Laal Ishq FF – MATSH,SNS,YHM,Swararagini,Saraswatichandra Part 6

Laal Ishq..Red Love…Part 6
Dedicated to divyaruhi who wants a scene of Raman feeding Ishita.Dedicated to kkrnightriders and Varshini who liked Manoj Shagun in my SS.Dedicated to Aanahat who wants Gohem romance in rain.Dedicated to iam_aheli_98 who wants an emotional DanRi scene.I had already written an emotional DanRi scene 4 this part.But surprisingly she too asked for the same.Dedicated to
samudbest who would like to see Samud Rain dance.

Manoj:Meera…Dr.Manoj here.
Meera smiled slightly.
Gopi held her weeping:Meera…you are alright?
Meera smiled:Yes Maa.
Gopi was relieved.
Ahem:Meera…you have no problem.Right?

Meera:I am absolutely fine dad.
Ahem smiled.
Manoj was relieved.
Meera smiled at everyone.Manoj was very happy.
Mano:Thank God.Nothing happened like I feared.Meera is absolutely fine.She is recognizing everyone.
All were very happy.
Shagun:Manoj…I told you that nothing will happen to our Meera.
Manoj smiled:Yes Shagun.You have golden tongue.
Shagun smiled.

Dharam was praying in front of God’s Idol.Gaura went near him:God heard your prayers beta.Meera is alright now.
Dharam was surprised:Really maa?You are not telling lie to console me.Right?
Gaura:Yes beta….Meera is fine.

Dharam rushed to Meera’s room.Meera’s eyes fell on him and smiled sweetly at him.

Dharam was relieved seeing her smile:Thanks Ambe Maa..
Dharam:Meera…really feel happy to see you fine.
Meera:You got scared whether i will die?
Dharam became dull.
Meera smiled:Don’t be scared.I won’t die so soon.
Dharam smiled.
Meera said in her mind:I am back only for you Dharam.

After some days Meera got discharged from the hospital.
Vidya seemed to be very happy.She was gardening..humming songs.Shravan noticed it.
Vidya saw him looking at her deeply.
V:Why are you looking at me like this?
Shra:You look very cute while smiling.You are very happy now.Right?
V:Yes Shravan.I am very happy now as my Meera di is fine now.
Sharavan cupped her face in his hands:I wish to see the same happiness on your face always.
Vidya smiled.Unknowingly Shravan moved towards her rosy cheek with his lips to touch her.Vidya closed her eyes.

Suddenly Shravan came back to his senses and moved backward.
Shr:I have work.
He went out of the room.Vidya became dull:Why is he like this?
Gaura caught Shravan’s hand:Shravan…I saw how you behaved with Vidya.Why are you distancing yourself from Vidya?
Shra:I am scared dadi.If I get closer to her the truth will be exposed and Vidya may even hate me.I can’t bear it.
Gaura:Vidya won’t hate you.She loves you that much.
Shra:But how can I exploit her love?
Gaura:You are thinking only of Vidya.How can you forget your mother?Remember your mother in every step.
Shravan became upset.
Shravan thought:I love both my mother and wife.Oh God…what situation is this?
Shravan went away.
Gaura:Sad that like Durga,Vidya is also leading a loveless life.
Dharam who over heard this became upset and got reminded of Durga.
Durga was sleeping.He covered her with the blanket.
The next morning…
Durga gave her tea.
Dh:Durga…I never gave you the love you deserve.Still you are so caring.How can you?
D:Nothing like that Dharamji.You feel you don’t love me.But in each of your actions I find love.You are such a nice father.That is love for me.You are giving me good food.That is love for me.You are giving me good clothes.That is love for me.Yesterday night thinking that I was sleeping you covered me with a blanket.That is also love for me.

Dharam became emotional:Durga!
Durga gave him a sweet smile and went away.

After morning puja,Kumari took the sindoor box and unexpectedly it got slipped off her hand.She got scared.Suddenly Danny caught it with his hand.Kumari stared at him in surprise.
He took a pinch of sindoor

Aasmaan tera mera hua
Khwaab ki tarah dhuaan dhuaan

and filled the parting of her hair with it.

Aasmaan tera mera hua
Saans ki tarah ruaan ruaan

They shared an emotional eye lock.

Ho jaaye jahaan tu jaaye
Paaye mujhe hi paaye
Saaye ye mere hain tujh mein samaaye

Kum:Danny…I got scared whether my sindoor will fall down.Sindoor falling down is a bad omen.I got scared Danny whether I will lose you.
Danny held her closer:How can it fall down when I am there to catch it?
Kumari smiled emotionally.

