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Laal Ishq…Red Love… Season2 Part1

Madhavi kept break fast on the table.Her husband Vishwanath came.
Vishwa:Madhavi..please make the breakfast ready.I have to go to office.

Madhavi:Who is stopping you to go to office?Breakfast is already ready.You open your eyes and see.
Vishwanath was embarassed.
Their daughters Geet,Chandni,Preeta,Anika and Ishita came.
Anika:Mumma…what’s the break fast?
Madhavi:Aloo paratha. favourite.
She started eating it.
Ishita:Mumma…you are always making Anika’s favourite breakfast.Not mine.
Madhavi:Stop it.Yesterday I made only your favourite breakfast.You forgot that so fast.

Preeta:Anika…don’t eat oily food.It’s not healthy.
Anika:Preeta..I agree that you are a doctor.So you are health conscious.But don’t try to control my diet.
Geet was eating slowly.
Ishita:Geet…you are really conscious of your weight.See how slow you are at eating.
Geet:Not because of that.I am tensed about the work I did.My boss Maan Sir gave me a work to do.I did it.But I doubt if I did it properly.Thinking of it I am not able to swallow properly.
Chandni:Don’t worry di.I am sure that you have done a good job.
Geet:I hope so.
Geet prayed:Babaji…please save me from that Dusht Danav Maan Sir.
Their cousin Mihika who stays there came for breakfast.
Madhavi:You are very late.
Mihika:I am sorry Mami.

Ishita:You take so much of time to bath.
Mihika:So what?I need to be clean.
Everyone laughed.
Vishwanath:Enough.Let Mihika eat.Eat Mihika beta.

Mihika:Thank you Mamaji.
Mihika looked at Anika:Anika…eat fast.Don’t forget yourself in food.It’s your first day in office.Don’t forget that.
Anika:Oh no…don’t spoil my mood to eat food.
Mihika:What the!

Chandni and Mihika went to college.Geet went to office.Anika went to her new office.Ishita went to her Dental clinic.Preeta went to hospital.

Geet submitted her work to Maan.Maan opened it and went through it.Geet was tensed.
Maan stared at her.Geet started shivering.
She thought:Dusht Dhanav is staring at me with his big eyes.At least can’t he stop rolling his fire like eye balls?
Maan smiled:Good job Geet.You did it well.
Geet was surprised.

Geet:Really Sir?
Maan:Yes.No doubt.
Geet was very happy:Thank you Sir.
Maan smiled:I knew that you will do it well.That’s why I entrusted this work to you.
Geet smiled.
Suddenly Geet felt irritation in his eyes.Her eyes became wet.She started rubbing it.

Maan:What happened Geet?Why are you crying?
Geet:I am not crying Sir.Some dust went inside my eyes.

Maan:Don’t worry.
Maan came closer to Geet.She was shivering.
He held her face and Geet became bumb.
She became nervous.She thought:Hey babaji….what is he trying to do?
Maan blew air at her eyes.


Maan:Now are you feeling better?
Geet smiled slowly:Yes Sir.Now my eyes have become normal.Thank you very much.
He smiled.
Geet:Can I go?

Maan:Ok sure.
Geet turned back and started walking.Suddenly Maan called her:Geet!
Geet turned back.
Maan came closer to her.Again Geet became nervous.
She thought:What is he upto?
Maan:Your earring had fallen down.I picked it up from the floor.
She was relieved.He made her wear the earring.
She felt a strange sensation when his finger rubbed her ear unknowingly.

Mahive Mahi….Mahive Mahi…

Geet became shy.She looked at Maan:Thank you Sir.
He smiled:Ok.Now you can go.
She went out of his cabin.
She thought:Maan Sir is not a Dusht Dhanav like I thought.He screams only at the people who are slack at work.

Ishita was in her clinic.
A patient came inside.
Ishita:Your name please.
He:Raman Kumar Bhalla.
Ishi:Oh Ravan Kumar Bhalla..
He got angry:You Jhansi Ki Rani.Why did you call me Ravan Kumar?My name is Raman Kumar Bhalla.
Ishita was embarrassed:Oh I am sorry.My tongue got twisted.But why did you call me Jhansi Ki Rani?Do I look like the Queen Jhansi?Or you thought my name is Jhansi or Rani?My name is Ishita.

ye khatti meethi takraar hai ya pyaar

yeh rootha roothi ye khatti meethi

Raman murmured:You think you look like a Queen?My Foot!
Raman faked tongue too got twisted.

saath saath rehna hai roothna manaana hai

yeh kaisi hai ladaai

Ishita Raman giggled.

ek dor kheenchey hai ek dor baandhey hai

Ishi:Ok…What’s your problem?
He:Tooth pain.
She checked it.
Ishita:Don’t sweet too many sweets ok.It’s highly infected.
Raman:There is only one life.How can we sacrifice sweets?
Ishita felt like laughing.

hoti nahi hai judaai

Ishita started doing cleaning.
Raman felt pain:Ahhh..can’t you do it properly?
Ishi:I am doing it properly.But your tooth is highly infected.That’s why it’s hurting you.Please be patient.Everything will be alright.
ek duje se hai shikayatein

phir bhi sang hai yeh hai mohabbatein

She continued cleaning.
After some time it was completed.
Ishi:You will be uncomfortable for some time.But later you will be fine.
Raman:Ok Doctor….
Ishi:Ishita.Not Jhansi or Rani…And try to avoid too many sweeta Ra…

Raman:Raman Kumar Bhalla..not Ravan…
They both giggled.

ek duje se hai shikayatein

phir bhi sang hai yeh hai mohabbatein (YHM title song).

