laakhAM : the love story that stole our heart (Episode 19)


hi guys i know its a late update tht’s becoz i was suffering frm writer’s block !

recap : laakhAM marriage cancel ! phulan talking manjita about singh family !

phulan : ok so the singhs r coming tomorrow. i’ll talk to them about poonam.
manjita : ok
guddi was listening all this she was fuming in anger as she knew how much laakhan and poonam love each other. she was already upset about the marriage cancellation. this added more fuel to fire. after listening all this she stormed to the room and bolted the door. poonam was already sitting there.
poonam : what happened guddi ? why r u so angry ?
guddi : i don’t know what papa is up to ! i mean he is taking this big decision without even asking u !
poonam : what decision ?
guddi : he is thinking of ur marriage
poonam was shocked.
guddi : and tht also to the boy u didn’t even met !
poonam : its ok guddi…what can we do!
guddi : u don’t even know that ho the boy looks
poonam : do u really think i care about the looks ? i just have to accept the decision my parents have taken for me ! they never asked me about anything regarding to my life, they just gave me orders and i followed them !
poonam nearly cried while saying this….guddi was almost consoling her.
guddi : don’t worry poonam if u don’t like the boy then just tell me i’ll punch him in the face and will break his nose !
they both smiled. just thm they heard phulan calling everyone…they both went down
phulan : tomorrow my friend rajnath and his family is coming, toh unki mehman nawazi me koi kami nhi honi chahiye !
all noded and went to bed !
poonam was just thinkng about laakhan, their marriage, the quality time they spend together, everything was flashing through her mind .


everyone preparing for the arrival of singh’s
guddi (to herself) : omg ! why r these guys preparing so much ? r the singh’s any VIPs ? i have to inform laakhan bhaiya about all this…poonam can’t marry to anyone else.
in meanwhile
we see a dashing boy getting out of the car he has wore a black jeans black blazer and white t-shirt…then there is a girl in blue anarkali and blue heels…after that there is a lady wearing a classy silver saree..and then a man wearing a safari suit……..they r the singh’s
guddi comes without notice the singh’s and collides with rishi..but rishi holds her and they share an eyelock.

precap : will laakhAM change into RIshi + pooNAM = rinam ?….lakhan gets to know about the singh’s

Credit to: shruti

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  1. nahiiiiiiiii..laakham should always b laakham.plz dono ko mila do 🙁

  2. It was an unusual bt a gud twist u hav wrote !!!!! It was cool bt plz try to write some lengthy … All n all i luv it

  3. Shruti pls Jada likho aur nice update nxt ke lye wait kr rhe h just wait……….
    Kabh aaye ga

  4. Yaar plz jaldi next episode upload Karo naaaaa…….

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