Saiyaara main saiyaara, Saiyaara tu saiyaara
Sitaaron ke jahaan mein milenge abb yaara

Kum:Really my God brought you here on time.The person who has the right to put sindoor on my forehead saved my marriage by catching the sindoor tin.

Tu jo mila toh yun hua
Ho gayi poori adhoori si duaa

D:Kumari…I know you are a bit too superstitious.But this sindoor’s fate cannot decide our fate.Our relationship is fixed by God,so nothing else can break us apart.Understand?

Tu jo gaya, toh le gaya sang tere
Mere jeene ki har wajah

She nodded her head emotionally.They shared an emotional eyelock.

Saiyaara main saiyaara, Saiyaara tu saiyaara
Sitaaron ke jahaan mein milenge abb yaara


Raman was talking on the phone.Suddenly Ishita came inside his cabin.He was surprised.
He continued talking while she kept the lunch box on the table.

He stopped talking and looked at her:Ishita…how come you are here?
Ishi:You forgot to take your lunch box.So I came here to return it.
R:Ok.Did you have lunch?
Ishi:No.I will have it later.Ok..then I will leave.
R:How can you go like that?You sit here.We will have lunch together.
R:To be frank I did’nt take the lunch box purposefully.So that you will here with the lunch box.
Raman smiled:Yes.
Ishi:Ravan Kumar Bhalla..
R:To get Jhansi ki Rani alone I had to do that.
They both giggled.
They both had lunch together.
R:By the way your amma had sent me kheer…I mean your payasam.I had it immediately.There was one more.That is for you.
He took it and said:I will feed you payasam.
Ishi:But Raman..somebody will see it.
R:No one will see it.Everybody is on lunch break.Nobody dares to enter my cabin during break time as they are scared of me giving them extra work.
Ishita giggled:Ravan Kumar Bhalla…
Raman slowly started feeding her kheer.

Dil kahin Rukta Nahi
Dil kahin Rukta Nahi
Chalta hi Jaaye Teri Ore
Dil Meri Sunta Nahi

R:How is it?
Ishi:Since you are feeding it payasam is more tastier now.

Ho Saari Fiizaayo Me Hai Mehki Hawao Me Hai Tera Aur Mera Fasana,

Jaanu Mai bhi yeh, Jaane hai tu bhi yeh, Jaane Ye Saara Zamaana

They both smiled at each other romantically.

Ho Kabhi Kam Na Ho Ye hai Chaahatein
Pal Pal Badhe ye hai Mohabbatein

After a few days…

Shravan got ready.
Gaura:Where are you going?
Shr:There is a party.
G:Then take Vidya too with you.
After thinking a bit he said:Ok.
He went near Vidya:Vidya…there is a party.If you want you can come with me.
Vidya was excited:Sure..yes…
Shravan went out of the room.Vidya searched for a nice saree in her wardrobe.Gaura came.
G:What are you going to wear Vidya?
V:Saree.But I can’t choose which saree to be worn.
G:Saree?Don’t wear saree.All ladies will be coming in modern dresses.You should wear a nice modern dress and go.
Vidya smiled:Yes dadi.
Vidya came wearing a red dress.Shravan was mesmerized by her looks.Vidya blushed.Gaura smiled.
Shravan Vidya attended the party.
Music was played.Both danced together along with other couples.
Milne hai mujhse aayi
Phir jaane kyun tanhaai
Kis mod pe hai laayi aashiqui
O.. khud se hai ya Khuda se
Iss pal meri ladaai
Kis mod pe hai laayi aashiqui

Kumud and Saras went to a supermarket for shopping.Kumud went to the grocery section.
There she met Urmila accidently.
Kumud:Urmila kaki..
Kumud:How are you?
Urmila:I am fine.How are you?Any good news.
Kumud became dull.She nodded her head:No.
Urmila:Still no good news?You better take treatment.
Kum:I had taken treatment.
Urmila:Still no good news?You better be careful.When the wife does’nt conceive the husband’s love decreases and he goes to other women.
Saras who passed by heard it and got irritated.
S:This Urmila kaki is unbearable.How dare she?She is brainwashing Kumud against me.
Kumud got irritated:Kaki..what are you saying?Saras is not like that.He loves me a lot.
Saras became very happy hearing that.
Urmi:Every wife thinks like that.But it may not be real.So have a control over your husband.

Urmila walked off.Kumud was dull.
Saras was irritated:Oh..if Urmila kaki was’nt Modi bahu’s mother I would have given her a sharp reply.
Saras walked towards Kumud:Kumud..
Kum:Let us go back Saras.
S:Why?Picked up enough vegetables?
Kum:I told you.We will go back.
Kumud walked out.
Saras thought:Urmila kaki succeeded in spoiling Kumud’s mood.Oh..
Both got inside the car.He started driving the car.It started raining.He stopped the car.
Kum:Why did you stop the car Saras?
Without saying anything he got out and made Kumud get down.
Saras:I stopped the car to love my wife.
He cupped her face in his hands:I love you Kumud.My love for you increases daily.
Unknowingly a smile appeared on her face.
He held her hand and danced in rain.

