laakhAM : the love story that stole our heart (Episode 24) last episode


hey guys ! as u all know this is the last epi so 1st of all thnkx….liza,rani,smriti,piu,divya,mahi,kavya,ally,Ooshi akbar,anjali,shivani,tanayly,ap,anam,ellakshiraichandkhanna (must say ur name is hard to spell :P) atulya,peggy,sunna,harry,pooja,stoneheart,shanaya……thnk u..thnk u so much…becuz if u guys didn’t read or commented on the ff then their was no use writing it so thnk u so much (forgive me if i forgot someone and the silent readers also thnk u ! 🙂 )….so lets start the last epi of the ff laakhAM : love story that stole our heart ♥ !

recap : nitya hearing everything…..laakhAM meeting


poonam was sleeping peacefully on the bed…the were disturbing her..or i should say playing with her face
their was a small smile on her lips..which was of course the sign of the happiness and relief which she
felt after meeting laakhan thakur the last day….guddi comes from the bathroom and see’s her like
guddi (in her heart) : god please don’t steal this beautiful smile from her lips and all the happiness from her life
she always wanted everyone’s gud…now i can’t see anything bad happening with her…please cancel this marriage !
the chain of guddi’s thoughts were broken from a voice…its nitya
she comes in the room.
nitya : guddi di..pls come down with poonam bhabhi as fast as u can
their r lot of rituals remaining..we have to complete them before the evening otherwise
we will not get time.
guddi : ok u go i’ll wake her up and come
nitya : ok…with saying this she goes down
guddi tries to awake poonam
guddi : poonam, poonam get up !

atlast she gets up
poonam : what yarr guddi ! u woke me up..i was dreaming such a nice
dream….me and laakhan thak…!
poonam suddenly realises what she said and bites her tongue
guddi (teasingly) : what were u saying huh !…me and laakhan thakur…hmmm.
poonam : guddi !!
they both laugh !

guddi : i wish all ur dreams come true
poonam : thnks yarr…
guddi : now go and get ready
poonam : oh yes i forgot today is my marriage..saying this she gets sad 🙁
guddi : don’t become sad yarr…laakhan has said noo that he’ll do something
poonam : yeah…and thts the only hope !
guddi : now go and get ready..otherwise badi amma will shoot both of us from her gun (she says this with full action)
both of them laugh…poonam goes to take a bath.


every remaining ritual takes place..haveli is decorated..poonam and guddi are tensed
as laakhan didn’t called them.


poonam is ready as a bride…wearing the traditional bridal attire..she is looking
very pretty as a bride…but only one thing is missing..her smile 🙂
she is very tensed as laakhan hasn’t even called her once.
finally nitya comes up and asks poonam to come down
being helpless poonam goes with her.
(promo scene)
the haveli is decorated..everyone is happy..poonam is sitting
in an bridal attire in the mandap..the wedding music
is playing in the background

pandit ji : ab var ko bulaiye
phualan : nitya, priyom go and bring rishi down
nitya and priyom brings rishi down…he is wearing the traditional attire
with sehra on face..poonam is very upset and she is in the verge of crying
guddi (in heart) : pls god don’t do this poonam can’t live without my brother..and rishi….his life will be spoiled..pls god !
( promo scene ends)
slowly all the rituals take place
pandit ji : ab aap vadhu ki maang me sindoor pehnaiye….vadhu ko mangalsutra pehnaiye
rishi does the same
poonam (thinking) : how can i let all this happen with this marriage 3 lives will get spoiled noo…… i love laakhan thakur
pandit ji : ab phero ke liye khade ho jaiye
rishi and poonam take the pheras..tears are rolling down of poonam’s eyes

she remembers her and laakhan’s pheras at the holika dehan day
pandit ji : yeh shaadi sampann hui..aaj se aap dono pati patni hue
poonam cries a lot at her bidaai..she hugs guddi and says
poonam (wispers while sobbing) : guddi..i’ll die without him..i’ll die
guddi also cries

@ THE CAR (after bidai..the way home)
poonam stops crying…!
poonam : why di u married me ?
rishi looks at her
poonam : i love someone else!
rishi asks the driver to stop the car..and asks him to return leaving the car
it is a park
poonam : rishi ji listen..i love someone else…u’ll never be happy in this marriage..u won’t get any happiness in this relationship
she says all this in one breath
rishi puts his hand on her mouth..and takes off his sehra
poonam widens her eyes in shock !…its not rishi..but its laakhan !! 😀
laakhan removes his hand from her mouth
poonam hugs laakhan tightly

poonam : what is all this ?
laakhan : once u leave me then i’ll make u understand
poonam : m never gone leave u…tell everything this way only
laakhan chuckles..laakhan : ok thn listen


nitya hears everything and goes to rishi and tells him whatever she heard
rishi says in shock that he agreed marring guddi not poonam
thn nitya tells him that poonam loves LAAKHAN THAKUR
rishi rushes to meet him..their he tells everything to laakhan
laakhan says that he has a plan..they both discuss the plan (mute)
thn we see in the room laakhan is getting ready instead of rishi
nitya and priyom come to take laakhan (both of thm know the plan)
laakhan puts the sehra on..and completes all the the marriage
has happened with laakhan not rishi !


