Laal ishq2…Red love… Part 5 Ishqbaaz,IPKKND3,Kundali Bhagya,YHM,Beyhadh,Kasam,GHSP(Ishra Tanshi rain romance,Shivika picnic,AdNi romantic dance)

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Laal Ishq…Red Love… Season2 part5

In the evening…
Preeta was ready to go back home.
Karan:I will drop you home.
Preeta smiled.
They both got inside the car.Preeta noticed a beautiful area.
P:Full of greenery.I feel like having fresh air.Let us stop here Karen.Fresh air is really good for health.

Karen stopped the car.They both got out of the car to have fresh air.
Preeta was enjoying the breeze.
Suddenly it started raining.
Preeta felt cold.Karan removed his coat and covered her with it.

Rom Rom Tera Naam Pukare
Ek Huye Din Rain Humare

Hum Se Hum Hi Cheen Gaye Hain
Jab Se Dekhe Nain Tihare


They both looked at each other.

Preeta slipped on the wet ground.Karan held her preventing her from falling down.

Teri Kali Aankhiyon Se Zind Meri Jage
Dhadkan Se Tez Daurun Sapno Se Aage

They shared a romantic eye lock.

Abb Jaan Loot Jaye
Yeh Jahan Choot Jaye
Sang Pyaar Rahe Mein Rahun Na Rahun

They saw a small tea shop there.Both went there.
All were excited to see Karan. They made him give his autograph to them.Karan ordered hot tea.
They both started sipping hot tea.In between their eyes locked onto each others.

Sajda Tera Sajda
Din Rain Karun
Na Hi Chain Karun
Sajda Tera Sajda(My name is Khan).

Raman Ishita were walking in the park.Raman was having ground nuts.
Ishi:This is oily.Eating too much is not healthy.
Raman:Doctors cannot tolerate anyone eating tasty snacks.You are a dentist.Think only of teeth.
Ishita giggled.
Raman:By the way what is your dream about your future husband?
Ishita thought smirking:Is Ravan Kumar eyeing on me?Not bad.
Ishita:My dream man is someone who is dark tall and handsome.
Raman became dull.

Raman:Why can’t the dream man be fair and handsome with normal height?
Ishita thought:Ravan Kumar is describing himself.
Ishita:Actually I don’t find fair ..not so tall guys handsome.
Ishita felt like laughing.Raman became dull.
He said in his mind:Guess I need to walk in the hot sun to be naturally dark.
Ishi:What about your dream girl?

Raman:A beautiful doctor.
Ishi:Why doctor?
Raman:When i was young my grand father fell sick and one day he left us without getting enough treatment.Those times treatment was not easy.But i decided that I will marry a doctor,so that she can take care of me during my old age illness.
Ishi:So you need a care taker,not a wife.
He was embarrassed:Nothing like that.
Ishita giggled.

Raman was lost in her sweet smile.
Raman smiled:One more thing.I am fine with a dentist too.
Ishita blushed.

Ho Kabhi Kam Na Ho Ye hai Chaahatein

Pal Pal Badhe ye hai Mohabbatein (x2)(YHM title song).

Suddenly it started raining.
Raman:Oh no.Let us take the umbrella.
Raman tried to open the umbrella.But Ishita snatched it from him.
Ishi:No need.Let u enjoy the rain.

Raman:Though a doctor you don’t have any problem with getting drenched in rain and catching cold and fever?
Ishita was embarrassed:Sometimes to enjoy life we need to compromise.
They laughed.
Suddenly they saw a couple dancing in rain romantically.
They were Subbu and Tanuja.

Lagi aaj sawan ki phir woh jhadi hai
Lagi aaj sawan ki phir woh jhadi hai
Wohi aag phir seene mein phir jal padi hai
Lagi aaj sawan ki phir woh jhadi hai

Kuchh aise hi din the woh jab hum mile the
Chaman mein nahi phool dil mein khile the
Wohi to hai mausam magar rut nahin woh

Mere saath barsaat bhi ro padi hai
Lagi aaj sawan ki phir woh jhadi hai
Lagi aaj sawan ki phir woh jhadi hai

Koi kash dil pe zara hath rakh de
Mere dil ke tukdon ko ek sath rakh de
Magar yeh hain khwabon khyalon ki baatein
Kabhi toot kar cheez koi judi hai

Lagi aaj sawan ki phir woh jhadi hai
Lagi aaj sawan ki phir woh jhadi hai
Wohi aag phir seene mein phir jal padi hai
Lagi aaj sawan ki phir woh jhadi hai

Ishi:I can’t believe that they are having romance in rain.
Raman thought:Now she will tell that she will go and talk to Subbu and I will have to see his irritating face.
Raman:Let them enjoy.Don’t disturb them.
Ishi:You are right.
Raman:Why don’t we also dance?
Ishita was surprised:Really?But we are not lovers.
Raman:We danced at the party also.Is there any rule that only lovers can dance?
Ishita smiled:Right.

