laakhAM : the love story that stole our heart (promo)


the haveli is decorated…everyone is happy…poonam is sitting in an bridal attire in the mandap…the wedding music is playing in the background
pandit : ab var ko bu laiye
phulan : nitya, priyom go and bring RISHI down…

nitya and priyom bring rishi down..he is wearing a traditional attire with sehra on the face…poonam is very upset..she is on the verge of crying

pandit ji : ab phero ke liye khade ho jaiye
they both stand up for the pheras
guddi : pls god don’t do this…poonam can’t live without me brother…and ri..shi…pls don’t do this
wht will happen…will faith take poonam far away from laakhan…or destiny will play another game ?

(sorry guys for the late update i was out of town for my cousin sis’s wedding and my laapy was at home thts y i wasn’t able to update…i’ll update the full episode soon…till then stay in suspense 🙂 )

Credit to: shruti

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  1. good suspense..
    write it soon

    1. thnks 🙂

  2. It was cool one!!!!!!! Waiting for the suspense to open up soon…

    1. thnks 🙂

  3. Wow nice pr plZzzzzzzzzzzzz jaldi likhna

    1. thnks 🙂

  4. are i was checking every day for the update….eagerly waiting for the full update…..hope u enjoyed alot in ur cousin’s marriage….

    1. i enjoyed alot and thnks for asking 😀

  5. Shruti plz next part jldi post kro..
    eagerly waiting for it ..its been alot of days u havn’t posted!!!

  6. Shruti jaldi nxt update likho I can’t wait pls bhut tym bhi ho gya h

  7. Shruti jaldi nxt update likho I can’t wait 🙁

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