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I asked him- don’t u have any work right now?
Sam- I’ve, but I know what to do and when..
Before I could say anything, suhani came out..
She was still the same old suhani who didn’t apply make-up.. But yeah, her dressing and hairstyle were different.. She was wearing a pink kurti with yellow borders and a leggings.. Her hair was open.. I was completely mesmerised by her..

Sam- u look beautiful, as always..
She smiled and thanked him for the compliment..
I felt jealous of him, as I couldn’t even compliment my wife!!
Sam thanked me for putting excessive salt in the food, as he got a chance to take her with him..
I faked a smile.. Suhani looked at me..
I said angrily- think once again sam.. Doc has asked suhani for bed rest..
Sam- I know yuvraj.. At least u don’t need to teach me to take care of a lady, who couldn’t take care of his wife..
Su interrupted angrily- sambhav!! Better u don’t talk about our married life..
He looked at suhani and said- ok fine.. I’m taking u to the 2nd floor for dinner.. Now u will ask me how will u climb up the stairs, right? Don’t worry, I’ll take u there..
I looked at him angrily, and then at her.. She nodded to him, and then looked at me..
Sam- let’s go suhani..
She got up and tried to walk.. His hands were over her shoulder.. I looked away and they left..
As they stepped out of the flat, I heard suhani saying- I don’t think I’ll be able to walk upstairs now, so plz postpone the dinner..

And my son came to our rescue.. He woke up and started crying..
I went to the room and carried him in my arms.. I tried to make him quiet, but he continued to cry.. I couldn’t understand what to do..
Suddenly an idea stuck me.. I thought to sing a Lori..


When I heard yuvaan crying, I asked sam to take me back to my home.. He took me there and left.. I stopped my chair outside the room when I heard yuvraj saying that he would sing a Lori.. I laughed silently and waited to hear..
He seemed thoughtful, as if he didn’t know any.. But don’t know why, I felt he wouldn’t let his son cry for long..
He sang the song “kaise mujhe tum mil gayi”.. I recalled my bday.. He had sung the same song for me, and we even danced together..
I got back to my senses when I heard him whistling the tune of the last part of the song..
Yuvaan was smiling, and yuvraj too.. But there were tears flowing from my eyes..
That moment was very precious for me.. I took out my phone and started recording a video to capture that moment.. I felt I should let them spend some time together, so I left from there..

I felt kinda guilty for separating a father from his son..
I thought, “So what if he didn’t love me, he would have loved his son beyond words.. But why did he choose that song? Does he…….??”

I closed my eyes and recalled some of our lovable moments.. And then recalled our first night and his bitterness towards me..
I opened my eyes, shut my ears and screamed, “NO!!”
I touched my forehead and said to myself, “Get back to ur senses suhani.. Yuvraj treats u as a friend, or may be best friend, but nothing more than that.. He can never love u.. Never!!”

I felt a hand over my shoulder from behind.. I wiped my tears and turned back.. It was yuvraj!!
He sat down infront of me.. I asked him to sit on the sofa as i was on the chair..
He refused and said- what will change if I sit on the sofa? I know I have given u pain that can never be healed.. U’r crying coz of me, right?
I interrupted looking away- yuvraj, I think we should forget about the past..
He held my hand and said- ok fine.. I end this topic here.. But there is a condition..
He asked me to wait and left from there..
He came back after 15 mins with samosas..
Yuv- for u..
I asked- from where did u get them?
He asked me to just have it..
I could recognize its smell.. I understood he had made it himself.. But why??
I started eating..
He asked me whether I liked it..
I nodded smiling..
He wiped my tears and asked me to finish it..


She said- even u are hungry..
I replied- no.. I’m ok..
She insisted me to have it..
We shared the samosas..
Su- I’m sorry yuvraj..
Me- for what?
Su- for taking yuvaan away from u..
I looked on.. She looked sideways..
Me- even I’m sorry..
Su- for what?
Me- for being the reason behind it.. But now we will stay together forever..

We had an ackward eye-contact..
I realized what I just said!!
Once again, I gave her hopes- true or false ones, I didn’t know..
She tried to change the topic and asked- why did u come to bangalore?
I replied- for a deal with…..
Before I could complete, we heard yuvaan crying..
Su- I need to feed him milk now..
Me- ok.. I’ll boil it and get it..
She nodded and left.. And I headed towards the kitchen..

I boiled the milk and carried it in a glass.. Before I could enter her room, I heard her saying to our son- dont cry beta.. Ur papa is getting boiled milk for u.. There will be no germs.. And our prince yuvaan will be healthy..
They smiled..
I smiled too, and kept the milk aside and recorded that precious moment..
I took the milk, and she gave me the bottle..
Me- wait, I will clean it in two mins..
Su- but yuvraj its already cleaned..
Me- so what.. Germs might have entered after u cleaned it.. I can’t risk my son’s health..
She smiled slightly..
As I turned to leave, she said to yuvaan, “babu, just 5 more mins.. Ur papa has safai ka keeda..”
I turned back.. She laughed looking at me.. I left smiling..

Guyz let me know if I’m dragging it too much.. Plz do comment.. Criticisms / suggestions are also welcome..

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    You are one of the best writters …

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    Napsha Darling this is perfection, you are definitely not dragging x


    This was insanely cute, heart warming and just every other lovable feeling. I loved it sooooo much! I cant wait foe the next epi! Dragging? No way.

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