laakhAM : the love story that stole our heart (Episode 18)


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recap : bindiya’s plan to seperate laakham

poonam and laakhan were shocked. tear drops were falling from poonam’s eyes. while laakhan was both angry and shocked.
laakhan : badi amma r u even listening urself ? how can u break a bond made 12 years ago !!
badi amma : i know what i m saying laakhan and this bond is broken only because of u !
laakhan was confused !
badi amma : really we trusted u a lot laakhan…….we never expected this from you !
laakhan : but what did i do ?
badi amma : oh so know u don’t know wht u did ?…..if u forgot then ask bindiya !
laakhan goes to bindiya and holds her arm in anger !
laakhan : what is all this ?
bindiya : y r u asking me don’t u know it urself ?
laakhan : look i don’t like solving puzzles so say clearly what is this ?
badi amma : laakhan don’t u remember wht u did in farmhouse ?
laakhan : farmhouse ?????
badi amma : u were kissing bindiya !
poonam was hell shocked listening all this !
laakhan : kiss….what the hel r u saying ?
badi amma : yes ! we knew tht priyom was always like this thts y we never bothered to think about hi marriage….but we all trusted a lot on u…..poonam trusted a lot on u !

laakhan goes to poonam who is holding the pillar and crying.
laakhan : poonam i don’t know wht they r talking about….u know me i have never eyed another woman from last 12 years and becuz of some misunderstanding they can’t break r bond !
poonam didn’t say anything she was just crying.
phulan : laakhan ! poonam is our Daughter we can’t spoil poonam’s life ! now this marriage will not happen and this is my final decision !
laakhan : but bade pa.
bhushan cutted his words : laakhan don’t u heard what bhaiya said ! its over now lets go home
he dragged laakhan from there.

few days passed !!

poonam was like a lifeless body! she thought that the person which she trusted was not her anymore. dreams which she decorated with laakhan were all broken. the time spended with him kept moving in her mind. most importantly she was not laakhan’s anymore !! she forgot how to smile how to live how to talk…..she just answered what she was asked.

laakhan became a heartless person ! he though that the family he always trusted has stole his heart from him…his poonam from him !!…..the only person whom he always cared about was not his anymore! he was broken from inside…..and also broke all the relations from thakur family. now he forgot that even there is a place called badi haveli in begusarai !

after seeing poonams’s conditions phulan thought of her marriage! he talked to manjita about it
phulan : manjita u know tht i hve always addressed poonam as my own daughter. and have never differentiated between her and guddi
manjita : yes
phulan : the last 2 days was very hard on her ! and know i m thinking of her marriage
manjita : u hve right on her life more thn me…..wht evr u will decide for her will be right
phulan : i have a boy in my eyes…u know about the singhs right!
manjita : yes
phulan : rajnath singh is a very good friend of mine! and his son rishi is a very nice boy ! i can ask rishi’s hand for poonam if u allow me !
manjita : sure i have no problem !
phulan smiles !

precap : the singh family’s entry !

the following r the members of singh family :
rishi singh (parth samthaan)
sakshi singh (simone singh)
rajnath singh (ayub khan)
nitya singh (sanjeeda sheikh)

Credit to: shruti

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  1. ohh soo sad….lakham separated…. ye bindiya pitegi….lakhan do something….too gud writing…. very well written… loved it .. update next part soon.

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  3. I want to ask u a question…….from where did u got the idea of starting a ff on begusarai????????
    How did u do that?
    I mean how do u upload the ff on telly updates?????

    1. i was reading some ff earlier and i saw tht there were many ffs on other serials but not even 1 on laakhAM so i thought of writing one on begusarai…….and u can upload ffs by going to “SUBMIT YOUR ARTICLE” page πŸ™‚

  4. Nice Shruti pls jaldi likho next update ,

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  5. That was good one!!!!! Seriously perfectly written..
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    1. my pleasure ! πŸ™‚

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