laakhAM : the love story that stole our heart (Episode 15)


hey everyone…..thnkx for ur response and on 28th its my b’day so i’ll write some cute scenes of laakhAM !

recap : laakhAM secret marriage ♥

poonam came in her room running……….she sat on the bed holding her silver butterfly locket blushing hard……..just then guddi comes inside the room she is busy blaberring about holi.
guddi : poonam i m so excited about holi i just love it we will play wid colours!!!
poonam : yess
guddi notices poonam’s locket
guddi : wow ! poonam such a beautiful locket…but u were not wearing it in the morning then ?
poonam : woh
guddi : oh i know when u start stammering then its definitely related to laakhan bhaiya ! did he gave it to u ?
poonam nods in yes
guddi : i knew it !
just then bindiya enters the room
bindiya : what r u guys talking about ?
guddi : woh……
poonam : actually we were talking about holi……… guddi is very excited about holi…….hain na guddi
guddi : hmm correct.
bindiya (in mind) i will get my self coloured from laakhan thakur first…………and i will colour him in the colour of love…my love
guddi : where r u lost bindiya ??
bindiya : nothing…….actually its late night i shud be sleepin or else i will get dark circle naa!
bindiya leaves.
guddi sleeps but poonam is still thinking about laakhan and laakhan is also thinking about poonam in his room !

on morning………..
poonam comes out of the bathroom wearing a white suit……she comes near the bed and sees guddi still sleeping………she tries to wake up guddi
poonam : guddi………guddii………but all in vain but then an idea strikes her mind she goes to the bathroom and comes out withe a mug fill wid water and pours it on guddi’s face
guddi wakes up..
guddi : poonam what is this haa ?
poonam : bura na mano holi hai !
they both laugh ! 🙂 🙂
bindiya in her room gets ready wearing a white saree in front of the mirror
bindiya (to herself) : today i will color laakhan thakur first !
she leaves wid a plate of pink gulaal.
poonam is walking out of the room with a plate of red gulaal in her hand while laakhan is on the phone in a white kurta pajama they both didn’t see each other and clash the gulaal on the plate falls on both but poonam’s hairline gets filled with the red gulaal. they both share an eyelock . laakhan comes close to poonam and whispers in her ear
laakhan : phere and magalsutra was done………..bas issi ki kami thi !……….laakhan picks the yellow gulaal which is on the table and colors poonam’s cheeks and says
laakhan : happy holi !
poonam also applies color on laakhan and says
poonam : to u too !
poonam blushes while bindiya who is watching all this fumes in anger !

precap : the bhaang drama !!

Credit to: shruti

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