Laal Ishq FF – MATSH,SNS,YHM,Swararagini,Saraswatichandra Part 2


The couples of this SS…
Shravan Vidya
(Shakti Arora and Radhika).
Due to public demand Shravan Vidya will be played by Shakti Arora and Radhika.
Dharam Meera(Amar Tanya)
Raman Ishita(Karan Patel Divyanka)
Manoj Shagun(Ejaz Khan Anita)
Saras Kumud(Gautam Jennifer)
Danny Kumari(Varun Helly)
Romi Sarika(Aly Goni Asha Negi)
Dharam Durga(Amar Smriti Irani)
Ahem Gopi(Nazim Devoleena)
Jigar Rashi( Vishal Rucha)

I thank each of u 4 commenting on my SS.plz try to give a detailed analysis on my SS.

Laal Ishq…Red Love…Part 2

Gopi and Kokila told Ahem about Shravan’s proposal.
Gopi:Ahemji..tell..what do you think about this proposal?
Ahem:It’s a nice alliance and I always thought of Shravan for Vidya as they match well.
Gopi and Kokila were surprised.
G:Ahemji..Shravan Vidya were there in your mind?And you did’nt tell us yet?
Ahem:I was waiting for Vidya’s studies to get over.But surprisingly Gaura Massi came this side with the proposal.
Kokila:It’s Lord Krishna’s blessing.

Ahem,Gopi and Kokila went to Vidya’s room where Meera was sitting besides her.
Gopi:Vidya..what we want to say is…
Meera:Maa…I told Vidya everything.
Gopi:Is it?Then tell Vidya…what is your opinion about marrying Shravan?
Kokila:Don’t say just for our sake.Say yes only if you are really happy.
Vidya blushed:Yes..
They all became very happy.
Ahem:I knew that Vidya will accept Shravan.
Koki:I will talk to Gaura about it.

Kokila talked to Gaura about Vidya being interested in Shravan and Gaura became very happy.
G:This is such a nice news.
Koki:But you need to tell Shravan about it.
G:Don’t worry about Shravan.He won’t do anything against my wish.
Koki:But only with his full consent we should proceed.
G:Why do you doubt if Shravan likes Vidya or not?Who will not like your grand daughter?
Kokila smiled:What does Dharam Kumar say?
G:He is very happy about my decision.I will talk to Shravan and call you.

Kumari was combing her hai.Suddenly Danny embraced her from behind.She looked at him:Danny!
He moved towards her face.
D:Oh no..why are you interrupting me?You know what?You are the biggest enemy of your romance.
Kum:Romance is possible.But on one demand.
Kum:I am taking vrath tomorrow.I promised God that we will do puja together at early morning 3 a.m.
Danny was shocked:What?Till now you were doing puja.Now 3 a.m?And why did you make false promise that I will lso join you in puja? promised me that you will never scold me.But you are scolding me now.
D:Oh Kumari..ok..I am not scolding you.But I can’t do puja with you.
Kum:If that is the case forget about romance.I will take 6 months vrath.
D:What?Are you crazy?Don’t take vrath for 6 months.
Kum:Ok..then do puja with me.
D:Ok sweety..I will do that for you.
He thought:For romance what all I have to do?
Kumari tried to walk away.Siddenly he puller her closer.
D:You promised a good romantic time with me.And tomorrow is your vrath.You won’t let me come near you.Atleast today be with me.
She smiled.They shared a romantic eye lock.

Gaura and Dharam went near Shravan with the proposal.
Shra:Wedding for me?Why so early?
Gaura:Shravan…you know that early marriage is better for our family.
Shravan became upset.
Gaura:And the girl we have chosen is so nice that you will want to marry her immediately.Vidya Modi.
Shravan was shocked:Vidya?
Dharam:Yes Vidya.I think since Vidya knows you quite well she will understand your situation and support your decision.
Shravan:But Vidya…she is very sensitive too though she is bold.
Gaura:But I want a loving wife for you and I feel no one can be as loving and sacrificing as Vidya for you.And Shravan..always remember your mother…you should marry for your mother who carried you for 9 months in her womb.
Shravan felt upset.Slowly he said:I will marry Vidya.But before that I want to talk to her to know if she is really ready to marry me.
Dharam:As you wish beta.It’s better to tell her everything before you both enter the institution of marriage.
Gaura:Are you mad Dharam?What advise are you going to give Shravan?You don’t care for Durga.I know that you have never loved her.But Durga is my daughter in law and Shravan’s mother.For Durga we both need to something and that is Shravan’s marriage.No girl will agree to marry Shravan if he tells the truth.
Dharam became upset.
Gaura:Shravan..if you love your mother don’t tell anything to Vidya.Remember that.
Ranveer was upset.

Dharam was reminded of past…
Dharam:Durga…did you have your medicine?
Durga:Oh…I forgot Dharamji..
Dha:How can you be so careless Durga?You are pregnant.You should take care of your baby.This baby is going to love you,protect you and save you from all problems.

