Laal Ishq FF – MATSH, SNS, YHM, Swararagini, Saraswatichandra Part 7

Laal Ishq..Red Love…Part 7

Dedicated to Aanahat who wants a scene on Gohem in a locked room.Dedicated to divyaruhi who wants Ishra rain dance.

Shravan cried:Will you ever forgive me Vidya?
Vidya wiped her tears.
Shr:I know that you can never forgive me.We will get separated at this moment.It is my fate.
Shravan tried to walk away.Suddenly Vidya held his hand.
V:How can you just walk away leaving me Shravan?We did saath phere to be with each other,not to leave each other.

Aaj agar milan ki raat hoti
Jaane kya baat hoti
To kya baat hoti

Shravan was stunned:Vidya..
Vidya cupped his face in her hands and shed tears.

V:I love you Shravan.I can’t live without you.For your mother I am willing to lose anything.

Sunte hain jab pyaar ho toh
Diye jal uthte hain
Tan mein, mann mein, aur nayan mein
Diye jal uthte hain

Shravan cried:Thank you so much Vidya.You are so selfless.No one will make such a big sacrifice.I love you.

Aaja piya aaja
Aaja piya aaja ho..
Naa ja piya aaja
He embraced her.Both wept.

Teri hi tere hi liye, jalte diye
Bitani tere saaye mein, saaye mein
Zindagani bitani tere saaye mein, saaye mein

The rain poured upon them heavily.They both looked at each other passionately.

Kabhi kabhi..
Kabhi kabhi aise diyon se
Lag bhi jaati aag bhi

He could see her tears even in heavy rain drops.He wiped her tears with his lips.

Dhule dhule se aanchalon pe
Lag hain jaate raag bhi
Hain viraano mein badalte
Dekhe mann ke baag bhi

They saw a cottage near by and ran inside.
Seeing the wet Vidya he walked towards her.She pulled him closer passionately.

Sapno mein shringar ho to
Diye jal uthte hain

He moved towards her nose and rubbed his with hers romantically.

Khwahishon ke aur sharam ke
Diye jal uthte hain

He moved towards her lips.

Aaja piya aaja teri hi, tere hi liye
Jalte diye..
Bitani tere saaye mein, saaye mein

She was so shy that she turned back leaning against the wall.He stood close to her pampering her earlobe with his lips.

Mera nahin..
Mera nahin hai woh diya jo
Jal raha hai mere liye

She blushed tilting her head to a side.

Meri taraf kyun ye ujaale
Aaye hain inko rokiye

He moved towards her rosy cheeks.

Yoon begaani roshni mein
Kab talak koi jiye

She fell on his chest.He caressed her romantically.

Saanson mein jhankaar ho to
Diye jal uthte hain
Jhanjharon mein kangano mein
Diye jal uthte hain

They melted in each other’s passionate love and became one.

Aaja piya hmmm…
Jalte diye
Bitani tere saaye mein, saaye mein
Zindagani bitani tere saaye mein, saaye mein
Saaye mein saaye tere..

After some time they smiled at each other lying in each other’s arms.

Saaye mein saaye tere..
Saaye mein.. bitani Zindagani..
– Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

They went back to Suryavanshi house holding each other’s hands and smiling at each other.
Gaura:Why did you guys become so late?
Shravan and Vidya became shy.Vidya ran to their room.
Gaura:Shravan…Am I doubt correct?Did you both..?
Shravan blushed:Yes dadi.
Gaura was very happy:Ambe Maa.
Dharam came.
Shr:I told the truth to Vidya.
Dharam and Gaura were shocked..also tensed.

Shr:Vidya loves me a lot.Even after hearing the truth she accepted me.
Dharam and Gaura were surprised.
D:Vidya is your luck.She is a gem.Always keep her happy.
Shravan thought:How can I always keep her happy?I am going to snatch her biggest happiness helplessly.
Gaura:With Ambe Maa’s blessing everything is going to be fine.
Gaura went near Vidya.
G:Vidya…you may be angry with all of us.But it’s because of the circumstance we are doing this.Please forgive us.
V:Don’t say anything dadi.I understand and that’s why I am willing for it.
Gaura smiled.

Raman picked up Ishita from her hospital and they reached their compound.They got out of the car.
Rain was falling heavily on them.
Ishita:Raman…did you take the umbrella?I forgot to take it.
Raman:I also forgot.Never expected rain at this time.
Ishi:We will run fast to our house.There is no other option.
Ishita and raman tried to run towards their house.Suddenly Ishita slipped because of the slippery wet ground.Suddenly Raman held her.They shared a romantic eye lock.

Raman cupped her face in his arms:Ishita..are you alright?Your leg did’nt get sprained.Right?
Ishi:I am alright Raman.You saved me from falling on correct time.

Raman:It’s better not to run.It is dangerous. are right.We will walk.
She tried to walk.Suddenly he held her hand.Ishita looked at him.
Raman:Anyways we have drenched.Why don’t we get wet more?
With a cute dimpled smile Raman winked his eye at her.She smiled.They came towards each other and started dancing with each other.