Raman:Ok then let’s dance.
Raman became happy.
They started dancing in rain.

Are are are na na na na na na
Aaj rapat jaye to hame na uthaiyo
Aaj fisal jaye to hame na uthaiyo
Hame jo uthaiyo to
Hame jo uthaiyo to khud bhi rapat jaiyo
Ha khud bhi fisal jaiyo
Aaj rapat ha ha
Aaj rapat jaye to hame na uthaiyo

Barsat me thi kaha bat , pehli bar barsi barsat aisi
Barsat me thi kaha bat aisi, pehli bar barsi barsat aisi
Kaisi ye hawa chali, pani me aag lagi
Jane kya pyas jaagi re
Bhiga ye tera badan, jagaye mithi chubhan

Nashe me jhume ye mann re
Kaha hu mai mujhe bhi ye hosh nahi
Aa ha o ho, aa ha o ho
Aaj bahak jaye to hosh na dilaiyo
Aaj bahak jaye to hosh na dilaiyo
Hosh jo dilaiyo to
Hosh jo dilaiyo to khud bhi behak jaiyo
Aaj rapat ha ha
Aaj rapat jaye to hame na uthaiyo

Badal me bijali baar-baar chamke
Dil me mere aaj pehli baar chamke
Badal me bijali baar-baar chamke
Dil me mere aaj pehli baar chamke
Hasina dari-dari, baaho me simat gayi
Sine se lipat gayi re
Tujhe to aaya maja, tujhe to sujhi hasi
Meri to jaan fasi re

Jan-e-jigar kidhar chali najar churake
Aa ha o ho, aa ha o ho
Bat ulajh jaiyo to aaj na suljhaiyo
Bat ulajh jaiyo to aaj na suljhaiyo
Bat jo suljhaiyo to
Bat jo suljhaiyo to khud bhi ulajh jaiyo
Aaj rapat ha ha
Aaj rapat jaye to hame na uthaiyo

Badal se chham-chham sharab barse
Sawari ghata se shabab barse
Badal se chham-chham sharab barse
Sawari ghata se shabab barse
Bundo ki baji payal, ghata ne chhedi gajal
Ye raat gayi machal re
Dilo ke raj khule, fija me rang ghule
Jawa dil khul ke mile re
Hona tha jo hua wahi abb darana kya
Aa ha o ho, aa ha o ho

Aaj dub jaye to hame na bachaiyo
Hame jo bachaiyo to
Hame jo bachaiyo to khud bhi dub jaiyo
Aaj rapat ha ha
Aaj rapat jaye to hame na uthaiyo

Aaj fisal jaye to hame na uthaiyo
Aa ha o ho, aa ha o ho(Namak Halal).

Subbu Tanuja too saw them accidently and came towards them.
Subbu:Hey Ishita Raman…
Ishita:Hi Subbu.Saw your romance.
Subbu Tanuja blushed.
Subbu:We are romantic.Right Tanuja?

Tanuja blushed:Subbu…
Ishita smiled.
Subbu whispered in her ears:Saw your rain romance with Raman.
Ishita became shy:Nothing like that.
Subbu:Ya ya…anyways the dance looks romantic in rain.
Ihita blushed.
Raman got irritated.He thought:Why can’t this Subbu stop whispering to ishita?
Subbu:Ok bye guys…
Raman Ishita:Bye.
Raman thought:It was such a relief when Subbu went.
Raman:By the way what was Subbu telling you?

Ishita became shy:He said he saw our rain dance and it was nice.
Raman smiled:Obviously…we are good dancers.So our dance would be nice.Right?
They both smiled.
Raman:Ok let us go back.Otherwise we both will fall sick.
They both got into their own cars.

Advay passed by the dance rehearsal room.
He saw Mihir Mihika dancing.Suddenly an idea clicked his mind.
Advay:I have heard that dance makes a boy girl closer.Let me try that.
Advay went near Chandni.
Adv:Can you be my partner for dance in Talent’s show?

Chandni was stunned:I?
Adv:Yes or no?
Chand:But why me?
Adv:You know that after my break up with Lavanya I am lonely.So I have no one to dance with.But I want to dance.

