laakhAM : the love story that stole our heart (Episode 21)

hi…i know guys tht u keep waiting for the update and i update very late…but wht to do…i have gotta think wht to write before writing and thnk u for being so kind…and about the current track of begusarai i do not like the pairing of veebha and vishal (but thts just my view !!)

recap : singh family intro…laakhan gets to know about rishi and poonam

laakhan fumes in anger and goes out of the house and departs in his jeep
@ baadi haveli
phulan and rajnath sakshi were sitting on the sofas…rishi was standing behind the pillar and manjita was standing behind phulan
phulan : raj i wanna talk about something very important with u
rajnath : yes go on
phulan : i wanna change our friendship into relationship
rajnath is surprised
phulan : i wanna marry my Daughter to ur son
rajnath looks at rishi who smiles in return
when rishi and guddi collide
rishi in mind : wow how beautiful and simple she is….just perfect !
rajnath : it will be my pleasure…we have no objection

phulan : but wht about rishi
rajnath : he also have no objection…just ask ur daughter if she have any objection
manjita : no..she has objection
phulan : thts great !…just then a sound of car is heard..phulan understands tht its laakhan and sends the singh’s inside their rooms
laakhan stroms inside
laakhan : wht is all this bade papa ?
phulan : wht ?
listing laakhan’s voice poonam who was sitting in guddi’s room comes out and sees the convo frm the balcony
lakhan : y r u marring poonam to some one other
phulan : so wht do u want tht she will stay unmarried for her whole life ?
laakhan : marry her to me… poonam is only mine
saying this he looks up where poonam is standing…they both share a painful eyelock
phulan : this is not gonna happen…it will be better for u to stay away from her
laakhan : no one can separate me and her not even u !
phulan : get out of here !
laakhan storms outside…bindiya who was seeing all this thinks tht this is the correct moment to give laakhan a shoulder to cry.
lakhan is sitting in his jeep…thinking about poonam..their holika dehan marriage flashes into his mind. just thn bindiya arrives
bindiya : wht happened was very bad
laakhan didn’t paid attention

bindiya : it pained alot naa
laakhan doesn’t response but the pain is visible in his eyes…it was like bindiya was scratching his wound which was on his heart
bindiya : but only one thing can cure pain tht is love
with this laakhan quickly pointed his gun on bindiya’s head
bindiya : i..i meant poo..poonam’s love ! pls put the gun down
lakhan puts the gun down
bindiya in mind : do whtever u want…becuz once poonam gets married only i will be their for u !
she smirks and leaves

precap : riNAM marriage date fixed !!

Credit to: shruti


  1. Rani

    same here dear i hate the pairing veebha-vishal.they should stop forcing them upon viewers.nothing in the name of chemistry.n regarding ur ff too good i loved this angry laakhan.but precap is sad.waiting for next part.

    • shruti

      we share the same views dear but i’ve got to know tht ananya will be married to garv and they will bring another girl for shakti i hope thts true…….and thnk u 🙂

  2. harry

    Firstly, i love this episode that u hav finaally updated and
    secondly, i too hate the current pairing of begusarai lead. I’ve stopped watching it because of them..

    • shruti

      thnks 🙂 ….and i’ve got to know tht maybe garv is going to marry ananya and their will be another girl for shakti….so i think u can start watching again !!

    • shruti

      thnkx 🙂 …….i can understand laakham were charm of the show…well lets see wht happens in the serial

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