( Saanson Ko Saanson Mein Dhalne Do Zara )…(2)
Dheemi Si Dhadkan Ko Badne Do Zara
Lamhon Ki Guzarish Hai Ye, Paas Aa Jayein
Hum, Hum Tum, Tum,Hum Tum
Aankhon Mein Humko Utarne Do Zara
Baanhon Mein Humko Pighalne Do Zara
Lamhon Ki Guzarish Hai…Hum Tum
Saanson Ko…
-Hum tum

After rain dance they both went back home.They changed their wet clothes and went to sleep.

Kumud brought some snacks for Saras:See..I made hot snacks for you.
Saras:Why late night hot snacks?
Kum:Because you love having hot snacks while there is rain.
Saras:Right.But now it’s night.So I’m not in a mood to have hot snacks.
Saras moved closer to her and looked at her passionately.
S:At night when there is cool rain I am in a mood to have something else.
She blushed:What is that?
He moved his finger from her forehead to chin passionately giving her goose bumps and asked her:Really you don’t know what I want now?
She pushed him shyly.
Kum:First you have the snacks I made.Then we will think about it.Otherwise my hard work to prepare them will go in vein.
Saras pulled her closer:Ok.I will have it.But first you tell me..after having snacks what will you think about?I mean you said something like we will think about it later..Tell naa..what were you saying?
Kumud pushed him with a naughty smile:Saras..I told you to have snacks.
She brought the plate of snacks near him.He took one and showed it to her.
S:Shall we have it together?
She blushed.He bit one side and Kumud bit it’s other side.They started eating it from each side.The size of the snack became so tiny that when they tried to bite it their lips met each other’s.

Kuch na kahein, bas chup rahein

The shy Kumud tried to move away.But Saras pulled her closer.

Khamoshiyan hi keh jaaye

S:Your lips are not clean,small particles of snacks are stuck on your lips.So I will clean your lips.
Before she could move he cleaned her lips with his lips.

Tham jaaye, yeh jahaan

They shared a passionate eye lock.

Aur pal bhi, theher jaaye

She rested on his chest smiling.

Rahein na kuch bhi darmiyaan

Mitey yeh saari duriyaan

He held her closer with a romantic smile.

Milke bhi hain adhuri si,

Yeh daastaan…

A baby with glowing eyes…some hands were holding the baby.Suddenly Ishita opened her eyes.
Ishi:I saw that dream Raman.
Raman:That baby whom you see in every dream?
Ishi:Yes.I was holding that baby.

Raman:Why are you always dreaming of that baby?
Ishi:I don’t know Raman.I know it’s strange.But I am always seeing that baby in my dream.
Raman:Forget it Ishita.You are seeing so many babies.Then why only this baby is haunting you.
Ishi:I have no idea.But something is there in this baby.
Raman held her closer and caressed her.

Ho Kabhi Kam Na Ho Ye hai Chaahatein
Pal Pal Badhe ye hai Mohabbatein

Slowly Ishita fell asleep on his shoulder.

Raman made her lie down

and covered her with the blanket
and smiled looking at her sleep peacefully.

Raman:You are so different Madrasan.

Ho Kabhi Kam Na Ho Ye hai Chaahatein
Pal Pal Badhe ye hai Mohabbatein

Shagun was cooking in the kitchen.
Manoj:Why suddenly you are busy with cooking?
Shagun:Manoj…did you forget?Today Anjali is coming back after excursion.So I’m preparing her favourite food.
Manoj:How can I forget our Anjali’s return date.We both will go to school together and pick her up.
Shagun:She will be so happy to see us together.
Sha:Manoj..we should’bt have allowed her to go for excursion.I miss her very badly.
Manoj caressed her face:Shagun..I too miss her very much.But she is a kid like her classmates and she also wishes to enjoy with her friends.We need to understand it.Right?
Sha:Ya..but it’s difficult to be away from Anjali.
Manoj:ya..i know Shagun.

Manoj and Shagun picked up Anjali.Shagun hugged Anjali.
Sha:My Princess..I missed you.
Anjali:I missed you too mumma.Though I have many friends you are my best friend.
Shagun became emotional:My baby..
She kissed anjali.
Manoj extended his arms towards Anjali:Anjali beta..
Anjali ran towards Manoj and hugged him:Papa..
They were very happy.
Shagun:Anjali..Shall we go home?I have made your favourite dishes.
Anjali was excited:Really?
Anj:Wow mumma.You are the best mumma in the world.
Shagun hugged Anjali:And you are the best daughter in the world.

