Guys its a short epi as I was creating my first VM on our YuvAni.. We have seen lots of VMs on their cute scenes, so I have created a different one with their arguments, fights, painful scenes.. Hope u will like it..
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She broke the hug and cried- he has got high fever..
I had forgotten about it..
I calmed her down and asked her for Sam’s no…
I talked to him..
And then told her that his mom had taken yuvaan to the doc and he was fine..
She felt relieved..
She demanded to go home..
I ordered her to rest..
Nurse said- u’r very lucky mam.. Ur husband loves u a lot..
We looked at each other and then looked away..
It was an ackward moment for us.. Y do everyone keep saying that I love her?? I don’t do.. I just care for her.. I enjoy being with her.. Nothing more than that!!

She asked me- howz everyone at home? Maa? P.a. bhaiya? Soumya?
I said- everything changed after u left.. Nothing was fine..
She asked stammering- u must be very happy with soumya..
I asked sarcastically- do u really think so?
She looked at me..
I continued- a week after u left, I met with an accident and got paralysed.. And soumya refused to marry me saying she couldn’t spend her life with a handicapped.. And she ran away..

Suhani was shocked to know this..
She apologised to me for leaving me so that I could marry that soumya..
I also told her about amit’s death and shawana’s marriage..

I wanted to ask her whether she would come home with me, but just before I could ask, she placed another question infront of me..
She asked- I hope u got the divorce papers.. did u……did u sign them?
I kept mum..

Just then, Sam entered.. He asked me to get up and took my place.. He sat on the tool and held her hand..
He started- thank God u’r fine.. Feeling better na?
She nodded and looked at me..
I stared at her..

She again demanded to go home..
I said- suhani u need rest..
Sam interrupted- Mr. Birla.. If my suhi wants to go home, I’ll take her there..
I got angry and said- do as u like..
Sam talked to the doc.. Doc said that suhani wouldnt be able to walk properly for a week due to injury and should take complete rest..

Sam asked suhani to get up, and he would support her.. I was frustrated.. Just then, a nurse came and said- sir plz complete all the formalities..
Sam nodded..
I thanked the nurse for making sam leave..
Nurse- thanks for what?
I thought for 5 secs and said- for taking care..
Nurse- its our duty to take care of our patients..
Sam left..
I smiled..


He asked me to get up.. As I stood up, he held by my shoulders.. He helped me to walk and made me sit on the wheel chair..
I thanked him..
He said- now I will be ur driver unless u get well.. So tell me, where do u wana go right now?
I replied smiling- out of the hospital..
We laughed and he took me out..

Guys do comment on the VM as well as the epi..

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  1. Nice episode…..

  2. Nice episode….

  3. Napsha that was very nice.ur really an amzing writter.we all missed u so much.

  4. I saw ur VM it is Awesome….i liked that english version in the starting…enjoyed both vm & episode…..

    1. NAPSHa J

      thanks suba.. I love the song.. especially the English part and the beats.. that’s y I chose it..

  5. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    wow di it’s really awsm epi..

  6. A.Tejaswi

    nice episode dii!! U are an expert!!!

  7. awesome epi

  8. Continue plz.


    I am blown away, your amazing writing holds so much emotion and i feel ever morsel of it. Your writing takes me to another world filled with lots and lots of sweet YuvAni… AND YOUR VM!! MAN, IT WAS THE BEST!!! It brought back such fresh memories and it really showed the strength of their love, and that they loved each other whether they were angry or not. Which is what we love about our Yuvani. How do you get the clips to make a vm? I have been wanting to try to make one for ages.

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank u so much Shreya.. I had downloaded those episodes.. U can get short clips on net..

  10. NAPSHa J

    Thanks for the appreciation guys.. I’m overwhelmed.. 🙂 🙂

  11. Awesome vm…one of d best vms i have seen till now…..hats off?

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thank u soooo much sis.. 🙂

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