
They talked and enjoyed.
He held her hand:Thank you so much for inviting me here.I had a nice time with you.

He thought:Ishita’s hand is so soft.Wish I can always hold her hand like this.

Ho Saari Fiizaayo Me Hai Mehki Hawao Me Hai Tera Aur Mera Fasana,

Jaanu Mai bhi yeh, Jaane hai tu bhi yeh, Jaane Ye Saara Zamaana

Ishita thought smirking:I know what’s in your mind Ravan Kumar Bhalla.You want to hold my hands like this always.Then why don’t you tell that to me openly?

Ho Kabhi Kam Na Ho Ye hai Chaahatein

Pal Pal Badhe ye hai Mohabbatein

Slowly he freed her hand thinking:I don’t feel like leaving your hand.
Ishita in her mind:I feel empty when you left my hand.

Ho Kabhi Kam Na Ho Ye hai Chaahatein

Pal Pal Badhe ye hai Mohabbatein(YHM title song).

They parted ways bidding good bye.

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