Advay was romancing a hot girl. look so hot.
La:Yes I am very hot.That’s why all boys are mad about me.

You too are very hot darlu.But only I will fall for you.No other girl fits you.That’s your draw back.
Ad:What the!You think I am less hotter than you?No way.
La:Then I challenge.I will show you a girl.You should woo that girl and make her completely in love with you.

Ad:Ok done.You wait and see.That girl will forget herself in her love for me.
La:Let’s see.
College students were entering the compound.Chandni too entered.
La:She is the girl you have to woo.
Lavanya Advay smiled.

Adv:But which girl?There are so many girls.
La:Chandni.You have to woo her.
Lavanya smirked:What happened Advay Singh Raizada?You can’t woo her?
Ad:But she is Chandni.The most decent girl in our class.She is not interested in romance.
La:Right.But that’s your challenge.You should make the unromantic girl like Chandni fall for you.
Ad:Ok..I take up your challenge.
Advay moved towards Chandni and without her knowledge he hit her leg slightly making her lose balance.She was falling down.Suddenly Advay held her by her waist.Both slipped down.Advay was on top of Chandni.

They shared an eye lock.

Rabba ve ….

Chandni:What is this?Please get up.
Adv:Oh sorry.

Both got up.
He thought:Oh..I tried to impress her by catching her from falling down.But instead she got angry with me for falling over her.Oh my God.
Chandni walked off.
Advay winked at Lavanya.Lavanya giggled:I know that you did’nt get into her good books.You have to try more.
Ad:Don’t tease me.One day she will be even willing to die for me.
Lavanya:Ok.Show me that.
Ad:Sure.Wait and watch.

Somebody pulled Mihika.She blushed seeing him.
Mihir caressed her face making her blush more.
Mihir:Your skin is so soft,I love touching it.
Mihika:My skin is soft as I bath daily with cucumber,curd and turmeric.
Mihir thought:What?Her bath is so complicated.

Mihir:Let’s go for dance rehearsal for the Talent’s show.
They both went for dance rehearsal and danced together enjoying it.

Anika entered her office.She bumped into someone.
He looked at her.Unknowingly their eyes got locked onto each others.

Oh Jaana

Oh Jaana…Oh Jaana
Khoya Khoya Rehta Hai
Dil Dharak Ke Kehta Hai
Tu Mere Jeene Ki Wajah

Anika thought:His eyes are so attractive.I can’t take my eyes off his intoxicated eyes..

Oh Jaana…Oh Jaana…

He:Can’t you walk properly?He hit me.
Anika got irritated:Hey..I did’nt hit you.It happened by mistake.In fact we both hit each other.
He:You are blaming me?Oh…
Anika:It’s useless to talk to you.
She walked away.
He thought:Who is she?What is she doing here?

Anika entered her Boss’ cabin.
Anika:Good Morning sir.
He turned back and looked at her:Good Morning…
Both were shocked to see each other.
He:I am Shivay Singh Oberoi.
Anika was shocked:So you are Shivay Singh Oberoi?My Boss?
Shivay was shocked:I am your boss?
Anika:Yes.I was selected to be your PA.

Shivay:Oh My God!Stupid Rudra chose you as my PA?How will I tolerate you?
Anika:Hey..he did’nt choose me simply.He chose me seeing my performance in the interview.
Shivay:I know.That will be the only reason I will be keeping you here as my PA.If you don’t work well I will throw you out.
Anika thought:Oh Kadoos.
Shivay gave her work.
Ani:This much work?
Shivay:Are you here to work or to party?If you want to be here you need to work hard.Understand?
Anika nodded:Yes.

Shivay:Now go and start your work immediately.
Anika hurried to start her work.

At night…

Preeta was watching cricket match on TV.Her eyes were only on the Cricketer Karan.
Preeta:Karan…you are my biggest crush,When will i meet you in real?I can’t wait for that moment.
Preeta felt that Karan was near her.She was excited.
Karan cupped her face in his arms:I am here for you Preeta.
She blushed.

He held her hand and started dancing.

Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho Saari Jannatein Mere Saath Ho… (2)
Tu Jo Paas Ho Phir Kya Yeh Jahaan Tere Pyar Mein Ho Jaaun Fanaa
Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho Saari Jannatein Mere Saath Ho
Tu Jo Paas Ho Phir Kya Yeh Jahaan Tere Pyar Mein Ho Jaaun Fanaa
Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho Saari Jannatein Mere Saath Ho(Fanaa).

Suddenly she got embarrassed realizing that it was only her imagination.

Maya entered her cabin.She was surprised to see Arjun with a cake.
Arjun sang:Happy birthday Maya…
She smiled.
Arjun:Blow the candle Maya.
Maya:I will.But you should blow it along with me.
Arj:Are you sure?Because it’s your birthday.
Maya:But my birthday will complete only if you join me.
He smiled:Ok.
They blew out the candle together.

She cut the cake and put a piece in his mouth.
Arjun fed her cake.She smiled.
Suddenly he put icing all over her face.
He laughed:Hey Maya…you look funny now.

Slowly she too laughed.
M:Thank you Arjun for making my birthday special.

He smiled.

The next day….

Preeta was in her hospital.Somebody got inside her room.She could’nt believe her eyes.
Preeta:Karan!Am I dreaming or is it real?

Lavanya is played by Devoleena.

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