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Laal Ishq…Red Love… Season2 part2

Dedicated to Shabnampatel and suman who want more PreeRan scenes.Dedicated to Mansi who wants a long MiMi scene.Sorry Mansi for not making it that long as I had to write scenes on other couples too.

Karan:I am Karan only.You are not dreaming.
Preeta could’nt believe it:Karan in my hospital room?
Karan:Actually my Dadi is sick.It’s emergency.Please save her.She had heart attack.
Preeta was shocked.
Karan:Heard that you are the best heart surgeon.Please save my dadi.
Preeta:Relax.Where is dadi?
Dadi was brought in the wheel chair.
Preeta checked her.
Preeta:Her heart is very weak.A surgery is needed soon.
Karan:Ok…no problem.Just want my dadi healthy.

Preeta:Pray well.It’s in God’s hands.
Karan nodded emotionally.

Preeta did Dadi’s surgery.
Preeta came to Karan:A happy news.Operation is successful.
Karan was very happy:Thank you so much Dr.Preeta.

Karan met Dadi and hugged her after she regained consciousness.
Preeta:How do you feel now Dadi?
Dadi:Feeling better.Thank you so much doctor.
Preeta:Please both of you don’t call me doctor.Call me Preeta.
Karan Dadi smiled. need to take care of your diet.
Karan:I always tell this to dadi.
Dadi:Let me enjoy my life.And I will have long life for sure as I need to be with my Karan.

Preeta smiled.
Dadi:Karan got scared.
Karan:I have only dadi.
Preeta:Don’t worry Karan.Dadi is alright now.
They smiled.
Karan:Dr.Preeta…dadi won’t take care of her health.She won’t listen to me.How can I take care of her?
Karan:Till dadi becomes normal can you please come to our house and take care of her?It will be very helpful then.I will pay double money than you get from this hospital.

Preeta:I don’t need money.But i need something else to agree.
Karan got worried:What’s that?
Preeta:Stop calling me Dr.Preeta and call me only Preeta.Then a selfie with you.
Karan was relieved and smiled:Such a small thing?Of course yes.
Preeta stood near Karan and took selfie.

Preeta informed her parents about working in Karan’s house.
Vishwanath:But is it a right decision leaving hospital and working in their house?

Preeta:Papa…I am not leaving the hospital job.I am just taking leave.It’s a dream to be with Karan.

Madhavi:Are you crazy?We know that you are crazy about Karan.But do you think that just because you work there for some time he will fall in love with you?

Preeta:I don’t expect him to love me mumma.I know that a cricketer like Karan will never love me.He is a star.He will marry only an actress or a glamourous rich girl.But I can atleast be happy spending time with him.Right mumma?Just his presence is there for me to be happy and that’s enough for me.
Vishwa and Madhavi didn’t know how to react.

Geet was carrying lots of files in her hand.So the files slipped out of her hand and fell down.Geet bent down to take it.Suddenly he saw Maan too on the floor with her taking files from the floor.Their eyes and hands touched each others.

Mahi…Mahi…Mahi…Mahi…(GHSP MG music).

They both took all files from the floor.
Maan:Geet. …there are so many files.If you carry all the files together naturally the files will fall down.Right?
Geet was embarrassed :Sorry sir.
Maan:It’s ok.
Geet thought:It’s surprising that Maan sir did’nt get angry.
Geet:Please give me the files sir.
Maan:Why again you want to carry all and drop them down?
Geet was embarrassed :Oh…I am sorry sir.
Maan:Ok.I am also going to the cabin.So I will carry some files.
Geet:But sir…it’s my job.
Maan:But these files are for me.Right?So I can carry them.
They both walked to the cabin with the files.
Maan:Geet…as you know we are celebrating the success of our project.So make arrangements for the party.It should be grand.
Geet:Sure sir.

Shivay’s meeting with his clients was going on near the pool.
Anika thought:This meeting is so boring.I wish it gets over fast.And meeting near pool side.They didn’t get any other place to do the meeting?This Shivani Singh Oberoi is weird.I have heard of pool side parties..but not pool side meetings.My hands and legs are aching due to continuous sitting.Let me walk a bit.
Anika started walking.Suddenly her leg slipped and she fell into the pool.
She screamed:Help…help…
Shivay saw it:Oh no..
He jumped into the pool and carried her in his arms.They looked at each other.

Oh Jaana

Oh Jaana…Oh Jaana
Khoya Khoya Rehta Hai
Dil Dharak Ke Kehta Hai
Tu Mere Jeene Ki Wajah

Oh Jaana…Oh Jaana…

Ishq Hai Aanso
Ishq Hai Nagma
Isqh Sukoon Hai
Rahat Hai…(IB ShivIka song).

Anika thought:Why again I am getting trapped in his eyes’ magical spell?