poonam breaks the hug and starts hitting laakhan on the chest
laakhan : stop !! what happened..not happy wid the marrieage ? huh !
poonam : shhh ! 1st of all u took my breath away whn u married me
and now u r teasing me !
laakhan : i didn’t knew u speak so much (romantically)
poonam blushes
laakhan comes closer..they can feel each other’s breathe
laakhan leans to kiss..but poonam keeps her hand in between
laakhan : now wht happened..tum hi ne kaha tha ki yeh kaam pura tab hoga jab mai ghodi pe chadh kar..sehra bandh kar…

phulo se saji gadi me tumhe lene aaunga..toh aaj sehra bhi hai aur gadi bhi..!
poonam smile..and they both kiss..then they both go back to haveli
poonam gets surprised to see tht everyone except she and guddi knew this !
they both go to their room
then they both comsumate… ♥♥!!


how was it..pls tell in the commnt section..and really sorry for all the late updates and short updates 😛

Credit to: shruti

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  1. It was really a spectacular episode..u’ve written it so well nd im definitly gonna miss this!!!!! Sad that it was the last one…did u thought of starting any new ff??

    1. tysm 🙂 …yes m thinking of starting a new ff …but this time my leads won’t be laakhAM …they will be navTI .. navya and shakti…as u all know shakti..navya will be a surprise for u all…wait till the intro epi nd i’ll tell u whose gone plya the role of navya 🙂

  2. No pls new ff with lakhaam i love lakham 🙂 🙂 🙂 not Shakti and Navya 🙁 pls Shruti do something but last episode is fab nd nice:-) nd I gonna miss you yr… 🙁

    1. aww dear 🙂 don’t worry m sure u r gone love shakti nd navya too…trust me…i know ur a laakham fan…m also one of thm…thts y i’ll try to recreate the magic with navTI also 🙂

  3. I will miss u so much yaar

    1. miss u too dear…!! btw m coming back with another ff !

  4. shruti ur awesome..even after 2months laakham charm cant b forgotten.i love love love ur laakham ff ll always remember it but what is this navya n shakti?? 🙁 we r laakham/vishi fans right?why dont u write shakti n naira(shivi’s character in yrkkh) i dont know shakti n navya pata ni who kysa lagega 🙁

    1. aww tysm !! so sweet of u 🙂 ……nd y r u guys worrying so much..m the also a big fan of laakhAM and vishi…don’t worry i’ve thought something for navti too ! 🙂

  5. Hey shruti I think I know who is navya……is it shivangi….btw thanks for writing the ff lengthy…..start the new ff soon.ALL THE BEST..???

    1. huh !!…can u read minds ?? 😛 …tysm !! 🙂

    2. huh !!…can u read minds ?? 😛 …tysm !! 🙂 yes m gone update the intro epi soon

  6. Am new to this laakham fan club!!
    But dis ff is awesome @shruti Thanks for dis, ff mein hi sahi lakhan aur poonam ka milan aur happy happy wala ending tho hua!! Loved dis!! Wish Cvs waalo bhi dimaag laghathe, aisa sad wala ending kabhi hota hi nahi 🙁

    1. tysm 🙂 !!…even i also wished tht laakhAM track ended with a happy ending 🙁

  7. @shruti After ur NavTi ff try What @Piu said too shruti, Shakti and Naira , Itz too good just listening abt it, I think you can make a good one!!

    1. yes aakasha….naira nd shakti ff is also a very gud idea 🙂

  8. Hey shruti I was right or not ?????….

  9. Shruti u write so well what’s ur age?????

    1. 13 years 😀

  10. Shruti yr idea acha h naira nd Shakti ff nice….. Yr pls ff jaldi likha

    1. yaa…but after navti

  11. Okay Shruti as your wish 🙂

    1. 🙂 thnx

  12. I m a silent reader bt after reading last part i cnt stop myself from commenting. U r awesome shruti very well written.
    Waiting for ur next FF on plz usme vishal shivangi hi ho.

    1. thnk u sooo much zofisha !!! so nice of u to comment…!!.i’ll post navTI intro epi soon !! 🙂

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