Laal Ishq FF – MATSH,SNS,YHM,Swaragini,Saraswatichandra (Episode 1)


The couples of this SS…

Shravan Vidya
(Shakti Arora and Radhika).
Due to public demand Shravan Vidya will be played by Shakti Arora and Radhika.

Dharam Meera(Amar Tanya)

Raman Ishita(Karan Patel Divyanka)

Manoj Shagun(Ejaz Khan Anita)

Saras Kumud(Gautam Jennifer)

Danny Kumari(Varun Helly)

Romi Sarika(Aly Goni Asha Negi)

Dharam Durga(Amar Smriti Irani)

Ahem Gopi(Nazim Devoleena)

Jigar Rashi( Vishal Rucha)

Laal Ishq…Red Love Part 1

Modi house….
Puja preparations were going n.
Kokila:Gopi bahu…are the arrangements over?
G:Yes maaji.Everything is ready.
Koki:So fast?
G:Actually maaji…Meera and Vidya helped me.
Koki:Must say…though they are modern girls they never failed to maintain our culture.They have nice knowledge about our culture.They got your culture and values Gopi Bahu.
Gopi smiled:Not nly Meera and Vidya.Samar and Sahir too were very helpful.
Koki:Yes..tohugh they are naughty they are also cultured and well mannered.
Rashi came with Samar and Sahir.
Rashi:After all they are my sons.
Hetal came smiling.
Koki:Must say Rashi…though you are mischievous sometimes you brought up your sons very well.
Rashi held her sons closer:My Tolu Molu are the best.

Everybody smiled.

Kokila’s best friend Gaura,her son Dharam and his son Shravan came.Meera’s and Vidya’s faces blossomed seeing Dharam and Shravan.
Vidya stood near Shravan:Hi Shravan..
Shr:Hi Vidya..
Hetal:Shravan beta..nice to see you here.Though you belong to the new generation you are attending puja.That’s really nice.
Shravan smiled:Maa always called me to the puja room to pray.Dadi too made sure that I was present in the puja room when the lamp was lit.I am trained that way.
Dharam remembered his wife Durga calling everyone at the time of aarti in the puja room.

Kokila:That is really nice Shravan.Your mother and grand mother has brought you up very nicely.
Shravan:Thank you Kokila dadi.
Vidya smiled.

The Puja went on very well.

Koki:Hope you all are happy with the puja.
Gaura:Is there any need to ask about it Koku?
Dharam:Gopi behn…when you held the arti I was reminded of Durga.She used to do arti the same way.She used to talk to God’s Idol like you talk to your Kanhaji Gopi ben.

Flash back…

Durga talked to Lord Krishna’s Idol:Today’s day was good.Shravan got good marks for his exams.Dharamji came early and gave gifts to Shravan.Maaji made special sweets for Shravan.
Dharam smiled listening to it.
D:Durga…you are talking a lot to your God.
Dur:Yes.Because my Lord Krishna is my best friend since childhood..I share everything with him.

Dharam smiled.


Everybody became dull hearing Durga’s name.Meera was really dim hearing Dharam mentioning Durga’s name.

Koki:Meera…distribute Prasad.
Meera gave Prasad first to Dharam.
M:Dharam Sir…how were the arrangements?I did most of the arrangements.
Dharam:Well done Meera.Very nice.
Meera smiled.

Gaura went near Kokila:Koku..I want to tell you an important thing.Very personal.
Koki:Personal?Tell Gaura..What is the matter?

Gaura told her something.Kokila smiled.

While walking Vidya slipped and was about to fall down.Suddenly Shravan caught her.Vidya held him tight for balance.They were very close to each other.Unknowingly their eyes got locked onto each other.

Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho– AASHIQUI 2 careful while walking.What if you fall down and get injured?
Vidya nodded her head.He removed his hand from her.
Shr:Take care.
He walked away smiling Vidya smiled remembering him catching her.
She thought:Shravan is so caring.

After Suryavanshi family left…
Kokila to Gopi:Gopi Gaura discussed an important matter with me.An alliance for your daughters.
Koki:Yes…for Shravan.Gaura wants either Meera or Vidya for Shravan.I think since Meera Is the eldest we will consider Shravan for Meera.
Gopi smiled:Shravan is a good guy.But Meera is studying.
Koki:Gaura has no objection about Meera studying.Meera’s course will get over soon.Right?After that only wedding.
Gopi smiled:That’s really nice Maaji.We should talk to Ahemji.
Vidya and Meera overheard this.Vidya became very upset.

Meera who was irritated noticed Vidya’s pain.Vidya walked away.
Meera went inside.
Meera:What discussion is going on?
M:No need of saying anything.I heard everything.But don’t you guys think of asking my opinion?
Koki:Yes Meera.We were going to tell you about it.Only with your consent we will conduct the wedding.
M:Then my answer is no.
Kokila and Gopi became dull.
Koki:Don’t say no so fast Meera.Think carefully.
Gopi:Shravan is a good guy.We know him and his family very well.
M:Shravan is a good guy.I agree.But not my type.He is calm and quiet.He does’nt match an outgoing person like me.
Koki:Hey Krishna Bhagwan…what will I tell Gaura?
Gopi became upset:Will Gaura Massi get hurt?So happily she brought this alliance.

