laakhAM : the love story that stole our heart (Episode 20)


yay!! its finally epi 20 !! thnks for bearing me !! ๐Ÿ˜‰

recap : singh family…rishi and guddi collison

rishi and guddi both were looking in each other’s eyes….suddenly the man spoke
man : beta u r the daughter of thakur saab…right ?
rishi helped guddi in standing
guddi : ji
guddi slightly hits her head with her hand
guddi (slightly murmuring) : oh no…mai toh bhul hi gyi ki mujhe laakhan bhaiya ke paas jana hai
man : beta did u said anything ?
guddi : no uncle…actually i m in hurry…i will talk to later…namaste !
guddi ran from there !…the singh’s smiled at her cute antiques

phulan sees the singh’s
phulan : wlcm..wlcm
phulan and the man hug each other
phulan : how r u ?
man : great…and u
phulan : very well…come i’ll introduce u to to my family
phulan calls evrybody
phulan : i’ll introduce u to everyone
phulan goes towards the man and says this is my friend rajnath singh….he goes toward the lady and says she is his wife sakshi singh (sakshi bends her hands in namaste)…he comes to the girl and says she is their lovely Daughter nitya..and then finally goes to the boy and says and this is their handsome son rishi.
rajnath : u introduced us and wht about ur family ?
phulan : yes she is my mother, she is my chotti amma, he is my elder son mithilesh and his wife maya, he is my younger son priyom, and these are the kids of maya and mithilesh..soni and pinto.
(the singh’s take blessing from choti amma and badi amma..while maya, mithilesh and pryom take blessings from rajnath and sakshi)
phulan : priyom where is guddi ?
rajnath : r u talking about ur daughter ?
phulan : yes
rajnath : she just went somewhere when we came in..she was in a hurry..but i must say..badi pyari bacchi hai !

laakhan’s home

guddi reaches laakhan’s home and rings the bell..rekha opens the door
rekha : oh r u dea..
guddi storms inside
guddi (shouts) : laakhan bhaiya..lakhan bhaiya !!!
rekha : guddi wht happened ?
guddi keeps shouting laakhan’s name…laakhan comes out of his room
laakhan : wht happened guddi ?
guddi : bhaiya papa is thinking of marrying poonam to the singh’s son rishi!
laakhan : what !!!
guddi : bhaiya pls don’t let this marriage happen..poonam loves u a lot !
laakhan’s face is filled with anger

precap : laakhAM moments

Credit to: shruti

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  1. Nice episode nd thnkx for not delaying too much!!!!!!! Waiting for ur nxt update!!!!!!!

    1. i know i update 2 late.. ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. wow!!angry laakhan is back.excited for next episode.

    1. ๐Ÿ™‚ ….stay tuned

  3. U took to much time in updating next episode

  4. lovely lovely….. yaar wow angry lakhan is back….super update…waiting for lakhan action…update next part soon.

  5. Nice Shruti:} I’ll wait for nxt update… ..

  6. Ab marogi kya shruti jaldi se next episode upload Karo naa plzz…..
    I m dying to read the next epi……plzz…

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