laakhAM : the love story that stole our heart (Episode 13)


hii… exams ended yesterday so i’ll be able to update more lengthy parts 🙂

recap : ghungroo’s entry, priyom’s flirting, laakhAM sweet moment, bindiya jealous.

laakhan : in which room r u staying ?
poonam : in guddi’s room.
laakhan : ok.
poonam : and u ?
laakhan : i m always wid u !!

poonam gets a big smile on her face……laakhan sees her smiling and leaves…….bindiya who is watching the duo thinks that so much love u have for her but you don’t even look at me laakhan thakur now i’ll spoil every thing……your love your affection and your poonam !!
its evening, poonam goes on terrace to take the clothes as she goes in bindiya comes and drops oil on the floor so that poonam can fall. she smiles and hides behind the pillar to see poonam falling. poonam comes with clothes in her hands she doesn’t see the floor which has oil and her leg slipped on the floor…….she immediately shut her eyes but………after a sec she realized that she didn’t fall ! she was safe and someone was holding her. she opened her eyes and saw laakhan holding her. she was relieved. laakhan helped her straighten herself.
poonam : thank you !
laakhan : who poured oil on the floor (in a angry tone)
poonam : i..don’t know…..i was coming from the terrace and my leg slipped.
laakhan : come i’ll drop u to your room
poonam : nhi hum thik hai !
laakhan : humare rehte hue tumhe kuch ho bhi nhi sakta ! ♥♥♥
they both shared an eyelock……………..bindiya who was seeing both of them from behind the pillar smirked.

poonam comes to her room and thinks about laakhan. she thinks that u r so protective towards me i am very happy to have u as my to be life partner and i know that u will never let anything happen to me. her thoughts r disturbed by guddi who is talking to laakhan. poonam goes out and sees laakhan shifting his luggage from his room to the room just after guddi and poonam’s room.
guddi : bhaiya i understand everything !
laakhan : what do you mean ?
guddi : i mean shifting ur luggage from ur room to room just after poonam’s room…….or should i say poonam “bhabhi’s” room !
guddi laughs aloud. priyom comes there

priyom : guddi why r u laughing loudly ?
guddi : woh laakh..
laakhan intruppts guddi and says
laakhan : nothing priyom she is just mad
priyom : ya tht’s true !
poonam smiles…..laakhan sees poonam smiling. bindiya who is seeing everything thinks jitna hasna hai haslo poonam phir yehhasi laut ke nhi aayegi and gives an evil smile.

precap : holika dehan celebrations!

Credit to: shruti

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  1. awesome!!!update karte raho..serial wale has gone mad though 🙁

    1. hehehe…….thnx 🙂

  2. Hey shruti the episode was awesome but plz don’t stop writing as the swastik productions are taking a leap in begusarai and shivangi is quitting u r our last hope for lakhaam…..

    1. yes i won’t stop writing 🙂

  3. aaj ka promo acha tha…

    1. thnks 🙂

  4. so nice. .keep writing… kyuki yahi lakham jinda hai ab.

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