LAAGI TUMSE MANN KI LAGAN (Epi-24: Last episode)

Hi guys.. Herez the last epi of this ff.. Its an extremely hot and lengthy one 😉 and took 3-4 days of efforts.. Plz leave a lil descriptive comments.. Like u may share which part(s)/ scene(s)/ dialogue(s) u liked the most or something like an analysis of the epi..

LAAGI TUMSE MANN KI LAGAN (Epi-24: Last episode)

YuvAni walk down the stairs hand in hand.. The guests adore the couple..


I was very happy.. Everyone I knew in the city were there.. They all wished me.. I introduced them to yuvraj.. Bhawana di and pa bhaiya came with yuvaan.. They asked me to hold him and took our family pic- yuvraj, me and yuvaan..

Rohan sir brought the cake.. I cut it and feeded yuvraj first.. He feeded me back and then they all did my make-up with the cake..

Muzic began.. ‘Dekha hazaaron dafaa aapko’ played.. Everyone walked to the dance floor.. It was changing partner dance.. Our partners changed but our eyes were on each other.. We went to our own world, the ‘YuvAni world’ where we danced together romantically and there was no one except us..

After the party, the guests started to leave.. We were to stay there for the night, along with shawana, rohan, his wife, and Sam’s family.. All went to their respective rooms.. I looked around for suhani, but she couldn’t be seen.. I checked everywhere, and at last, I entered our room..

There was complete darkness..
I said- may be, suhani isn’t here.. I should call her once..
I kept my coat on the chair and was about to take out my phone when I heard the sound of matchstick being lightened.. I turned to see.. She was burning the candles, facing the other side.. I recognized her by her saree.. The room was decorated with flowers and a few candles as well.. There were rose petals on the bed.. I smiled seeing all that.. The smell of the flowers made my mood..

I thought to myself- what’s all this? What’s she upto? Is she ready to………? But why is she ignoring me as if I’m not here?
I looked at her.. She was still busy lighting the candles.. I could see her long, silky hair falling over her bare back above her blouse..
I walked a step towards her when I couldn’t stand the distance between us anymore.. But stopped myself thinking whether she was ready or she did all that just to thank me..


I knew he was thinking why did I do all that.. But I decided not to tell him myself.. He had to make it out.. I was doing that to remove all ackwardness between us, forever..

He stood behind me and coughed.. I knew it was intentional as he wanted me to speak up.. But I didn’t say a word.. I was done with the candles.. I turned towards him..


I got a glimpse of her face, as if I saw the moon at night.. Her eyes were closed.. She was holding the candle.. She slowly opened her eyes.. She met my gaze..
I said- suhani…………
I didn’t know what I had to ask or say..
She asked me normally- do u wana say something?
I said stammering- yes.. Actually I wana say that………
She gave me a blank look, and then said- u think what to say, I’ll just come..
She passed by me and I stopped her by holding her pallu.. I turned around and walked towards her..
I whispered into her ear from behind- I love you..
She turned towards me.. We looked deep into each other’s eyes..

(‘Soch na sake’ plays in bgm)

She broke the trance after a few secs and said- yuv………
She stopped as I put my finger on her lips.. She looked down.. I lifted her face and cupped it with both my hands..
I took the candle from her hand and blew it off and said- I don’t wana see anything tonight.. Except u!!

There was a broad smile on her face.. I knew she felt shy..
She held my hands and said- I love u too yuvraj.. I love u loads.. U know, loving u could take my life, but when I look into your eyes, I know u’r worth that sacrifice!!

I pulled her closer and said- I don’t need such sacrifice from u.. Don’t u dare think of leaving me again..
I made an angry face and looked away..
She said- ok sorry.. Now don’t become Sadu Kumar..
I nodded smiling.. She too smiled..
I said- I wana see u smiling like this always..
She walked closer to me and said- then take me to a world where therez nobody except us.. Which is full of love..

I said- close ur eyes suhani..
She obeyed it..
I held her face and brought mine closer.. Our faces were less than an inch apart.. All I was aware of was her..