Chand:Ok ok.I will dance with you.
Advay smirked.

Lavanya watched Advay Chandni’s dance rehearsal


Anika submitted some files to Shivay.
Shivay:Anika…get ready for tomorrow.Tomorrow we all are going for a small picnic from office.
Anika was surprised:Picnic?Are you serious Sir?
Shivay:What do you mean by seriousness?You think I am a clown to joke?
Anika said in her mind:You look like a clown who does’nt joke.
Anika:No Sir.Actually I never expected picnic from office.That’s why I was a bit shocked.
Shivay:No need to be shocked as once in a while I take my employees for picnic for relaxation.
Anika thought:I can’t believe that the Kadoos Shivay Singh Oberoi takes his employees for picnic for relaxation.I thought even to relax he will give us work.
Shivay:If you can you bring the home made dhoklas tomorrow.
Anika could’nt believe it:But you said my dhoklas will cause stomach problems.Then why do you want me to bring it?

Shivay was embarrassed.He hid it.
Shivay:I am your boss.Don’t question me.Did you get that?
Anika:Ok Sir.
She said in her mind:Still he can’t admit that he likes my cooking and that’s why he wants me to prepare snacks for picnic.Kadoos.

The next day Shivay,Anika and other colleagues went for picnic.
They reached the picnic spot.

Anika distributed snacks.
Shivay tasted them:Hmmm..not bad.Your cooking has improved.

Anika:Only improvement Sir?Not good?
Shivay:May be.
Anika smiled.
She thought:This Shivay Singh Oberoi can never leave his attitude.
All were enjoying there.They were taking selfies.
They put their legs in the near by river to get wet.Some were swimming there.
Shivay Anika sat on the rocks near the river.
Shivay:What a beautiful place!
Anika:True Sir.But I did’nt know that you are a nature lover too.

Shivay:Why I can’t I enjoy nature?Just because I am indoor always I can’t enjoy outdoor?
Anika thought:Oh no..this kadoos just needs a spark to fight.
Anika:No Sir.Seeing you i did’nt feel so.
Shivay:I don’t understand why you judge me without knowing me properly.I spent my childhood holidays in my mom’s place.It was blessed with natural beauty.Trees..rivers…flowers…so beautiful.

My grand parents taught me to love nature.I just love it.

Now I don’t go there.My grand parents are not there.

The house was sold.So I really miss it.

Shivay became emotional.Anika was stunned.
She thought:I never thought that Shivay Sir has an emotional side too.

Anika gave him a kerchief.

Anika:Your eyes are wet.You wipe it.

Oh Jaana

Oh Jaana…Oh Jaana

Shivay:No need.Shivay Singh Oberoi does’nt need it as I don’t cry.
Anika:When did I tell you that you cried?I said your eyes were wet.It can be due to the dust in the air.

Shivay was embarrassed.She smiled.

Khoya Khoya Rehta Hai
Dil Dharak Ke Kehta Hai
Tu Mere Jeene Ki Wajah

Shivay:But anyways I don’t need kerchief.
He turned back and wiped his eyes.
Anika smiled thinking:He has so much of ego to admit his emotional side.But I liked this soft side of Shivay Sir.He is soft inside.That’s why he celebrated my birthday.Otherwise which Boss will celebrate his PA’s birthday?But he is too arrogant that he can’t admit it.But I have started liking his attitude.

Oh Jaana…Oh Jaana…

Anika kept looking at Shivay with a smile.Shivay looked at her.She became embarrassed.Slowly he smiled.She was surprised.

Ishq Hai Aanso
Ishq Hai Nagma

She thought:He smiled at me.Wow.
Shivay:Why don’t we take a selfie?

Again Anika was surprised.
Ani:Sure Sir.

They posed for selfies.

Ishq Sukoon Hai
Rahat Hai… like swimming.Right?Then why are you not swimming here?
Shivay:If I go swimming you will be alone and get bored.Right?

Ishq Hai Sehra
Ishq Hai Dariya

Anika was stunned:What did you say?
Shivay got embarrassed realizing what he said.He put a lot of attitude and said:Nothing.
He walked away.Anika smiled.

Ishq Junoon Hai
Zehmat Hai…(IB Shivika song).

After some days…

Mihir Mihika danced with attitude,joy,energy and romance.

