laakhAM : the love story that stole our heart (Episode 14)


hi everyone 🙂 i m sure ur gone like today’s episode!!!

recap : bindiya spreads oil on the floor for poonam to slip, laakhan saves her. laakhAM cute convo.

new morning. everyone waked up listening aarti. everyone comes out of there room except laakhan they see poonam singing aarti in melodious voice. everyone smile but guddi is a lil tensed.
bindiya : wht happened guddi ?
guddi : i don’t know wht will happen if laakhan bhaiya woke up !
laakhan is shown in his room getting restless and trying to sleep while poonam continues to sing. annoyed laakhan gets up from the bed and goes towards the mandir in an angry look bindiya smiles to see this and thinks now poonam will get punished laakhan sees poonam singing the aarti and the angry look vanishes from his face and a little smile comes on it instead. bindiya is shocked to see this. poonam ends the aarti and gives everyone prasad and takes blessings from the elders. in end she goes to laakhan and gives him the prasad. he takes it willingly and says
laakhan : gaati acha ho !…..and leaves.

everyone is shocked to he his gesture becuz everyone knows that he is a nastik. badi amma smiles seeing this and thinks in her mind that we have to call pandit ji soon to fix the marriage date of these two. bindiya smirks.
badi amma : y r u all standing like an idle did you guys forgot that today is holika dehan and we have to prepare holika for it. priyom rajkumar go and get wood and mithilesh guide them and take laakhan wid u too. maya guddi and punmi u guys go and prepare the breakfast……………..everyone obeys badi amma.
its evening everyone is preparing for holika dehan. laakhan is trying to light the matchstick. just then poonam comes wid a plate of pink abeer in her hand, laakhan looks at poonam while she is placing the plate on a small table laakhan doesn’ t that matchstick is already burned and his hand gets a lil burned by it. poonam immediately rushes towards him, takes his hand in hers and starts blowing air upon it.
poonam : can’t you take care of urself. u burned u r hand!
laakhan lovingly looks at her. poonam also realizes it and looks at laakhan. they both share an cute eyelock……………. they r disturbed by guddi who comes and coughs (acts)
guddi : fire should be burnt on the woods not between you two !……she teases and chuckles !
laakhan : don’t u think that u r talking so much these days !
just then everyone else comes there. they do the parikrma. bindiya tries to come near to laakhan during the parikrama but laakhan ignores her. the rituals end everyone goes towards there room. laakhan stops poonam

laakhan : don’t u think that these people doing a lil late to marry us ?
poonam blushes
poonam : so
laakhan : fire is ready are u ready to take the pheras ?
poonam is shocked to hear this but nodes in a yes. laakhan holds poonam’s hand and takes round around the fire. laakhan says my 1st promise is tht pain won’t even touch u my 2nd promise is i will never leave u alone my 3rd promise is you will never be short of anything my 4th is i will only be urs

poonam blushes very hard on this.
laakhan : my 5th promise is i will never let tears well up in ur eyes my 6th promise is i wiil always be there for in life and my last promise is i will be more of a friend then a husband.
they stop and poonam hugs laakhan tightly. laakhan takes out a beautiful silver butterfly locket from his pocket and places on poonam neck like a mangalsutra. poonam gets shy and runs towards her room.

precap : holi celebrations !

Credit to: shruti

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  1. Awesome yaar , just keep writing don’t stop…….plzzzz

  2. this one was really awesome !!!!!!!
    plz write it everyday if possible!!!! u r a damn gud writer….

  3. gazabbb.. it is so dreamy…mzaa aa gya…kya scene kheencha yaar…awesome…keep writing.

  4. awesome..keep writing..ab ye ff hi sahara hai

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