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I took a taxi and asked the driver to take me to Malhotra industries..
On the way, there was a huge crowd.. Probably an accident had taken place.. I got out of the taxi to see..
Before I could see the victim, he/she was taken to the hospital.. But there was a pool of blood on the road which meant that the accident was a major one.. The crowd left.. I heard a baby crying..
I turned to see.. A driver was trying to make him quiet.. I walked towards him, don’t know why..
I asked the driver- what happened here? Wherez the child’s mother?
He replied- as she got out of the car, another car came and hit her.. And just ran away..

I asked him to hand over the baby to me once..
I couldnt explain the feeling of having that cutie pie in my arms.. He stopped crying in just 2 mins.. I felt some kind of attachment with him.. Didn’t feel like leaving him.. I realized my lil child is also there somewhere with suhani.. He must also be like this baby.. His smile was so cute.. His innocence reminded me of suhani.. I thought about her for a while and then asked the driver to take me to the hospital.. He nodded and I got into the car with the baby..
The driver called his master and informed him about the accident..

We reached the hospital.. As I got out of the car, I rushed inside and collided with someone.. To my surprise, it was none other than that psycho gauri..
She started her nonsense and called me a baby stealer when she saw the baby in my arms..
Sambhav came there and took the baby, saying hez suhi’s child and she had an accident.. I thought I should see her once before leaving..

We headed towards the receptionist.. Sam asked for the lady who was just admitted..
Rec- ya.. 2 ladies were admitted.. Whom are u searching for?
I said- suhi..
Sam interrupted- suhani..
I looked at him completely shocked!!
Was he talking about my suhani??

Rec- Shez in OT.. By the way, plz fill this form..
Sam handed over the baby to me and started filling the form..
It took the hell out of me when I saw him writing the patient’s name Suhani Shrivastav!!

I looked at the baby again.. Oops.. My baby..
Tears started to roll down my eyes..
We went inside.. Sam looked at suhani through the glass on the door of OT.. But I wasn’t strong enough to see her in that state..
And I couldn’t resist as well!!

I thought for a while and somehow managed to walk towards the OT.. My son started crying.. I saw a glimpse of her after a year and that too in that state.. It wasnt easy for me..
Sam’s mom too arrived.. She was concerned for suhani, just like maa or lata aunty..

My son was my responsibility that time..
His cute lil fingers.. The feeling of having my son in my arms.. I realised I had lost the happiness of seeing my son growing 6 months old.. The feeling of having my lil family.. I realised what I had lost..
Sam took him from me and said- unless suhi gets well, yuvaan is my responsibility..

“Yuvaan.. My son Yuvaan.. Hez my resp, not urs.. And suhani too..” I thought.. And looked towards the OT..
After half an hour, the doc came out and told that she was fine and would wake up within 3-4 hours..
We thanked God.. Sam asked his mom and sis to go home and rest.. He even asked me to leave, but I refused on the pretext that I couldn’t leave them and I had no place to stay..
Before he could say anything, his phone rang..
He told he needed to leave for an urgent meeting and would be back soon.. I nodded.. They left taking yuvaan away..

There was absolute silence.. I saw a woman having samosa and recalled suhani’s craze for it..
I walked to and fro for 3 hours and then stepped inside the OT.. She was unconscious.. I slowly walked towards her and sat beside her..
Tears weren’t ready to leave my eyes..
I said- wake up suhani.. Ur present state is killing me.. Wake up please..
I moved my hand to hold hers, but stopped when I realised that she had broken all ties with me.. Or did I do that unknowingly..
I held her hand..


I slowly opened my eyes, oblivious of where I was.. Plus that killing headache..
I felt somebody holding my hand, and crying.. His tears made my hand wet..
“Is it yuvr… He can’t be here..” I thought..

I looked to my left and found him sitting on a tool.. He was crying..


I was lost in our memories..
Suddenly I felt some movement in her hand… I looked at her.. Her eyes were open.. How could I forget them.. They were still full of love for me..
I wiped my tears, and her eyes filled up with tears..
I wanted to wipe them, but then realised that I was the reason behind them.. I was feeling guilty..
She moved her hand and I left it..
She looked here and there, and then tried to take the jug of water..
I got up and gave her a glass of water.. She thanked me..
I asked her- are u feeling better? She nodded..
And then asked me- u here??
I replied- my fate has brought me here but it seems u’r not happy to see me..
She- no.. Nothing like that.. Wherez yuvaan?
I said- don’t worry.. Our son is with gauri and her mom..
I realised what I just said.. We had a painful eyelock..
She- plz get him here.. I wana see if hez alright..

Doc came and asked her about her health..
She said she was fine and wanted to go home to her son..
Doc- but u need rest..
She was bent.. I tried to calm her down and assured her that hez safe.. She cried and hugged me.. I hugged her back for the first time ever!!

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  1. Aqsxxh

    beautiful Napsha, absolutely beautiful- yet so heartbreaking. My heart intoxiated to the brim of happiness, delight, sadness and somewhat anger (anger for Sam and the car driver), it was such a small, but emotion filled episode, I loved it x

  2. Bapsha napsha.what r u doing to me.The curiosity increase so much.

  3. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    yaar u really made me full of emotions in my heart.. wen ever I read ur ff.. I felt am a suhani…. really no one lik u….. u just nailed by ur words…. I can’t explain how u made it… stunning ff….. u r great!!


    Really… there is no one quite like you di. This was small but held so much emotions i thought i would erupt. Your writing is so so so gorgeous, im enveloped by your story, please update soon im so excited xx

  5. Wow..its super cute, lovely,fantastic ff???…dont end it soon plzz…eagerly waiting for ur every update.

  6. amazing yaar its is full of emotions i just loved it really very beautiful.i very excited abt nxt epi plz update it soon.

  7. A.Tejaswi

    Amazing.Can’t express my emotions after reading this.You r truly awesome

  8. NAPSHa J

    Thanks for ur lovely comments guys.. I’ll try to submit the next epi today.. 🙂 🙂

  9. Napsha ur ff has never failed to get a smmile on my face.episode was very emotional.pls update nxt epi as early as possible.

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thanks dear.. Its already submitted.. 🙂

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