laakhAM : the love story that stole our heart (Episode 22)


recap : riNAM marriage fixed.

poonam was in her room crying very hard. just then guddi came up.
guddi : poonam come lets go papa has called u
poonam : guddi i don’t wanna go
guddi : poo…
(poonam cutted her words)
poonam : oh sorry i forgot tht i can’t say no to anything…i don’t have right to take any decision of my life ! come let’s go bade papa has called us
guddi : hmm…
they go down the whole thakur family and singh family is present (they are here to officially see the bride)
guddi and poonam are holding each other’s hand…they r coming like nobody can understand who is the girl for the wedding..rishi looks at guddi and smiles
they both come down and serve
phulan : so do u like our poonam ?
rajnath is a little shocked
rajnath : poonam ?
phulan : yes ur to be daughter in law
sakshi understands the situation
rajnath : but..
(sakshi cuts his words)
sakshi : yes as we said we have no problem until rishi is happy
rishi gives them a warm smile

when phulan was telling everyone tht poonam is the to be daughter in law of the singh’s rishi got an urgent call so he was no able to hear anything…….so he assumes guddi as his to be wife

phulan : pandit ji now pls look for a shubh muhurat
pandit ji : thakur sahab ek ki shubh muhurat hai..parso ka…after tht there is no shubh muhurat till next 2 months
rajnath : ok thn we will take the muhurat after next 2 months
(phulan thought tht will became impossible for anyone to handle laakhan for the next 2 months)
phulan : the wedding will happen in the day after tommorow
rajnath : but wht’s the hurry…and how will the preps will happen ?
phulan : u don’t worry about the preps….everything will happen no time…so the wedding date is fixed !
tears roll down frm poonam’s eyes

precap : wedding rituals !

Credit to: shruti

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  1. Hey it was good !!!! but can u plz try to write it a little lengthy as u update after so many days everytime!!!!

    1. sorry i know this was very short 🙁 ….btw thnks for liking 🙂

  2. no laakhan 🙁 but the story is great

    1. 🙂 thnks

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