I turned her around and grabbed her by her shoulders.. We were breathing heavily.. My heart was racing.. I could hear her heartbeat as well.. I too closed my eyes as I just wanted to feel her.. I could smell her hair, then I moved it to one side and kissed every inch of her bare back above her blouse..

I said in the most romantic and passionate tone I could:
“I love you more than all the stars in the sky,
I love you more as each moment passes us by…..”


Hearing that, I turned towards him.. I started to lose control over myself.. I buried his face into my neck and he showered soft kisses there.. I ran my fingers through his hair..
I didn’t stop him from getting closer to me even when I was in a dilemma whether he really loved me.. But now, there were no doubts or confusions.. Everything was crystal clear- we loved each other, needed each other, wanted each other..

He said:
“I love you more with every breath I take,
I love you more with each promise we make…..”

I was filled with the desire to complete the task which I left mid-way when he was drunk.. I rested my face on his chest and unbuttoned his shirt!!


I understood she was ready.. We were excited for what we were going to engage in.. I grabbed her by her waist.. Our noses touched.. I closed my eyes and touched her lips with mine.. She ran her fingers all over my back underneath my shirt.. We had a passionate lip-lock for a few mins.. I tasted her lips for the first time.. We had consummated our marriage a year ago; the only regret was that I was drunk and couldn’t remember anything.. But that time, I was in my senses, and I wanted to make it the most beautiful night of her lifetime.. I knew that we had already started it and it might become difficult for us to stop.. But I didn’t care!!

I carried her in my arms and placed her on the bed.. I laid on top of her.. She took my shirt off and dropped it on the floor.. I kissed her forehead, her eyes, her nose, her cheek, her lips and her chin.. She ran her fingers through my hair, arms and my back.. I lowered her blouse from her shoulder and kissed there.. I slowly moved down and kissed her waist.. She turned to her right and I untied the knot on the back of her blouse.. We intertwined our fingers as tightly as we could.. The warmth of her body provided me the comfort which I had been longing for since a year.. We continued to make love till we were completely exhausted and went off to sleep!!


Next morning……
As I opened my eyes, I realized our state and blushed reminiscing about the night.. I looked at him.. He looked like lil yuvaan sleeping.. I felt his hand around my waist..
I slowly moved it aside when he murmured- what’s this?
I looked at him..
He was speaking in slumber- don’t u know my wife bought oranges at Rs.40/dozen from u 2 days ago.. How can u charge 50?

I covered my mouth and laughed silently.. I picked up my saree which was lying on the floor and wrapped it around myself.. I got up and went to get ready..


Few drops of water sprinkled over my face and woke me up.. I rubbed my eyes and then opened them.. She was wiping her hair with the towel, looking towards the mirror and smiling to herself..

I said- good morning..
She replied in a very low voice- good morning..
We smiled looking at each other through the mirror..
Just then, my dearest sis-in-law called for her and she asked me to get ready and left..

After 3 months….….
I was home, too late at night due to work.. She was deep asleep.. I changed, freshened up and laid beside her..
I smiled as I thought- Just a few more months, and my 2nd baby will be in my arms.. I’ll see him/her growing up in front of my eyes, and will fulfil all my responsibilities which I couldn’t do for yuvaan.. I’ll try to be the best husband and father as well..
I smiled and held her hand..

Maa was the happiest when I brought her home, and dadi and rags-men were angry but I didnt care.. I wanted to leave BH with suhani and yuvaan, but stayed back only for maa.. I made it clear to them that if anybody troubled suhani, I won’t spare her.. After that, nobody dared to hurt or taunt suhani.. Infact, dadi didn’t even look at her.. It was better for suhani, and dadi too.. Poor Menka.. She became the new victim of dadi’s frustrations..

The chain of my thoughts broke as yuvaan started crying.. I got up and carried him in my arms, and tried to make him sleep again.. I didn’t want suhani to wake up as she needed complete rest.. He slept and I placed him back in his cradle..

I laid beside her again and put my hand over her stomach and said- I don’t know whether u will be a boy or a girl, fair or dark.. For me, u’ll be the most beautiful, like ur mom. I’ll try to become like Pankaj ji, who always stood by his children’s side, treated them equally and increased their self-confidence..

I tucked her hair behind her ear and admired her all night!!