Durga smiled:Yes Dharamji…my child will give me the love I lost.My child will protect me.My child will give me hope to live.
Dharam became emotional and gave her medicine.She had it.
Durga smiled:Thank you Dharamji for taking care of me.
Dharam:It is my duty Durga.No need of thanking me.
Flash back over…
Dharam was confused:Are we doing any sin?But thinking of Durga’s innocent face can’t think of anything else.
Suddenly he heard a voice.
“Dharam Sir..”
It was Meera.Meera is Dharam’s student in college.
M:Actually Sir…I have doubts.
D:Then why did’nt you ask your doubts in class?
Meera was quiet.
D:You never ask any doubts in class.You ask me to clear your doubts only in staff room.Why?
M:Because Sir…when I ask you doubts in class others are making fun of me.That’s why I am coming to staff room.
D:Ok ok..what is your doubt?
Meera said something.Dharam started explaining.Meera was lost in Dharam.
Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re

Meera imagined Dharam keeping his hands on her sloulders and looking at her romantically.

Karam re, karam re
Tera mujhpe karam hua re

D:Now is the doubt clear?
Meera was suddenly awoken from the dream world:Yes Sir..thank you Sir.
D:Ok welcome..
Meera left the room smiling.She said in her mind:I am coming to the staff room to ask you silly doubts only to spend time alone with you.

After some time…
Shravan rang up Vidya.Vidya was shy:Shravan..
Sh:Vidya…I want to talk to you personally.Come to the nearby park.I am waiting for you.
V:Yes sure.
Vidya was so excited that she did’nt know what to wear.Finally she chose a salwar suit and wore it.
They met at the park.
Shra:Vidya…our familes want us to get married.I heard that you said yes.
Vidya was shy:Yes.
Shra:Are you sure that you have no problem in marrying me?
V:Why should I have any problem with that?I know that my family has chosen the best guy for me.
Shravan felt guilty:How are you so sure that I am the best for you?
She blushed:Because I know you very well.We are friends also.
Shr:I called you here to give my reply.
Vidya became nervous.
Shr:It’s yes from me too.
Vidya became very happy.
Suddenly it started raining.In happiness she started dancing.Shravan looked at her dancing emotionally.
He said in his mind:Sorry Vidya for breaking your trust.
V:Shravan…not dancing?
Shr:No Vidya.May be later.Not now.I already have cold.

Shr:I think you got drenched emough.So don’t remain in rain anymore.
Vidya smiled.
Shravan walked towards her with his overcoat and kept it above them.They shared a sweet eye lock.

Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

Raman closed ishita’s eyes and took her to a room.

He opened her eyes.She was surprised to see red candles lit on the table.

Dil kahin Rukta Nahi

Dil Kahi Rukta Nahi
Ishi:Wow Raman.
Raman:How is my surprise?
Ishi:You have 3 children.But still you are romantic like a youngster.
Raman:Because I am young at heart.
Ishi:Oh really?
They both laughed.

Chalta hi Jaaye Teri Ore

Dil Meri Sunta Nahi
He made her near near the table and served her food.They both fed each other romantically.

Ho Saari Fiizaayo Me Hai Mehki Hawao Me Hai Tera Aur Mera Fasana,

Jaanu Mai bhi yeh, Jaane hai tu bhi yeh, Jaane Ye Saara Zamaana

Ishi:It was a lovely dinner Raman.After a long time we enjoyed a lot.

Ho Kabhi Kam Na Ho Ye hai Chaahatein

Pal Pal Badhe ye hai Mohabbatein
He held her hand and they shared a romantic eye lock.

Ho Kabhi Kam Na Ho Ye hai Chaahatein

Pal Pal Badhe ye hai Mohabbatein

Early morning Kumari and Danny were doing puja together.
Danny looked at Kumari: Is it going to get over?
Kumari smiled:No Danny.It just started.

Danny closed his eyes.
Saras and Kumud who came down were surprised to see Danny at the puja.
Saras:Danny at puja?
S:You know Kumud…since childhood he is lazy to get up early.And now at 5 a.m he is doing puja.
Kumud:I am also surprised.
Saras:Danny…how come you are with Kumari for puja?
Danny whispered:What to do bhaiyya?She blackmailed me and forced me to be with her.It started at
Saras:What?Danny awake at without sleeping?

Saras burst into laughter,but controlled himself not to interrupt the puja.Kumud giggled silently.
Kumari:Danny..where is your concentration?Concentrate on puja.
Danny:Ok sweety.
Danny closed his eyes folding his hands.

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  1. Shakaib

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      Since its Shakti who is in my mind as Shravan sometimes I type Ranveer.Sometimes I typed Ishani also.Sorry 4 the mistake

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    hahaha love danny and kumari chemistry the most.

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  4. Danny and Kumari conversation are sweet and poor Danny get control from his beloved Kumari.
    Raman and Ishita romance are so sweet.
    Oh good Meena can’t keep her mind on work and only day dreaming of Dharm.
    Sad for Vidya that Sharvan does not love her but agree to marry her.

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      Thanku so much 4 such a detailed comment.It is really encouraging 4 a writer

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    Actually I am not a fan of sns but when I read it is liked it.The scene of flashback of dharam and durga was really emotional

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      Thanku very much 4 ur detailed comment.Actually Shravan Vidya r played by Shakti n Radhika in this SS.So it’s not a pure SNS SS.

      U r not a fan of SNS.Then how did u start writing a ff on Gohem?

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