laakhAM : the love story that stole our heart (Episode 8)

laakhAM romance blossomed in the last few epis here is more……

recap : laakhAM think about each other, guddi’s b’day preps, poonam falls in laakhan’s arms.they share an eyelock

both look intensely in each others eyes. soni comes and says poonam didi. poonam and laakhan break the eyelock laakhan puts poonam down.
poonam : what happened soni ?
soni : mummy is calling u to help her in the kitchen.
poonam : ok……..poonam leaves and laakhan smiles. soni is going laakhan stops her
soni : what happened chachu ?
laakhan : soni call poonam chachi not didi
soni : why ?
laakhan : because i’ll give u chocolates if you did so
soni : ok chachu….soni leaves.
poonam is in the kitchen cutting vegies then a servant comes to her and says badi amma is calling you in the store room. poonam thinks why did badi amma called me in the store room ? she goes to the store room. she sees no one there and is about to leave when someone holds her hand she shouts but the person puts his hand on her mouth…….its laakhan. they both look at each other.
laakhan : i called you here. the servant lied that badi amma called u…i told her to…………….he slides down his hand from her mouth.
poonam : but why did u called me ? (asks innocently)
laakhan : actually i had to give you something
poonam : what ?………….laakhan shows her a packet and says
laakhan : i want you to wear this today………. poonam smiles.
poonam : thnk u
laakhan : apno ko thnk u nhi kehte
poonam shyingly leaves and laakhan smiles.

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  1. I love lakaam .?? Thank you Shruti for writing this sweet lovestory

  2. Aww..this is so cute

  3. really lovely…….

  4. omg!!this is so it a lot shruti

  5. thnk u kavya tanayly atulya and rani 🙂

  6. superb yaar gazab….kya likha hai…awesome….manma emotion jaage re.super cute.eagerly waiting for next part.

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