LAAGI TUMSE MANN KI LAGAN (Epi-23: 2nd Last episode)

LAAGI TUMSE MANN KI LAGAN (Epi-23: 2nd Last episode)


There was absolute silence.. The weather was cloudy; there was a high probability that it would rain.. I looked at her.. She was staring at the door and smiling, as she felt shy..
I said- suhani……….

Just then, we heard sharad screaming- aauch..
We went towards the door.. And realised shawana were standing on the other side..
Bh- its bad manners to hear their personal talks like this..
Sh- plz Bhawana ji.. Guru called out bhabhi’s name and stopped.. God knows what’s going on..

We smiled silently..
Suhani said to make them hear- yuvraj.. Goodnight..
Sharad said- why are they so shy? I feel pity for yuvaan.. Will they ever get romantic? Or yuvaan will be their only son?
We felt ackward hearing that..
Bhawana asked sharad to come with her..


He walked two steps closer to me.. I couldn’t look into his eyes after hearing pa bhaiya’s words..
He placed his hands on my shoulders and said- relax suhani.. I’ll give u ur time and space.. I don’t wana take our relation ahead without ur will..

I loved him much more for what he said.. He showed respect for what I felt, but he didn’t knew that he had no objection in taking our relation ahead!!
I looked at him.. He nodded slightly and punched my cheek softly.. I smiled..
He asked- by the way, I hope u liked my gift..
I said- yes.. I loved it!!
He asked- let me know if u want something else too.. I’ll fulfil all ur wishes..
I nodded and hugged him..


We had planned a surprise birthday party for her at the farmhouse.. Rohan was supposed to get her there on the pretext of some urgent work..

It was already 6.30.. They reached.. Suhani was surprised to see the arrangements..
We saw each other.. I asked her to change as the guests would be arriving, and took her to the room upstairs..

She asked- yuvraj why did u plan here?
I replied- so that it could remain a surprise.. Wait..
I opened the cupboard and took out a gift..
She asked smiling- what’s in this?
I asked her to open it and see..
She opened it and said- wow.. Lovely saree.. By the way, what was the need? U’ve already done a lot for me..
I replied- suhani.. I’m not doing this coz I’m a Birla, but coz this is ur first birthday after my realization of love for u..
She looked straight into my eyes.. She was thinking something..


I said in mind- why do u love me so much yuvraj? Why? U have done a lot for me.. Now its my turn..
The trance of my thoughts broke when he said- suhani… R u fine?
I nodded.. He asked me to get ready as the guests would be arriving anytime..
I nodded..
He said- by the way, I love u..
I blushed and said- as if I don’t know..
He asked- what?
I pushed him out of the room and said- nothing..
I locked the door..
He knocked at the door..
I opened it and said- now what?
He stepped inside and said- actually I couldn’t hear what u said.. And u didn’t reply to what I said..
I pushed him out again and locked the door.. I leaned against the door..
He said from outside- ok fine.. I’m leaving, but I won’t give up so easily..
I blushed..
He said- now don’t blush..
I pretended to be stern and said stucking out my tongue- ooooooooo……..
Probably he left..
I recalled his ‘I love u’ a few mins ago and said softly with a smile- I love u too yuvraj..
He said- yes.. I heard it.. Thank u..
Saying that, he left..

I kept looking at the saree; it was a red one with golden borders.. I ran my fingers over it and smiled to myself..
Suddenly he knocked at the door and asked if I was ready..
I said- 10 mins..


After 10 mins, I knocked again and asked if she was ready..
She opened the door..
She looked like an Angel.. I was completely mesmerised by her.. It seemed the saree was made for her..
She asked smiling- how am I looking?
I walked closer to her and said- look into my eyes, and u will get ur answer..
We had an eye-lock..

She broke the trance and said- u go, I’ll get ready and come..
I held her hand and took her near the dressing table..
I hugged her by her waist from behind and said- look at urself in the mirror.. U look stunning.. Katrina needs make-up, not u..
She looked at herself and covered her face with her hands as she felt shy.. I turned her around and moved her hands away.. She looked at me..
I said- suhani.. If u will hide ur face, how will I admire u?
She turned around and blushed.. I could see it in the mirror.. I smiled..
She sat down on the tool and started combing her hair..

I sat on the bed and took up a magazine that was kept there.. But I was secretly watching her.. She looked gorgeous.. I couldn’t take my eyes off her..
I went back to the past when I used to treat her badly or shout at her without any fault of her..
I really felt I was a fool as I couldn’t cherish what I had.. I took too long to understand her worth!!
But I promised myself that now I will fight with the world for her if needed..

She clapped twice and broke the chain of my thoughts..
She asked me what I was thinking through gesture..
I got up and made her sit on the tool..
She said- yuvraj I’m ready..
I opened another cupboard and took out a jewellery box..
I said- I’ll give u the finishing touch..
We smiled..

I took out the bangles first.. I took her hands one after the other and made her wear them.. Next was the ring.. I put it in her finger and kissed her hand.. She tried to suppress her smile but I could see it.. Then I took the necklace and she held her hair to one side.. I made her wear it..

She asked- shall we leave?
I replied- at least see urself in the mirror once..
She replied smiling- I’ve seen myself in ur eyes.. We hugged each other and left..

Guys I hope u enjoyed it.. Ur reviews are awaited.. 🙂

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  1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    awsm di…. really happy aftr reading this…. I lost n yuvani world….. just awsm pair …..! no one replace their place…. I felt seeing ssel.

    1. NAPSHa J

      thank u di.. I agree with u.. YuvAni’s chemistry is beyond words!!

  2. Superb…. But u r ending…. Feeling so sad…. Sharad n bhavana conversation was really cute n yuvani dialogues also too cute

  3. Neethu

    Awesome episode? But why do u end it so soon?

    1. NAPSHa J

      I have exams that’s why..

  4. sarita sharma

    superb yuvaani moment pz continue don’t need this if u did end then new yuvaani ff start pz pz

  5. nice epi superb yuvaani scéně pz continue if u did end this then new ff start pz bcs yuvaani ff counted hi rah gai h aap v end kar dogi to counted ff maise ek or kam ho jayegi so pz continue

  6. damn pretty, cute, lovely n sweet episode… full of yuvani n no disturbance in yuvani world…

  7. NAPSHa J

    thank u so much guys.. 🙂

  8. wow di what a lovely episode … its superb… full of yuvAni… luv it….
    miss this yuvani’s chemistry in serial.
    but now tym slot is changed and i cant watch this.. so plzz dnt end ur ffs..
    if u end this then back with ur new ff…

  9. amzing ….i lost in yuvani’s world while must say that in this ff there is no negative characters nd negative plots .its full yuvani scenes of realization,love.their chemisty is superb.
    i will miss this very much .lz don’t end this napsha sis .or come back with new ff soon.

  10. Aqsxxh

    Napsha- you have done it again

  11. NAPSHa J

    thank u guys.. 🙂

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