laakhAM : the love story that stole our heart (Episode 7)

thank u guys for the so many awwws that u gave for the last epi………here’s the next one…

recap : lakhan tells priyom to not tease poonam. laakhan drops poonam home and says gud night.

poonam smiles as laakhan leaves.
poonam is in her room thinking about the moment when laakhan called her thakurain as……laakhan is in his bed thinking about that moment when poonam huged his arm…….both lie on the bed thinking about each other.
next morning…….
poonam is in balcony priyom sees her and comes to meet her and says…
priyom : i m sorry for last night.
poonam : thats nice scare smeone badly and then say sorry
priyom : c’mon bhau mat khau and forgive me and otherwise laakhan even warned me because of you
poonam smiles remembering last nights incident..

priyom : why are you smiling ?
poonam : nothing….btw i have to go and do the preps for tomorrow.
priyom : whts tomorrow ?
poonam : as expected. you don’t remember that tomorrow is guddi’s b’day!
priyom : oh yes ! i totally forgot !
poonam : i have to go to badi amma she has called me to tell about the preps for the jalsa
priyom : ok go.
poonam leaves……….badi amma has given her the responsibility of decorations
next day……….

everyone wishes guddi and guddi takes blessings from all…….poonam is guiding the workers to decorate the house…..she see that the garland is missing at one place she looks around and sees that all the workers are busy she takes a table and climbs up to place the garland the stool disbalances and she falls but laakhan comes and holds her the garland that poonam was placing is now on them……….they share an eyelock.

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  1. ayioo poonam dreaming abt laakhan was lovely <3 shruti hope next time there ll b a lots of romance..update soon

  2. I am loving your ff dear…its awesome…? Yayyyy…poonam and lakhaan

  3. lovely……wao yha atleast poo lakhu k sapne dekh rhi hai.

  4. Shruti ff ko aur romantic likho yr and long also.. Please…

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