I asked Rohan- it seems u know suhani very well..
He replied- yes.. Since a year.. By the way, I called her Mother India.. How do u know her name?
I said- I heard somebody calling her by name while coming here..
We had a handshake and I left..

I was in no mood to discuss about the project that time.. Since morning, my day got bad to worse.. God knew what else was left to be seen.. I wanted to be home.. I took a taxi and was on the way.. Sambhav and Rohan were all over my mind.. I really wanted the ground to swallow either the two pests up or me!!

I was home, all alone.. I went to our neighbour’s place to bring back yuvaan.. I could take care of my son.. And I locked the door from inside, as I didn’t want any stranger to enter the home, searching for my wife to meet her..
I made yuvaan sleep in his cradle in suhani’s room.. It was 11.30 a.m.. The first half of the day had been too bad for me.. I wished the second half to be good at least..

I made coffee for both of us, and then realized she wasn’t there.. I took my mug and left the other one on the table.. I turned on the TV, and the “scene of the day” appeared on the screen.. I grinned and changed the channel.. My neighbour’s visit with bouquet for my wife early morning appeared on the screen.. I felt pissed off anyd turned it off.. I had nothing at all to do..
I went to suhani’s room, and looked around for something interesting.. I checked the drawers and found two photo albums in one of them.. One of them was titled “Golden moments” while the other one was “You & Me”..
I thought to see the latter one first coz I probably knew what was there.. She had captured the moments we had spent together in that album, the first pic being our wedding pic.. I went through the pics recalling the moments and smiling.. I felt like I was re-living them.. On the back cover of the album, she had written, “I love you Mr. Halki Daadhi Bikhre Baal”.. I ran my fingers through the writing and said “I lo……..” I stopped and closed that album..

I thought for a few secs and opened the other album.. There were pics of suhani and yuvaan, some solo and some together.. In some pics, sambhav/ his family/ rohan were also there with them.. I realised about my loss!!

I was desperate to get them back in my life.. I kept thinking what to do.. The trance of my thoughts broke as I heard yuvaan crying.. His crying grew louder.. I took him into my arms and tried to calm him down.. I got milk for him and feeded him.. I giggled with him for sometime..

I looked at my watch.. It was getting 4 pm and I hadn’t had my lunch.. I thought to call suhani and ask her when will she come back.. I called her and asked when would she be home..
Su- I’ll be leaving in sometime..
Just then, I heard rohan telling her- MI, shall we leave?
Su- for what?? Oh I forgot about it..
Ro- did u have ur lunch?
Su- not yet..
Ro- even I didn’t have it, so we can have dinner too.. What say?
Su- ok sir..
Su (to me)- yuvraj, I’ll be late.. Talk to u later..
Me- but suhani where……

I stopped as I realized she had disconnected the call.. I frowned and threw my phone on the bed out of anger.. I knew it wasn’t intentional, but I felt like she avoided me.. I recalled the times when I had avoided her intentionally, and realised how she must have felt.. Tears started flowing from my eyes.. I clenched my fists.. I was sweating.. I fell on my knees, folded my hands tightly and cried as loud as I could!!


I went to an exhibition of sarees with rohan sir about which he had told me in the morning.. He wanted to gift a saree to mam for the annual function.. But we had taken two as they were too lovely to let go.. Mam was too lucky to have a loving hubby like rohan sir.. We even had dinner before going back home..


The doorbell rang.. I rushed to open it, only to find suhani with rohan.. They smiled seeing me.. I had to fake a smile.. There was a packet in suhani’s hand..
I murmured- oh.. They went for shopping and then dinner..
They came inside and rohan wished to see yuvaan.. I grinned.. Suhani brought him and rohan took him in his arms.. He talked to him..
After sometime, he was about to leave as it was already getting 7.. But then, suhani handed over the packet to him..
Ro- if u want, u can also keep one saree else I’ll get scolding at home..
Suhani refused, but he insisted and she agreed..
Ro- by the way suhani, u can even put on that red saree tomorrow which u wore when three of us had spent the entire night in the farmhouse!!

I was taken aback after hearing the “dialogue of the day”.. I stared at him and then looked at suhani.. She smiled at him and nodded.. I left from there and went to my room.. Rohan’s words echoed in my ears again and again..
I said to myself-Suhani and yuvaan with rohan?? Does suhani has physical……..? No… Then what were they doing there?
My thoughts headed towards the direction where I didnt want them to lead..


I was talking to rohan sir when I heard the sound of the door being shut.. It seemed things were not fine.. He left and I walked towards yuvraj’s room..
I could hear him throwing things out of anger.. I asked him to open the door.. And he just asked me to leave.. There was a mess.. And then, the doorbell rang.. I opened the door.. It was sambhav..
I asked him- u here?
He asked me if everything was fine..
I said yes..
He questioned on the noise that could be heard even outside.. Before I could say anything, yuvraj stormed out of the room frustrated, and moved me aside..
He grabbed Sam’s collar and asked- what the hell is ur problem? Why do u keep hanging around suhani?
I looked on, and asked him to leave Sam.. But he didn’t listen..
Sam tried to free himself and said- excuse me.. What do u mean?? I just heard the noise and so I thought…..
Yuv interrupted- u thought its another nice chance to meet her, right? From next time, don’t even ring the doorbell.. We don’t need u.. Got it?
Sam- who are u to say that??
Yuv fumed and pushed Sam as hard as he could.. Sam’s forehead got hit by the handle of the door of his flat.. He was bleeding.. I screamed out his name and walked to help him..
He got up.. I looked at yuvraj angrily.. I didn’t feel he had any regrets for his actions..
I yelled out- what the hell is wrong with u? Why are u behaving like this?
Yuv- oh.. So now u will argue with me for this stranger..
I replied- sambhav is not a stranger, but I really don’t know the yuvraj standing in front of me!!
He fumed and walked away..

Guys I hope u enjoyed it.. 🙂

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