He brought her out of the pool.
Anika:Thank you sir.
Shivay:If you don’t know swimming why did you jump into the pool and don’t you know that we are here for an important meeting and not for any party?Then why do you jump into the pool?
Ani: Why will I jump into the pool when I don’t know swimming? I did’nt jump Sir.I slipped and fell over there.

Shivay:Whatever because of this my important meeting got interrupted and now I have to continue the meeting in wet clothes.Disgusting.And make sure that you won’t fall sick due to wetness.I won’t permit you to take leave.
Shivay went to continue his meeting.
Anika was angry:I should blame myself for thanking him for saving me.He is a real kadoos.How badly he was yelling at me for my unknown mistake?

Arjun was in the jewellery shop with his best friend Saanjh.
Arj:Dusky…please help me to choose the best ring.
Saanjh:Hey duffer…I am already doing it.
He smiled.

Saanjh chose a heart shaped ring.
Saanjh:How is this ring?
Arjun:Wow…heart shaped ring.It’s the best ring for the occasion.Thank you so much Dusky.I knew that you will choose the best.
She smiled.

A lonely area.Maya got out of her royal car.
She started walking.She was surprised to see the ground filled with rose petals.She followed it and at the end she saw Arjun standing there holding a rose.
Arj:It’s for you Maya.
Maya took it smiling:So sweet.Thank you for this lovely surprise.
Arj:Surprise is not over Maya.
Arjun took out the heart shaped ring from his pocket.
Maya:Wow. ..heart shaped ring…for me?
Arj:Yes for you.It’s not a heart shaped ring.’s my heart for you. I am giving my heart to you Maya.
Maya was surprised.:Arjun…
Arjun: I love you Maya.
He put the ring on her finger.
Maya held him closer with burning romance: I love you too Arjun…

She embraced him from back.He closed his eyes.
Maya:Arjun…when did you fall in love with me?
Arj:At first sight itself Maya.

She blushed:Me too Arjun.But like you I hid it in my heart.
Arj:But now we know each others love and we have become one.
Maya:Yes.Arjun is for Maya and Maya is for Arjun.
They both melted in their romantic embrace.

Suddenly Arjun’s phone rang and he broke the embrace. He attended the call.It was Saanjh.
Saanjh:Did you propose Maya?Did she like the ring?
Arjun:Yes.I proposed.
Arjun held Maya closer and said:And we are together now.Maya loved the ring.
Saanjh smiled:I knew it. I am so happy for you both.
Maya became dull. She thought:Arjun is sharing our private matters with Saanjh.

After the call ended Arjun embraced Maya which made her forget all insecure feelings and felt happy in his arms.

Mihika was wearing a shiny dress and was applying make up.
Anika came:Why this over dressing Mihika?

Mihika:Oh Anika’s special occasion.That’s why.
Anika:What special occasion?
Mihi:Going for a date with Mihir to a grand restaurant.
Ani:But you are just going there to eat.For eating why so much of make up?
Mihi:Oh Anika di…I am going with Mihir.He wants me to be beautiful always.
She blushed.

Mihika:When you fall in love you will understand that.
Anika did’nt care.:Oh…
Seeing Mihika Mihir held her closer:My darlu.
He gave her flowers.
Mihika:So beautiful and fragrant Mihir..
Mihir:Just like you Mihu.
She blushed.
Mihika:Mihir…look at my face.Did you see anything?
He looked at her face.

Mihika:What?You did’nt see anything?Are you blind?
Mihir:You tell me what happened to your face.
Mihika:I put the latest trendy lipstick and eye shadow and you failed to notice it?How could you Mihir?How could you?I did it specially for you.You know that?
Mihir:What?Lipstick and eye shadow?
He thought:When i am with Mihika I should even notice her make up.Otherwise she will make fuss.
Mihir:Hey Mihu…your face is glowing with make up.You look so pretty.
Mihika smiled:Really?
Mihir:Yes dear.
He held her closer romantically.

He thought:Just give compliments for her beauty.She will be fine.
Mihir Mihika had food and had fun in the restaurant.

Then they clicked selfies there.

Geet kept tea on Maan’s table.
Maan who was reading a file took the tea cup in his left hand to drink it.But it was so hot that his hand was getting burnt.He kept it back on the table immediately.
Geet saw his his palm pink.
Geet:Oh Sir…
She poured water in the glass near by and dipped his hand in it.
Maan was staring at Geet.
G:Are you feeling better now?
Maan who was lost in Geet nodded silently.
G:Means still it’s not ok?
Maan was silent.
She took off his hand from the water and started blowing air at his palm.
Maan felt nice.


Geet:Now how do you feel Sir?
Maan:I felt nice.
He said romantically.
Geet did’nt understand it.
G:Means your palm is better?
Maan looked at her deeply:Ya.