Ton sourire m’ensorcelle
Je suis fou de toi.
Le désir coule dans mes veines
Guidé par ta voix.
Ton sourire m’ensorcelle
Je suis fou de toi

Nashe si chadh gayi oye
Kudi nashe si chadh gayi
Patang si lad gayi oye
Kudi patang si lad gayi

Nashe si chadh gayi oye
Kudi nashe si chadh gayi
Patang si lad gayi oye
Kudi patang si lad gayi

Aise khenche dil ke penche
Gale hi pad gayi oye

Nashe si chadh gayi oye
Kudi nashe si chad gayi
Patang si lad gayi oye
Kudi patang si lad gayi

O udti patang jaise
Mast malang jaise
Masti si chadh gayi humko turant aise
Lagti current jaise
Nikla warrant jaise
Abhi abhi utra ho net se torrent jaise

Nashe si chadh gayi oye
Kudi nashe si chad gayi
Patang si lad gayi oye
Kudi patang si lad gayi

Nashe si chadh gayi oye
Kudi nashe si chadh gayi(Befikre).

Advay Chandni danced.

Jo tere khatir tadpe pehle se hi
Kya usse tadpana
O zaalima o zaalima
Jo tere ishq mein behka pehle se hi
Kya usse behkana
O zaalima o zaalima

Ankhein marhaba
Baatein marhaba
Main sau martaba
Deewana hua

Mera na raha
Jab se dil mera
Tere husn ka
Nishana hua

Jiski har dhadkan tu ho aise
Dil ko kya dhadkana
O zaalima o zaalima

Saason mein
Teri nazdeekiyon ka
Ittar tu ghol de… ghol de

Main hi kyun
Ishq zaahir karun
Tu bhi kabhi bol de… bol de

Le ke jaan hi
Jayega meri
Kaatil har tera
Bahana hua

Tujhse hi shuru
Tujhpe hi khatam
Mere pyar ka
Fasana hua

Tu shamma hai toh yaad rakhna
Main bhi hoon parwana
O zaalima o zaalima(Raes).

Seeing Advay romancing Chandni on stage Lavanya was almost in tears.
La:For all stage shows I was Advay’s dance partner.But now he wants Chandni to be his dance partner.It’s all because of me.

Maya got ready in a beautiful purple saree for the engagement party.She came to the hall.She saw Saanjh patting Arjun.
Saanjh:You look so dashing and handsome.
Arjun smiledOf course Dusky.I am handsome.
They both giggled.

Maya felt insecure with Saanjh gazing at Arjun’s looks. look gorgeous.
Maya was still serious as she was cut up with Arjun Saanjh’s closeness even on their engagement day.

Slowly Maya faked a smile:Thank you Saanjh.

Maan couldn’t take his eyes off Geet who wore the Saree he gifted her.
He thought:Geet looks more beautiful than I imagined.
Maan looked at Geet deeply:You made me very happy by wearing this saree which I chose specially for you.You look very pretty in this Geet.

Geet smiled:Thank you Sir.

Pee Loon Tere Neelay Neelay Nainon Se Shabnam
Pee Loon Tere Geelay Geelay Hoto Ki Sargam
Pee Loon Hai Peenay Ka Mausam

Arjun Maya exchanged rings.They were very happy.

All clapped hands.

All were busy with the party.
Maan took Geet to a corner.
M:Geet…I wanted to tell you something since very long.But I prolonged it.But I can’t control anymore.

Tere Sang Ishq Taari Hai
Tere Sang Ik Khumari Hai
Tere Sang Chain Bhi Mujhko
Tere Sang Bekraari Hai

Geet was confused:Sir…
Maan:I love you Geet…

Tere Sang Ishq Taari Hai
Tere Sang Ik Khumari Hai
Tere Sang Chain Bhi Mujhko
Tere Sang Bekraari Hai

Geet was shocked:Sir…
Maan:Really I love you.

Tere Bin Jee Nahi Lagda, Tere Bin Jee Nahi Sakda
Tujhpe Hai Haare Maine Vaare Do Jahan,
Kurbaan, Meharbaan, Ke Main Toh Kurbaan
Sun Le Zara, Tera Kurbaan(Once upon a time in Mumbai).

Geet became emotional :It’s not possible Sir.
Maan became dull:Why Geet?
G:Because we don’t match each other.

M:Because I am your boss and you are my PA?I don’t consider it as a difference Geet.
Geet:But there is another thing too.
M:What is that?
Geet’s eyes became teary:I am already married.

Maan was shocked.

Hi Tejeswini…I’ve replied to ur comment on Laal ishq2 Part4.plz check.
Since you like Arya I’m suggesting you my friend Kavita’s arya works.On TU arya fans r missing,so no Arya fan is commenting.plz have a look if you can.
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