She continued to beat me on my arms..
I showed her my muscles and said like her bachchan saab- mard ko kabhi dard nahi hota.. Hayeen……
She laughed at this and said- nice, but u can never beat my B.Saab..
I gave up, just for that happiness on her face.. Which I always wanted to see!!
I said- ok, u won..
She demanded her samosas.. I scolded her saying they are unhealthy.. She pouted and looked away.. I silently smiled slightly and left, asking her to sleep as she needed to rest.. She frowned, calling me Sadu..
I smiled and left..

I called sharad and asked him how to make samosas..
Sh (smiling)- omg.. U’r cooking.. For whom?
Me- ummm…. For myself..
Sh- don’t lie when u can’t..
Me- will u help me or not?
Sh- first u have to tell me that u’r cooking for su bh..
He continued to tease me, and I was blushing.. But I pretended to be an angry young man in front of him..
I replied controlling my smile- yes.. Any problem..??
Sh- no no guru.. Why will I have problem?? I’m very happy..

Me- chal chal.. Now tell me..
Sh- what to tell guru.. I never made samosas for Bhawana ji..
Me- then go and ask her..
Bhawana snatched the phone from sharad and scolded me for not sharing anything with her.. I apologised and she agreed to help me..
She even called suhani lucky to have a loving and caring hubby like me!!
Bh- be careful yuvraj.. Suhani can smell samosas from 2 kms also.. We laughed..

I went to check if she was awake.. She was sleeping peacefully.. I put the blanket over her, closed the door and started cooking..

The samosas were almost ready when I heard the sound of a door being opened.. I immediately hid them and stepped out of the kitchen in a hurry.. I collided with her.. We were about to fell but we held each other and hugged without even realising!!

We broke the hug when we heard someone coughing.. It was sambhav.. He always had to interrupt.. I was deprived of having a private moment with my wife, all thanks to that stranger!!

Su- what were u doing in the kitchen? I can smell something..
I said- u always feel hungry that’s why.. Actually I was trying to make something, but its all wasted as I had put salt in double quantity.. So I have thrown it in the dustbin..
She asked- but why? I could have helped u..

Sam- suhi.. How are u feeling now?
She replied smiling- better..
Sam- I know u are hungry, so let’s go out for dinner..
I waited for her response.. She refused to go, but he insisted..
And she agreed.. My eyes got teary!!

Su- let me get ready at least..
Sam- u look perfect always.. Now if u will get ready, then don’t blame me if I propose u..
I looked on..
Su laughed and said- stop joking sambhav.. A lawyer like u deserves the best..
She went to change..
I felt like threatening that lawyer.. But I stopped myself.. Coz he was suhani’s friend..

He kept staring at the door smiling, as if he was planning to propose her, and was taking her for a date, rather than a dinner..
And I stared angrily at him!!

Guys I hope u enjoyed it..

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  5. Wow napsha icant tell u how much i enjoyed ur ff.every moment of yuvani was very cute.yuvaraj feeling jealous of sambhav it was very.pls post regularly like this this is awesome.

  6. NAPSHa J

    thank u so much for ur comments guys.. I’ll try to update asap.. 🙂
    sambhav is back in ssel!! ;( ;(

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