**********THE END**********

Guys I’ve my exams in march and then in may.. So I’ll be back in may with my new ff.. And u all will be happy to know that it will be a sequel to my first ff ‘Tera hone laga hoon’ which ended with suhani’s death and yuvi getting insane and living with imaginary suhani.. People have been asking me since then (even now) to update it and reunite YuvAni.. I’ll be back after 4 months..
All the best to those whose exams are on the way.. Thanks to all for ur constant support and motivation.. Love u all.. 🙂 🙂


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  1. NAPSHa J

    Guys I forgot to mention that the 5th para beginning with “after the party…..” is in yuvi’s POV.. hope u understood it while reading..

  2. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    superbbb di. awsm ending…. my fav s suh lights candle nd wish yuvi to understand her…. tat was my fav.. tats really a awkwardness of husband nd wife….thinks understand with out telling her/ his feeling… awsm episode.. ur effort won’t waste. it’s really a mind blowing episode

    and di, ur ff soch na tha…. kab start karogi…

    1. NAPSHa J

      Thanks a lot di.. 🙂 I’ll continue with ‘socha na tha’ after my exams coz if I write now, I won’t be able to update regularly.. and after that, I’ll start the sequel to THLH..
      when are u updating ur ff?

      1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

        I post now only di. it may update n noon.. THLH also made me cry.. I too lost lik yuvi. I did not expect tat ending…. but i t was awsm filed with emotions… waiting fr tat soch na tha nd THLH….

      2. NAPSHa J

        Thanks di.. I’m waiting for it.. 🙂
        and I’ll start the new ff after my exams..

  3. Awesome episode. ..
    I liked the romance of YuvAni.
    And specially when yuvi was talking about orange in sleeping ha ha ha .. nice one..
    All the best for your exams ..

  4. napsha sis it is dam superb episode …every line is filled with love,care of yuvani.each scenes are very lovely nd romantic too.mostly that dialogue yuvraj says
    “I love you more than all the stars in the sky,
    I love you more as each moment passes us by..”

    “I love you more with every breath I take,
    I love you more with each promise we make…” i love these lines to cores.nd that last para too it is also very nice.i really love this ff nd going to miss it very much.
    i’m very excited abut ur coming new ff which related with ur ff ‘tera hone laga hoon’ this the first ff i have read and 1 of fav one.i remember story line upto now and the ending part made me cry.
    but in this ff u took us to yuvani’s world.i love them so much.

  5. Awesome episode iam a big fan of YuvAni hai somi saritha sselfan bhargavi iam here now thanks to inviting me pls comment that place also thanks guys

    1. K… U can see many YuvAni ff n really they r very good in writing… 🙂

  6. superb… superb.. superb.. episode di and awesome ending… i like that part when yuvi was talking about oranges in dream… it so funny..
    ur whole ff was tooo good..
    came back soon with ur new ff..
    and all the best for ur exams…

  7. Can’t say which is best coz I liked n loved full epic…. Superb…. All the best 4 ur exam

  8. Fantastic episode with our romantic YUVANI.. ur tis ff was wonderful.. every scene was jus a bliss to read.. ill surely be waiting for ur ffs n cme back with ur rocking ffs.. all the best for ur exams.. take care..

  9. sarita sharma

    Hotness cuteness awkwardness everything is here.begening yuvi hold her pallu se lekar end tak aisa laga jaise mere saamne screen chal rhi h.i blushing myself when i read yuvaani romance. Ending part fabulous when yuvi said my second baby is in suhani tummy. Ek episode m aapne puri story ko kah of luck for your exam.and back new ff.i wiil wait for u

  10. Superb yaar hot hot & cute yuvaani moments. Fullon yuvaani romance. Ending part is superb when yuvraj said my second baby is in suhani tummy. Jo ssel m kabhi nhi dikhaya wo aapna ff m dikha of luck for your exam.

  11. sarita sharma

    Hi yuvaani lover welcome

  12. Hi yuvaani lover welcome

  13. Napsha last scene i want to see in suhani.Actually it must be part of suhani.

  14. Thank you saritha sselfan iam so happy

  15. NAPSHa J

    Thank u so much for ur comments and wishes guys.. 🙂

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