laakhAM : the love story that stole our heart (Episode 16)


hey guys ! in tomorrow’s epi laakhAM seprated too sad :(…hope the new girl opposite shakti laakhan thakur is gud πŸ™‚

recap : holi starts ! laakhAM cute moment ! bindiya jealous as always !

bindiya fumes in anger. poonam runs away from there and laakhan smiles.
bindiya : be happy with this gulaal only poonam because i will not let laakhan thakur fill ur hirline with real sindoor !…..and smiles evilly.
every one comes down and applies color on each other happily. bindiya also applies color on laakhan but laakhan ignores it.
badi amma : listen every one we r leaving for the farm house.
priyom : farm house….so suddenly ?
badi amma : it is not a sudden decision phulan mithilesh laakhan were preparing for this from many days…..but how would u know u were busy flirting with the girls.
priyom : woh..actually

badi amma : don’t make excuses go take the jeep
every one reaches the farm house it is not as big as badi haveli but is a small villa with a big garden. the garden has colors, thandai, pichkaris, balloons and many more things.
priyom to bindiya : very romantic place….isn’t it ?
bindiya says yes and smiles a little.
bindiya goes to the thandai counter and mixes bhaang leaves in the drink. she takes two drinks 1 with bhang and 1 without bhang and heads towards poonam and guddi.
she gives the one with bhang to poonam and the other to guddi.
guddi : where is ur drink ?

poonam : yes! u take mine
bindiya :…u drink i’ll get another one for myself.
guddi and poonam drinks the thandai. poonam starts feeling dizzy.
guddi : poonam c’mon lets dance !
poonam : no..not now
guddi : c’mon………..guddi grabs her hand and takes her to the center. they both dance on chhan ke mohhalla (from action replayy) laakhan stares at poonam lovingly while her performance but at the same time feels something fishy in her behavior. after her performance ends laakhan takes her in the house to a room.
laakhan : are u alright ?
poonam (in a childish tone) : no i m not..becoz u have stolen smething from me !
laakhan : what ?

poonam : my heart β™₯
laakhan : have u drunk smething ?
poonam : yes !……the poison of love !!!
laakhan : u r definitely not in ur senses !
poonam : shh ! u talk so much !…….she moves towards laakhan and pouts to kiss him……but suddenly they hear a voice..its guddi she is calling poonam.
poonam : guddi, she always comes on the wrong time !
laakhan smiles. guddi comes in the room.
laakhan : guddi she has drunk something.maybe bhaang

guddi : bhaang !
laakhan : yes ! make her eat the curd and take care of her !
guddi : ok !

precap : marriage promise broken !

Credit to: shruti

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  1. That was damn gud!!!!!! I luv it
    dont stop writing this evr !!! Nd plz try to update it daily if possible….

    1. thnk u πŸ™‚

  2. 1stly shruti its just laakham ll only b alive in our ffs n heart πŸ™ n 2ndly i just dont like the girl opposite vishal post leap.

    1. thnks………i hope they pair girl in the promo with any one in samar amar garv adrsh……but not shakti

  3. yea pls aap update karte raho… our saviour after the sad departure of poonam ..and lakhann..!
    Did any body notice that today just as lakhan breathed his last … same time even poonam did… and their eyes expressed wonderfully … amazing …

  4. thnkss πŸ™‚

  5. Laakham (Smriti)

    Today’s episode was very nice…….and I liked the profile photo of urs…….I m also Taylor’s fan…………??????

    1. thnkzz……..and luv T swift

  6. Pls yr jaldi likha kru I can’t wait… But nice πŸ™‚

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