laakhAM : the love story that stole our heart (Episode 17)


hey everyone…….m trying to not stretch my story too long as it gets boring after sometime….so i can tell u tht this ff will end soon.

recap : bindiya makes poonam drink bhaang….poonam’s dance….laakhAM’s cute moment !

laakhan : guddi i’ll bring water.
guddi : ok

guddi makes poonam eat curd. laakhan comes to the kitchen to take water where bindiya is already present. there is a white curtain on the window of the kitchen. bindiya is drinking water while laakhan is filling water in a glass from the purifier. suddenly bindiya notices a shadow of badi amma on the curtain and starts her plan. he comes near laakhan and blocks his way acting that she is filling her glass of water. on the other side of the curtain its looking like they both r kissing each other.(u know when smeone comes close smetimes the shadow forms in tht way)….badi amma’s face is filled with angry expression’s and shameful expression. she still doesn’t know who is inside the kitchen. just then bindiya comes out of the kitchen and sees badi amma and acts like she is so shy and runs from there. after tht laakhan comes out of the kitchen and goes in poonam’s room shocking badi amma.
laakhan enters the room and see poonam already lying on the bed taking a nap. he stands there staring her with all his love. he admires poonam’s beauty for a while but is disturbed by the voice of badi amma. he comes outside and sees all standing there.
badi amma : we have to leave for badi haveli right know.
priyom : wht is the hurry badi…

badi amma : didn’t u heard wht i said…..we r leaving right know.
laakhan wonders why is badi amma so angry ?…..he goes to the room and finds poonam still sleeping and thinks wht to do. then he goes near to the bed and picks up poonam in her arms and walks across the hall carrying her like tht and makes her sit in the car. everyone smiles seeing this except badi amma and bindiya. bindiya is jealous while badi amma is angry. badi amma thinks i have to take some strict action upon this i can’t ruin poonam’s life.
everyone reaches badi haveli. after some time poonam gets up from sleep and recalls wht she done after drinking bhaang. she blushes hard after recalling the time spent with laakhan. just then laakhan enters her room. she turns to the other side after seeing him and blushes. then much to her surprise laakhan pins her to the wall and blocks her way by keeping his hands on the wall.
laakhan : do u remember wht u did ?

poonam nods es by keeping her eyes down. laakhan ups her chin and says
laakhan : shall we complete the task which was disturbed by guddi ?
laakhan comes closer to her but poonam keeps her hand on his lips.
poonam : nhi…ab yeh kaam pura tab hoga jab aap ghodi par chad kar sehra bandh kar phulo se saji gadi me hume lene aayenge.
they share an eyelock ♥♥♥♥♥
they are disturbed with badi amma shouting there names.
badi amma : poonam……..lakhan.
they both break the eyelock and goes to see what happend. when they reach outside they saw phulan manjita badi amma poonam’s mother and everyone else present there.
badi amma : know ur marriage will not happen.
poonam and laakhan shocked !!

precap : someone else in poonam’s life !

Credit to: shruti

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  1. Yaar I beg u plz don’t end the ff…..u r our last hope for laakham……..plzzz
    Today’s episode was fantastic……….

  2. ohhh… ye fulan n badi amma….villian bnne ka theka hai inke paas…lakhan poonam ko alag mt krna plz

  3. Dont end this ff yr bcoz we all r already pissed off with all the things going on in real begusarai
    today episode was supercool Nd next part soon plz

    1. thnks

  4. shruti even if u end this ff start a new one soon..
    but dont stop writting u know we all r sad with this stupid ph decision of leap

  5. this one will end soon……but i will start another one with a different story line 🙂

  6. Yr poonam ki life m koi aur yeh KY h yr iss me bhi pls Shruti priyom ko Mt lana

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