Geet smiled.
M:Geet…you will make a caring wife.
Geet smiled painfully.
She thought:Only lucky girls can become somebody’s wife.

Advay followed Chandni to the library secretly.Chandni was looking for a book.
Advay:It’s the best opportunity to impress her.

Advay went near her:Hey Chandni..are you looking for any book?
Chand:In the library we will be searching for books only.
Advay:Ya. Which book do you want?Love story?
Chand:Oh no..this is college library.Here we come to take books for assignment.Your assignments are done by Lavanya.Right?So you won’t know that.
Advay was embarrassed.
He thought:Why all my attempts to impress her are failing?
Advay:Anyways tell me which book you want.
Chandni:Business studies.
Advay thought:I saw this book with Lavanya.
Adv:Trust me.I will get you the book you want.

Chand:I can’t believe it.
Adv:Believe it when I give you the book.
He rushed to Lavanya.He saw her holding the book.He snatched it from her.
La:What are you doing?
Adv:Sorry dear.I need this to give it to Chandni.
Lavanya’s face became dull.
Advay rushed to Chandni with the book.
Adv:Take this book.
She was surprised :Thank you so much Advay.I never thought that you will be able to help me.

Advay smiled:Call me if you need any help.
She smiled.
Adv:Now you believe me?
She smiled:Yes.

He smiled.
Chand:Where is Lavanya?You guys are love birds who usually hang around with each other.
Advay thought:If she thinks that we are lovers she will never fall for me.
Adv:Lavanya and I broke up.We are only friends now.
Chandni was shocked :Break up?Why?

Adv:We don’t suit each other.
Lavanya who came there heard it and became upset.
Advay saw that and his face became dull.

Lavanya was sitting alone.Advay came near her.
She was silent.
He thought:Guess Lavanya is really hurt with me lying to Chandni about our break up.I need to console her.

Lavanya suppressed her pain and said:Yes Advay…
Advay cupped her face in his arms:You got hurt?I am sorry La. I had to lie to Chandni to win the challenge.Please don’t be upset.I belong to you.
Lavanya smiled emotionally.
They shared an emotional eye lock.

Raman dressed up well and looked at the mirror.
Raman:Wow Raman Kumar Bhalla.You look handsome.

His mother Santhoshi Bhalla and sister Simi came.
Santhoshi:You are handsome Puttar.I have no doubt about it.But why girls are not falling for your looks?
Raman was embarrassed.
Simmi ridiculed him:Guess bhai is not handsome enough for the girls to fall in love with him.

Raman got irritated:Who said girls are not interested in my looks?Girls are after me.But I reject them as I want a beautiful doctor as my wife.
Santhoshi:I know you want a doctor.But you met many doctors.But you are complaining that the beautiful doctors are not capable and good doctors are not beautiful.
Simmi:Bhai…could’nt you find a beautiful doctor yet?
Raman:What to do?I did’nt find anyone.
Suddenly Raman was reminded of ishita and his moments with her.
Slowly a smile appeared on her face.
Raman:Yes..I found a beautiful doctor.
Santhoshi and Simmi were surprised:Really?
Santhoshi:Then introduce her to me.
Raman:What?I just met her.We are not a couple. Then how can I introduce her to you bith?
Simmi:Right.What if she rejects you.
Raman got irritated:Simmi..
Santhoshi and Simmi laughed.

Ishita wore a grand Saree and jewellery. Mihika came:You look gorgeous di. But where are you going in this Saree?

Ishita:I am going for the wedding reception of my patient Naina.She used to be my clinic’s usual visitor and thus we became friends.She is getting married to her long time lover Raghav.

Mihika:Ok.Enjoy the party dear.

Ishita was driving her car to the party venue.Raman’s car was near her.But both did’nt notice each other.
Ishita reached the party Venue.
Raghav Naina were grandly dressed.
Ishita went near them and greeted them.Ishita and Naina hugged each other.
Naina:Thank you so much for coming here Dr.Ishita.
Ishi:It’s my pleasure Naina.
Naina introduced Ishita to Raghav.
Naina:This is Dr.Ishita.
Raghav:Oh..I have heard about you.Happy to meet you.
Ishi:Pleasure meeting you and wish you a happy married life.
Raghav Naina smiled:Thank you so much Dr.Ishita.

Ishita walked away leaving other guests to greet the couple.Suddenly she bumped into someone and got surprised to see him.It was Raman.

Raman:Raman Kumar Bhalla.Not Ravan Kumar Bhalla.
Ishita smiled:And I am Ishita..not Jhansi or Rani.

Raman and Ishita burst into laughter.

Ho Kabhi Kam Na Ho Ye hai Chaahatein

Pal Pal Badhe ye hai Mohabbatein (x2)(YHM song).

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