laakhAM : the love story that stole our heart ( Episode 4 )

i m very happy because of the positive response u guys r giving……pls keep commenting cause it means a lot to me……..

recap : priyom asks poonam to watch a horror movie with him guddi and rajkumar. poonam hesitatingly agrees.

poonam is in her room its 8:45 pm. suddenly someone knocks on her window she gets scared. she goes opens the window……
priyom : booowww ! poonam gets lil scared
poonam : you!!
priyom : yes mee u forgot about the movie plan we made so i came to pick u up
poonam : baba won’t allow me to go out at this time.
priyom: i know it that is why i said guddi to ask kaka for permisson.
poonam : permission for watching a horror movie !
priyom : no stupid! permisson for night study !
poonam : ohh!

priyom : now come out !………poonam comes in the hall
manjita : chotti thakurain told me about the night study that is why i m allowing come home soon !………poonam nods and goes out
priyom : lets go !……….they reach the hall where guddi and rajkumar are already present. there are only those 4 and the hall is empty. the movie starts it is a very scary movie. after a lil while rajkumar gets scared……
rajkumar : i’ve got some work i have to go……he leaves.
guddi : i haven’t done work badi amma told mee to do i have to leave…..she leaves
poonam : arrey guddi stop!

priyom : let them go they both have got scared!……priyom said the truth both were scared but poonam was also very scared.

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  1. Ur ff is good but plzzz increase the length because its becoming short and it might lost its charm then nd plzz make it lakhan and poonam’s pair nd yaa if you want to keep your episodes short then plzz write a precap for the next episode nd plzz give your previous episodes link. I am looking forward to your next episode.

  2. Shruti,plzz don’t mind i was just giving you some ideas.?

  3. Its nice i agree it should be little lenghty gud job?

  4. ok i’ll try to make it long but actually i’ve got exams in march so i can be short

  5. missing laakhan where is he? 🙁 dont want to see priyom poonam alone in a hall 🙁 but hope next episode ll have him.waiting for next part.laakhAm rocks

    1. surely laakhan in the next

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