laakhAM : the love story that stole our heart (Episode 5)

hey guys……..i maybe update the laakhAM ff with some day’s gaps but pls stay tuned and for all the laakhan fans laakhAM moments on the way……

recap : poonam priyom rajkumar and guddi are in hall watching horror movie. guddi and rajkumar get afraid and leave.

its late night both poonam and priyom are watching horror movie in the hall.poonam is sacred but she don’t wanna admit it because of priyom who will make fun of her……………..priyom’s plan is working well.
priyom picks out a scary mask which was under his seat….
priyom : boowww !!!
poonam gets terribly scared she cries and runs away from there !its dark and poonam is walking alone on the streets of begusarai with teary eyes.suddenly she sees jeep’s flashes……its laakhan’s jeep…laakhan gets out of the jeep and comes towards poonam and asks…
laakhan : what is this ? why are you out of the house at this time of the night ? and..and why are u crying ?

poonam : woh………her phone rings in between……. laakhan looks at her phone with furious eyes……poonam sees the phone its an unknown number sees picks the phone hesitatingly and…
priyom (on phone) : boww!…………poonam gets sacred and grabs and hugs laakhan’s arm tightly…as she hugs him her phone slips from her hand…….laakhan grab her phone

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  1. Shruti please don’t give lakhaan that same overprotective character, please bring a little chnges and write a little longer stories. Otherwise its going good.

  2. Aww.. This is so cute . pls make this ff daily. Pls. Today’s lakhan scene was short but cute…thnq for the ff. Pls give a precap , if u can.

  3. Heh quite nice..but write little lenghty

  4. great going shruti..i like this possesive laakhan and innocent poonam.

  5. sorry guys for the short story actually i was writing more but the submit button got pressed accidently pressed!! and there will be some more laakhAM scene

  6. Shruti pls upload the 6th episode??

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