M:Don’t worry about her Dadi.She just wants either one of us.She is not particular about me.Then why don’t you consider Vidya?Her character is same as Shravan’s.Right?So I guess Vidya makes a better match for him.
Gopi and Kokila were surprised.
Koki:I think Meera is right Gopi Bahu.
Gopi:Yes Maji.I also feel so.But will Vidya agree?
Meera:I am sure that Vidya will agree.
Koki:How are you so sure?
M:Because Vidya is not stubborn like me.She can never disobey her dadi and Maa.
Koki:Still we need to talk to Vidya about it and she should agree wholeheartedly.
Gopi:Yes Maaji.

Meera went near Vidya.Vidya wiped her wet eyes seeing Meera.
Meera pretended as if she did’nt see it.
M:Do you know Vidya?Dadi and Maa are thinking of me getting married to Shravan.
Vidya:Meera di…did they talk to you about it?
V:And what reply did you give them?
M:I rejected the proposal.
Vidya was relieved.
M:Because…you know…Shravan is not my type.
V:I hope you are not telling a lie.Or did you reject Shravan for that Sanskar?
M:Sanskar?My foot!How did you think that Sanskar is my taste?Do you think that low about your di?
V:Sorry di..but you hang out with that stupid Sanskar.
M:Then what else can I do Vidya?I like roaming around and only that loser Sanskar is willing to accompany me.That’s why I am hanging out with him.I have no other choice.But that does’nt mean that I love that idiot.It’s better to marry Dharam Sir than marrying that hopeless Sanskar.
Vidya:Marrying Dharamji?You are kidding naa.
Vidya giggled.Meera gave a pale smile.
Vidya smiled:I am happy that you have no feelings for that stupid Sanskar.

But Shravan..
Meera:Vidya…seriously…Shravan needs a beautiful innocent girl like you.Not a brat like me.
Vidya was stunned:Like me?
M:Yes.So I suggested you to them and they are fine with it.They are thinking of talking to you about it.What will be your reply?Yes or no.
Vidya blushed.But she hid it.
Meera smiled:I know that you will say yes.
V:How do you know that?
M:Because I am not a dumb like you.You like Shravan.I know that.

Vidya was stunned:Di..
M:I have seen how your face becomes red seeing Shravan.Don’t lie that you have no feelings for Shravan.
Vidya became shy.
V:But Shravan..does he have more than friendship for me?
M:Ofcourse…who cannot love my sweet sister.
Meera hugged Vidya.They both smiled.

In Australia…
Raman was seemed to be upset.Ishita went near him:Raman!
Ishi:You are thinking of Romi.Right?
R:You is Romi’s birthday.We all used to celebrate it together.But now Romi is not with us. I want to wish him happy birthday.But he is not even picking up my calls.
Ishita:Raman…one day he will understand his brother’s love and come back to you.
Raman:That is my hope also Ishita.But he is under Ashok’s clutches.That makes me upset. He must be celebrating his birthday with that Ashok.
Ishita:Don’t worry Raman.Romi won’t be alone with Ashok.Sarika is there with him.Right?So be peaceful.
Ishita consoled him.

In India…
Romi was partying with Ashok sharing drinks with him.Sarika was feeling lonely.
They reached him after late night party.
Romi:What a nice birthday party did Ashok organize?
Sarika:Oh really?Now a days Ashok is not only your business partner but your life partner too.
Romi:What are you saying Sarika?
Sarika:You did’nt even look at me once at the party.You did’nt even think that I will be lonely without you.Everyday you are with Ashok and office.Atleast on your birthday I wanted to be with you.

Lafzon se jo tha pare
Khaalipan ko jo bhare
Kuchh tto tha tere mere darmiyaan
Romi:You were with me only.Still you are..
Sarika:Yes I am with you.But even though I am near you I feel away from you Romi.

Rishte ko kya mod doon
Naata yeh abb tod doon
Ya phir yun hi chhod doon, darmiyaan

Sarika was very upset.Romi felt sad for her and held her hand.

Benaam rishta woh…
Benaam rishta woh, bechain karta jo
Ho naa.. sake jo bayaan, darmiyaan

He cupped her face in his hands.
Romi:I am sorry Sarika..
Sarika smiled.

Darmiyaan Darmiyan
Darmeyaan Darmeyan
Kuchh tto tha tere-mere darmiyaan

Sarika:Why don’t you say this sorry to Raman bhai too.
Romi got angry:Stop it Sarika.He is at fault.He is jealous of my business success.He is the one who created problems.
Sarika:It’s not like that Romi.Raman bhai was’nt jealous of your success,but he did’nt like your partnership with Ashok.You know that Ashok had cheated Raman bhai in past.So he did’nt want you also face it.
Romi:Don’t keep supporting him Sarika.I am your husband.But you are supporting my rival.
Sarika:He is not your rival,but your brother who left all his wealth to you and left for Australia.
Romi:He did that not because he is great,but he feared of losing before me.
Romi walked off.Sarika was upset:When will you understand Romi?Why are you like this Romi?

