laakhAM : the love story that stole our heart (Intro)

hi this is a fan fiction written by me….its a character sketch
LAKHAN BHUSHAN THAKUR : he is the son of begusarai’s king’s brother. he is stone hearted but only has a soft corner for his fiancee poonam with whom his relation was fixed at a age when he was very young. he is fearless and has a macho attitude. he is referred as bailbuddhi. he is very loyal to poonam.

POONAM THAKUR : she is the Daughter of manjita : the friend of begusarai’s king but referred as a servant by many. she is a shy timid girl. she loves studying and has a beautiful voice. she is the fiancee of lakhan thakur and is very scared of him.
PRIYOM PHULAN THAKUR : he is the son of begusarai’s king. he is the cousin of lakhan thakur. he is a Casanova. he is the best friend of both lakhan and poonam. he has many girlfriends and is afraid of commitment.

PHULAN THAKUR : he is the king of begusarai. earlier he was a daket. he is the lord of justice in begusarai and rule the city.
BADDI AMMA : she is the mother of the king of begusrai. she is a fearless lady.

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  1. Waoo thank u so much shruti for this ff
    M die heart fan of lakhAM..
    Thnk u sweetheart ??

    1. wlcm dear………….actually i m also a fan of laakhAM i hve been searching for their ff nd saw tht only few people write about them so i thought i should write about them

  2. wow dear!!thanks for the ff..please write the next laakhAm always and forever

    1. i also love them ♥

  3. I just luv laakhan

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