laakhAM : the love story that stole our heart ( Episode 2 )

hii i started this ff a while ago nd i thought of updating it on valentines day so here it goes…

recap : the 2 main leads are shown poonam a shy girl nd laakhan a fierce thakur. we see the younger son of bahubali as a Casanova. the thakurs are shown and laakhan gets mesmerized by seeing poonam.

lakhan sees poonam and poonam looks down and goes in. lakhan smiles and leaves. then we see priyom flirting with a girl named priya just then his phone rings and he sees mithilesh bhaiya calling priyom : arrey yaar! aaj toh hum gye kaam se !! he rush his bike and reaches the badi haveli
mithilesh : here comes the sahebzaade he doesn’t even cares for the buisness.
priyom : no bhaiya i was out for some official work!
mithilesh : oh that means showing priya begusarai on bike has became official work now. wow !
priyom : bhaiya actually…
mithilesh : what if you don’t work atleast accept it !
phulan thakur : mithilesh leave it ! priyom go to the theka and help lakhan now!
priyom : ji papa!…….he leaves and reaches the theka…lakhan sees him
laakhan : bade papa scolded u again ?
priyom : no
lakhan : then mithilesh bhaiya did!
priyom : yes !
lakhan : i knew it ! why can’t u do ur work withot getting scolded ?
priyom : i don’t like doing all this ! i want some fun in life i like flirting i like girls i can’t be like u to stick with girl for 11 years !
lakhan : ok stop doing this drama
priyom : ok and i am very hungry now that budhiya (badi amma) won’t give me food i m going to ur sasural to have lunch
lakhan : sasural ?
priyom : yess that bookworm poonam will feed me some thing atleast !………priyom leaves.

i end it here ! i hope u liked it : )

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  1. nice one shruti!enjoyed it 🙂

    1. tnk u : )

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