Early morning 4 a.m.
Danny got up from the bed hearing bhajan.
D:Oh no…This Kumari woke up so early and she is not letting me sleep by singing loudly.
Danny got irritated and rushed towards Kumari:Kumari!
Kum:Danny,you woke up early?If you had taken bath you could have joined me in doing puja.
D:I have no interest in 4 a.m puja.
Kum:Then why did you wake up?
D:How can I not wake up?You are singing so loudly?
Kum:You are ridiculing me as if I was singing film songs purposefully to wake you up.I was praying.
D:No need to pray so loudly.God can hear lour voice also.God even understands silence.So need to sing loudly.You spoiled my sleep.I told you many times that this is not your village to do puja so early.This is city.For God sake don’t sing bhajans so loudly and wake up our neighbours too.Here there are no villagers to tolerate it.
Kum:Are you ridiculing me?Actually you are ridiculing my Kumud didi also.
D:When did I ridicule Kumud didi?

Kum:You were indirectly ridiculing us by pointing out that we are from Village.Kumud didi is also from my village.If you have problem with village girls why did you come after me?I saw you only as Saras jeejaji’s crazy brother.But you trapped me in your love.
D:What did you say?That I am crazy?
Kum:Yes,you are crazy.always crazy.
D:You say I trapped you?
Kum:Yes.By saying sweet romantic words you made me fall for you.
D:If you have fallen for me that is your foolishness.
Kum:You called me fool?How dare you?

D:Oh..this girl..and by the way I did’nt say anything against Kumud Bhabhi.Kumud bhabhi is not like you.She is so understanding that she does puja silently without disturbing anyone.Not like you who disturbs own husband’s sleep.
Kum:Hey…I did’nt sing bhajan to disturb your sleep.I was only singing bhajan to pray.And when you proposed me itself I had told you that I have this habit and I can’t change that.That time you did’nt have any problem with that and now why do you have problem with that?
D:Because i did’nt know that you were so serious about it.
Kum:If you knew that I was serious about that would you have decided not to marry me?
D:Oh Kumari..please stop this immature talk.

Kum:You find me immature?I know…you would have stopped liking me.
Kumari burst into tears.Danny was shocked.Her pain hurt him:Kumari..
Kum:Why are you scolding me Danny?
Danny:For such a silly thing you are crying?
Kum:Danny…I fell in love with you seeing your jovial nature..your jokes.But when you fight with me I can’t bear it.
Danny felt guilty and cupped her face in his hands:I am sorry Kumari.You know that I love sleeping.I can’t sacrifice sleep even if I sacrifice my life.So when my sleep gets disturbed i lose my control.You know that only when I lose sleep i get angry. I promise that I will not fight with you again.Don’t cry baby.

He held her closer caressing her and consoling.

Kum:So you won’t scold me again?
Kum:That means I can sing bhajans loudly at early morning?
Danny said in his mind:I have to say yes.Otherwise she will become a cry baby and eat my head again.
D:Yes Kumari.Whenever you wish you do puja and sing bhajans loudly.
Kum:So sweet of you Danny.
They smiled at each other.

Saras was sleeping on the bed.Kumud sat near him.He held her hand and got up.He opened his eyes slowly and saw her face.He smiled.
Saras:Kumud…I saw your face first as soon as I opened my eyes.If the day starts with seeing your face it will be very beautiful for sure as you are my lucky charm Kumud.
She smiled sweetly.He caressed her face romantically.She blushed.Slowly she closed her eyes in the romantic feeling.

Saras placed her on the bed and he came above her.They shared a passionate eye lock.

He embraced her.
Actually it was Danny.

Suddenly Saras heard Danny’s cry:Leave me Saras bhaiyya…
Saras opened his eyes and saw Danny in his arms.
Saras left him immediately.
D:Why are you hugging me so tightly Saras bhaiyya?It was so painful.
Saras was embarrassed.They saw Kumud staring at them.
D:Because of Kumari’s puja I woke up very early.So I thought to come here to say Good Morning to bhaiyya.But he was sleeping and pulled me to bed.Must bhaiyya is an wild animal in his are you managing Saras bhaiyya?
Kumud smiled.Saras was embarrassed.
D:I am going.Who knows whether he will attack me again?
Kumud controlled herself from laughing.As soon as Danny left Kumud sat near Saras.
K:Saras,what was all this?Why did you behave like that with Danny?
S:Oh..I thought it was you.I was dreaming of you.

Kumud hid her blush.
K:What were you dreaming?
Saras smiled:We both were romancing on bed.But actually it was Danny.I realized it very late.
Kumud burst into laughter.Saras too smiled seeing her laughter.

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