Laal Ishq 14th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Bunty’s Soul Doesn’t Let Any Girl Near Nirmal

Laal Ishq 14th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

An old man opens his shop in the morning and his shocked to see his employee hanging to fan. He calls watchman who shouts Kavitha hanged herself. Reporter Komal hosts sari wearing competition and introduces its participants. She is surprised to see a man participating and asks his name. He says Nirmal Singh. She taunts him. Audience laugh. Komal sees his long little finger nail and taunts he must be finding easy to tie sari with this finger. He reverts back when women can wear men’s clothes, why can’t men help them wear sari. Audience praise him. Komal continues taunting him and starts competition. She stands Nirmal standing silently and asks if he does not want to participate. He moves aside and shows his friend already wearing sari. She is surprised and asks if he finished within

1 minute, he tied sari faster like Nirmala. Nirmal angrily stands. Komal’s dupatta gets stuck into running fan and she suffocates. Nirmal swiftly switches off fan and frees Komal. Everyone clap for him. He imagines Kavita hanging and leaves from there. Komal’s cameraman records everything.

At home, Nirmal cuts his beard without looking himself into mirror. His father while exercising sees Nirmal being portrayed as local hero saving Komal and taunts he behaves like woman, but is garnering praises for men’s bravery. Nirmal hits back that he is a bodybuilder, event then chould not show his machoism and fill grocery in house. Pratap seth (Komal’s father)’s employee comes and informs Nirmal that Pratap seth is calling him. Nirmal goes to Pratap’s house who honors him with a bouquet and 50,000 rs gift for saving his daughter’s life. Komal’s cameraman records video. Nirmal returns money and says his dignity is most important to him than money, he is getting late for work and leaves, reminiscing Komal hanging.

Nirmal reaches his sari shop where owner praises him for his bravery and says nobody were coming to his shop since 2 months after Kavitha hanged herself in shop, now after his bravery news, customers are coming. After sometime, Komal’s mother walks in with Komal and asks him why did not he meet her and left, he should come home once and have her prepared food. He says and asks if she wants to buy sari for herself and daughter. Mother says Komal hates sari and wears shirt pant. Komal wearing pant shirt says sari reveals waist and does not look beautiful. Nirmal says sari makes woman look beautiful. He takes her up and drapes sari around her and says not even a cm of her skin is exposed, this sari differentiates between woman and man, it hides obesity and beautifies slimness, etc. He then sees sari draping over Komal’s neck and someon’s shadow, nervously shouts at her to go down now as her mother is waiting for her. She goes now. Her mother praises that she is looking very beautiful. After a few days, Komal’s mother organizes her photo shoot. Komal sits without wearing sari. Mother calls Nirmaal to drape sari to her. He comes and does, sees evil lady soul and Kavitha hanging in mirror and nervously leaves.

Payal falls in Nirmal’s love and draws heart and nirmal’s name on mirror. Her mother calls her, and she leaves. Blood drips down heart. At night, Nirmal applies nail polish to his little finger. Nirmal fills water in copper heater. His father says he heard Pratap’s daughter has fallen in his love, he should marry her and live lavish life. Nirmal angrily scolds him. Father sees nail polish on long little finger nail and angrily tries to cut it. Nirmal pushes him and says father is doing bodybuilding from his earned money from this little finger by tying saris. Whole night, Nirmal asks a ghost lady to go away from his life. Lady says she will never leave him and not let any woman come near him. Komal comes to meet Nirmal and asks father if Nirmal is at home. He says is at home and was speaking to someone whole night. Nirmal from room shouts to spare him. Payal knocks door. He opens door. Komal walks in and asks why did not he meet him since so many days. He sees lady in mirror and shouts at her to go from here. She expresses her love and says she loves him and says she does not have problem to stay in his house and share his cupboard. She opens cupboard and is shocked to see saris hanging, asks if he has someone else in his life. He says yes and asks her to go. She leaves shattered. He then burns sari shouting to spare him.

Pratap comes to meet Nirmal’s father and asks if some other girl is in Nirmal’s life. Father says no. Pratap fixes Nirmal and Komal’s alliance. At night, evil soul troubles Nirmal that she will not let Nirmal marry anyone else. Next morning, Nirmal informs father that he does not want to risk Komal’s life and says Kavita and Babli got close to him, so Bunty’s evil soul killed them. He reminisces how Kavitha died. After a few days, Komal’s marriage is fixed with collector. During wedding day, she sits without wearing sari. Nirmal reaches and drapes her sari. She asks to tell at least now who is in his life. He says it is man and goes into flashback where his colleague boy Bunty falls into his love and hugs him lustfully from behind. Nirmal pushes him and asks to behave. Next, Bunty wearing bridal sari and desires to marry Nirmal. Nirmal rejects him and says he is a boy and not a girl. Bunty cries a lot, hangs himself taking oath that he will not let any woman come near Nirmal. Out of flashback, Komal asks if he had a boy in his life and kisses his check. Komal sees Bunty in mirror and shouts what did she do. He drapes sari completely around Komal covering her head. Komal disappears. Her parents knock door and open it and are shocked to see Komal missing. They ask what did Nimal do and rush out to search Komal. Nirmal sees Bunty who says Nirmal killed Kavitha, Babli, and now Komal. Nirmal hits his head on mirror breaks it and says now he will end this once for all and kills himself by stabbing mirror piece into his neck.

Precap: Tomorrow’s new story’s promo is shown.

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    I really like the uniqueness and freshness of the story! It’s not a typical horror story!

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