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I came back after cleaning the bottle..
Me- if u dont mind, can I feed him?
She nodded..
I thanked her..
Su- u dont need to thank me for this.. Its ur right..
I smiled and feeded him..
Me- so our prince has finished the milk..
I wiped his mouth and kissed his cheek..
I wished them goodnight and went to my room..

I thought to myself- so many things happened today.. Meeting suhani and yuvaan after so long, seeing her with sam, ackwardness between us, and finally our friendship..

My phone rang.. It was Mr. Malhotra.. He apologised to me for cancelling our meeting next day as he had to leave for delhi urgently for around a week.. I said I had no problem and would wait.. He said he would inform me after he return..

I watched the video I had made twice.. I wished if I could be a part of it!!
I shared the video with sharad and Bhawana on Whatsapp. They wanted to meet suhani and yuvaan, hug them, talk to them and lots more!!


I took my phone and called the manager of our office to inform him that I wouldn’t be able to come to work for a week.. But as usual, he burst out saying he would fire me and I answered him back saying I would fire him before that .. That wasn’t the first time he behaved like that; I had the support of Rohan Sir, the owner of this business.. The rude manager couldn’t fire anyone without his permission..
If he was a room-heater, Rohan Sir was an AC..

AC reminded me that yuvraj couldn’t sleep without it.. And there was no AC in our flat.. He will have to struggle all night.. I thought I should see him once..
I knocked at the door twice, but he didn’t reply.. I slowly opened it, and to my surprise, I found him asleep.. There was a slight smile on his face, as if he got all that he wanted.. But what??
I left from there..



Suhani was completely fine.. She could walk on her own feet, without anybody’s support..
I was to meet Mr. Malhotra..
Even suhani was to leave for work..

There was a knock.. I opened the door, only to honour that Sambhav early morning.. He had a bouquet in his hand, with maximum roses..
He wished me good morning..
I replied sarcastically- a very good morning.. U here? And these flowers?
He said smiling- for suhani..

His words pinched my heart..
I thought- Now this stranger started bringing flowers for my wife unoccasionally.. God knows how many times he would have done this before.. Or what else he must have gifted her..
I asked- unoccasionally?
He answered- no Mr. Birla.. Suhi got well.. And this is no less than any occasion for me.. Will u plz call her?
I fumed and replied firmly, clenching my fists- she has left for work.. U can give me, I’ll give it to her..
He nodded smiling and handed over the bouquet to me.. I smiled.. He thanked me and left..

I closed the door and threw the bouquet angrily in the dustbin.. A thorn hurt my palm.. It pained.. But not as much as my heart did..
Just then, suhani called out my name.. She was standing in front of me.. She was wearing a pink and yellow kurti..
I turned around and she was there..
She asked me what was I doing there..
I said- Actually Sambhav got a bouquet for u and I had to throw it..
She got emotional and asked- why did u throw it?
She said- oh.. But why did he get them? Without any occasion..
I told her the reason that was stated by Sambhav..
She laughed and said- that’s sambhav.. He always looks for reasons to make people happy, to find reasons to celebrate.. Such a lively guy.. Isn’t he?

Just for her, I nodded faking a smile..
I murmured- and to find reasons to get closer to a married lady who also has a kid?
She asked me- what are u murmuring?
I replied- nothing.. Just sambhav’s goodness.. Ummm…. Shall we leave?
She nodded and said- I’ll get my bag..

I don’t know why did I lie to her.. If she later got to know and called me a coward or something else, I wouldn’t hurt me much as all that I did was to my wife from a man who has been eyeing on her since long..

The trance of my thoughts broke as she came..
We left, leaving yuvaan with sambhav’s mom and sis, as she always did..
Gauri took yuvaan from my arms and called me a baby stealer again.. We argued for a few mins..
I noticed suhani wasn’t there.. Aunty told that she left when I was arguing with gauri as she was getting late..
I too left and took a taxi..

I reached their office and entered Mr. Malhotra’s cabin.. We introduced ourselves and discussed about the new project.. He said that he would call his p.a.
He called but she didn’t pick up..
He murmured to himself- I’m sure Mr. Roy must be troubling Mother India again..
I asked- whoz this Mother India?
Ro- my p.a.

Somebody knocked at the door..
Ro- yes MI.. Come..
PA- sir tomorrow its…..
I recognized her voice and turned to see.. Even she was shocked to see me there and stopped speaking.. We had an ackward eye-contact..

There was an invitation card in her hand.. She came to invite him, for what? I had no clue.. She wanted to give the 1st card to Rohan.. Fine..
I looked away..

Ro- u were saying something..
Su- sir.. Tomorrow its the 10th annual function of Malhotra Industries..
Ro (slapping his forehead)- oh ya.. I forgot.. Are the invitation cards ready?
Su- yes sir.. Please see if u like it..
She walked and stood beside his chair.. They were too close.. She showed it to him.. He praised her work and asked her to give the 1st card to me..
She wrote my name on the card and invited me formally..
Ro- how do u know his name?

We looked at each other.. Probably, I didn’t know how she felt each time while introducing people to me, her ex-husband!!
Su- Sir..
I interrupted- leave it Mr. Rohan.. It doesn’t matter..
Ro- u know what MI, this is the reason I like u so much..
We looked on..
Ro- I mean, u take care of everything and everyone.. By the way, I wanted to show u something..
He showed something on his phone and she became very happy..
She was still standing there, and out of her happiness, she put her hand on his shoulder.. She may not have recognized this, but I did!!
What the hell did he show that made her so happy?

Su was about to turn around when she hit something, losing her balance, and fell over him!!
I got up immediately extending my hand to help her, calling out “Suhani……..”
Rohan’s hands were on her shoulders.. Suhani’s one hand was holding his wrist while the other was on his chest.. Their faces were less than an inch apart..
She moved a lil away and apologised to him..

So, this was the “scene of the day..” I already had a life full of messes to clean up, and this man was going to add one more..

Rohan asked her to take charge of the decorations for the party.. She nodded and left.. He kept staring at her smiling while she left.. I stared daggers at him!!

Guys I hope u enjoyed it.. 😉

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