He adored her face with his passion filled eyes.

Kabhi jo baadal barse
Main dekhoon tujhe aankhein bharke

He rubbed her shoulders with his chin romantically making her blush.

Tu lage mujhe pahli baarish ki duaa
Tere pahloo mein reh loon
Main khudko paagal keh loon

He pulled her closer staring at her with full of passion.She tilted her face due to shyness.

Tu gham de ya khushiyaan
Seh loon saathiya

He held her chin abd moved it to the front.Slowly she looked at him holding him tight keeping her arms around his shoulders.They shared a romantic eye lock.

Koi nahi.. tere siva mera yahaan
Manzilein.. hain meri to sab yahaan

She tried to move away blushing.He held her hand and pulled her towards him.He embraced her from back.She could’nt stop blushing.He buried her face in her soft silky hair completely lost in her.

Mita de sabhi aaja faasle
Main chahoon mujhe mujhse baant le
Zara sa mujhme tu jhaank le
Main hoon kya?

They rubbed their forehead with each other romantically giving a sweet smile to each other.
Woo.. aeee.. aeee.. aaa.. sathiyaa..
Ae ae… aa….
– Jackpot

Gopi went to take out the clothes which were kept outside for drying.Suddenly somebody held her hand.She turned back.It was Ahem.
Ah:Gopi…leave those clothes and be with me.
He pulled her closer.

He smiled at her.She blushed:Ahemji…
Satrangi mausam ho,
Ya gham ke badal ho

Ah:We are always busy with our children.Don’t you think we should find time for ourselves too?
She smiled sweetly.
Phoolon ki sej ho ya,
Kaanton ki raahein ho
He looked at her with burning passion.
They shared a passionate eye lock.

Mere hum kadam, mere hum safar
Raah mein chhod na jaana,
Har kasam todd na jaana
The shy Gopi began to walk away.He held her hand and embraced her from behind.

They both smiled romantically.
Saath nibhana, saathiya
Saath nibhana, saathiya
Saath nibhana, saathiya
Saath nibhana, saathiya

It was raining heavily and rain drops were falling inside the room too as the window was open.Shagun tried to close the window.Suddenly Manoj held her hand.
Manoj:No need of closing the window.Let the window be open.
Shagun:But’s raining and …
Manoj:Let the rain drops fall in our room too.As a doctor I can’t suggest romancing in rain as it can make us feverish.But when we romance inside little rain drops as a background is beautiful.Right?

Wo Mile The
Yun Mile The
Bas Unhe
Waqt Bhi
Ruk Gaya

Shagun smiled:So Dr.Manoj is in a mood to romance.Right?
Manoj:If not what?
He pulled her closer and looked at her passionately.
Manoj:I have a gorgeous wife.How can I not romance my wife?
She blushed.

Wo Pyaar Tha
Choone Jise
Ek Pal
Ke Liye
Aasmaan Jhuk Gaya

He caressed her face romantically.She was lost in him and held him tight.

Par Zindagi
Yeh Aitbaar
Aaye Magar
Bas Ek Baar(Title song of the serial Kkavyanjali)

Shravan Vidya were coming back by car.It was raining.
V:Shravan..please stop the car.It’s raining…
Shravan stopped the car.Vidya got out of the car and enjoyed being in rain.She started dancing.Shravan surprised her joining her in dance.They danced.
Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Tere bina kya wajood mera (x2)

Tujhse juda gar ho jaayenge
Toh khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa
Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho

Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho
He moved close to her

and leaned towards her face.

She closed her eyes.

Suddenly he moved backward.Vidya could’nt bear it anymore.
Vidya blasted at him tearfully:Why are you always distancing yourself from me Shravan?You don’t love me?Then why did you marry me?If you don’t like me why don’t you just leave me?

Shravan held her shoulders tightly.
Shr:Never think of divorcing me.You are the only girl I love.2 years back we met and since then I am in love with you.
They shared an emotional eye lock.
V:Then why this distance?
He started weeping.
Shr:Because I can’t hurt you.
V:Hurt me?
Shr:Yes.I was cheating you Vidya.
Shr:Our family loves you a lot.But because of circumstance we all cheated you and your family.
V:What are you saying Shravan?
Shr:You want to know the truth?Tell listen.Even I can’t hide this truth anymore.
Shravan revealed the secret to her.
Vidya was shocked.She was crying.

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