laakhAM : the love story that stole our heart (Episode 6)

hey so here is the next part of the lethal love story ff……….

recap : priyom scares poonam in the theatre. poonam is crying on the street where laakhan comes in his jeep.he sees poonam crying. priyom calls poonam and scares her again poonam holds laakhan’s arm tightly and laakhan grabs the phone.

laakhan (on the phone) : kaun hai be ?
priyom (on the phone) : laakhan! you but i called punmi
laakhan : oh you ! i would have understanded that in the whole begusarai there is no one other than you who have guts to scare laakhan thakur’s fiancee !
priyom : well that is correct !
laakhan : why do you keep teasing her ?
priyom : i was just joking with her but she got scared !
laakhan : don’t you dare to do this again
priyom : ok baba! but i know that bookworm would be very scared i’ll talk to her later but first you drive her home or else she have to face manjita kaka in the morning !
laakhan (looks at poonam who is still holding his arm in fear) : ok………….laakhan cuts the phone.

laakhan : i’ll drop you home
poonam nods. they both sit in the jeep poonam finally leaves lakhan’s hand.
laakhan (while driving) : don’t get scared so easily. you are about to become a ‘THAKURAIN’………………………..poonam feels so delighted to hear this word from his mouth. yes she was about to become a thakurain……..his thakurain !!!

laakhan : ghar aa gya…………poonam wakes up from her thinking and steps out of his jeep.she starts walking towards her home.
laakhan : suno…..poonam turns back and looks at him
poonam : ji
laakhan : good night !
poonam smiles and laakhan leaves !

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  1. Awwww…. So cute. Pls…. Make it daily and try to increase the length.

  2. Awwww…thats soo sweet of lakhaan?

  3. awwww his good night..loving it.update soon plz

  4. wow…superb….keep going….its amazing yaar….completely in luv with ur ff…lakham luv story is always a charm..and ur writing is spiced it up more.

  5. Hey this is awsm ff plz continue it. and plz increase the length I love to read it………??

  6. Plzz shruti upload the 7th episode fast…

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