Danny rang up Kumari:Kumari..get ready.We will go on a date.
Kumari:Sure Danny.
Kumari you will be surprised to see me.I know that you are sad about me being a complete villager.But today I will break my image.That’s why I shopped a modern dress for myself.
She wore a blue short dress.Danny reached home.He was so shocked that he kept staring at her.
D:Kumari…this dress…
Kum:Simple.I bought it from the textile shop.How do I look?
She was very happy.
Kum:Shall we go out Danny?I have prepared food for us to eat on the way as hotel food is not good for our health.
D:Ok you wish.Since you are a good cook I have no problem with sacrificing outside fast food.
They smiled.
Danny took her to a park which was decorated with big balloons.
Kum:So sweet Danny.I loved it.
She walked towards the balloons and slipped.Danny held her.
D:Kumari..why did you wear high heels when you are not used to wearing it.
Kum:Who said I am not comfortable with it?I’m fine with high heel shoes.
She struggled hard to walk and kept the food items she packed on the grass.Danny held her hand and helped her to walk.
D:I will hold your hand.
She felt embarrassing.But she pretended to be not.
Kum:Danny,you want to hold my hands and walk.Right?So romantic.
He smiled.
Danny said in her mind:I love to walk holding your hands.But now I am holding your hand as you are uncomfortable in high heeled shoes.
She was so uncomfortable in her dress that she tried to pull the sleeves up to cover her bare shoulders and pull the dress down to cover her bare knees.Danny noticed it.
D:Kumari,I know that you are not comfortable in these dresses.Then why did you wear it?Tell..
Kumari became dull:Danny..but you wanted me t o wear modern dresses.Right?
D:Nothing like that Kumari.I want you to wear what you like.To impress me you don’t need to wear short dress.Because I am already impressed.I love you as you are.I like the traditional Village girl Kumari more.
She asked like an innocent girl:Really?
He smiled:Yes.
She embraced him all of a sudden.He embraced her back.
They had juice together cheering each other.They chatted and had home cooked food together.

Gopi was struggling hard to open the door of the bedroom.Ahem:what happened Gopi?
G:The door is not opening Ahemji.I think somebody closed it by mistake thinking that we have gone out.
G:All have gone out for cinema.They had told me about it.I was not in a mood to go.
Ah:Ya..they told me also.I told them that we are going out.
G:What?Why did you tell them like that?
Ah:I purposefully cancelled the cinema plan as I wanted to spend some time alone with you by going out.
Gopi was stunned:Ahemji..that’s why they all thought that we went out.Since we were silent they confirmed that we are not here and so they locked the room and went out.
Ah:Ya.Because of that we can’t go out.
Suddenly Ahem stared at Gopi passionately.Gopi became shy.

Baahar Se Koi Andar Na Aa Sake
Andar Se Koi Baahar Na Jaa Sake
Socho Kabhi Aisa Ho To Kya Ho…

Ah:I wanted to go out to spend time with you alone.Now since no one is here and we are locked inside we can enjoy here also.
Gopi smiled.
He walked towards her.She blushed.

Hum Tum Ek Kamre Mein Band Ho,
Aur Chaabi Kho Jaaye

He kept his arms on her shoulders.

She tilted her head to a side due to shyness.

Hum Tum Ek Kamre Mein Band Ho,

Aur Chaabi Kho Jaaye

He carried her in his arms.

Tere Nainon Ki Bhoolbhulaiya
Mein Bobby Kho Jaaye

They shared a romantic passionate eye lock.

Hum Tum Ek Kamre Mein Band Ho,
Aur Chaabi Kho Jaaye -Bobby

Meera went near Dharam.
Dharam:Hi Meera…Model exams are nearing.Studying well?I know that you are studying well and I am confident that you will do the exams well.

M:Yes Dharam.
Dharam was stunned:What did you call me?
Dharam could’nt believe it.
D:Why are you calling me like that?
M:Your name is Dharam.Then what else should I call you?
D:I am your professor and your sister’s father in law.How can you call me by my name?
M:I have decided to call you the way I used to call you years back.
D:Years back?
M:Leave that Dharam.I came to tell you an important thing.Till now I suppressed my emotions.But I think now I have to reveal my feelings.
D:What are you planning to say Meera?
M:I love you Dharam.
Dharam was shocked:Are you mad Meera?I am your professor and your sister’s father in law.Are you not ashamed to say this to me?Have some shame.
M:Again the same dialogue that you are my professor and my sister’s father in law and I am your student etc etc…So what Dharam?You are a human being.I have the right to love a human being.Right?So I love you.That’s it.
D:You have lost it completely Meera.I am married.Durga is my wife.
M:Durgaji is missing.You don’t know whether she is dead or alive.
D:We know where she is and very soon we will bring her back.
Meera was hurt.But she was not willing to accept defeat.
M:Whether Durgaji comes back or not I don’t care.
Because I know that you love only me.
Dharam was stunned:Meera…
M:I know that you love me a lot Dharam.When your twin brother Mihir died,your mother Gaura forced you to marry Mihir’s widow Durga who was pregnant.Still you did’nt agree to marry Durga as you loved me truly.But when I lost my life in the accident your mother succeeded in getting you married to Durgaji through emotional blackmailing.But I am sure that you never loved Durga.Because you can love only me.
Dharam was shocked:Meera!
M:I am Taani..your Taani..
Dharam was shocked.

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