laakhAM : the love story that stole our heart (Episode 1)

so from now on our lethal love story starts…
poonam a beautiful girl is singing aarti while,

lakhan a fierce thakur is shown quarreling with someone over the issue of the alcohol theka, poonam keeping singing the arti and lakhan keeps fighting as poonam ends the aarti a gunshot is heard and it is shown that lakhan has killed the other man. lakhan comes to the haveli where phulan thakur, the king of begusarai is talking to manjita his loyal man and mithilesh his eldest son, maya thakurain, mithilesh’s wife is in the kitchen while badi amma is breaking nuts by kasoli. lakhan greets badi amma and phulan thakur, phulan blesses lakhan and says what happend with that man who had a issue over the theka ? lakhan : maar diya bade papa. everyone is left shocked badi amma thinks in mind that his blood is very hot, this can profit us or else will ruin everything. mithilesh says what have you done…

phulan stops him in between and says that man had grown wings someone has to cut them, lakhan cutted them, well done son. mithilesh smirks. phulan says its lakhan who handles my business and priyom….priyom is seen riding bike with some girl….lakhan says i am going to the theka he greets phulan and badi amma and leaves he steps out of the haveli and sees poonam from window spreading the aarti and gets mesmerized.

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  1. Great yr but its too short ,,,,,, nd best of luck for next ff

  2. Too short.. Plz try to make it lenghty from nxt nd all d bstt

  3. wow!!!khatarnak laakhan and pyari poonam <3 plz update the next part and make it lil laakham

  4. thnk u ollz……….i’ll make the next one lenghty : )

  5. Yarr plz don’t stop writing the ff it is awsm love it.

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