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Coming to the ff, probably this is the 2nd last epi..
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Episode 21



I got up hearing some noise..
It was completely dark.. Yuvraj was deep asleep, covered with the blanket.. So I didn’t disturb him..
I got up to see.. Suddenly somebody threw that lungi on my face and grabbed me from behind.. His face was covered with a joker’s mask..
I shouted for help, but yuvraj didn’t budge.. I took off the blanket.. Pillows were there on yuvraj’s side..
I understood everything and smiled..
I said- ok I’m coming with u Mr. Lungi.. Leave my hand..
He asked changing his voice- I’m not Mr. Lungi.. Come with me..
I followed him.. He took me to his room (the one in which he stayed as a guest)..
I removed his mask and asked- what’s this yuvraj?
He replied- I told u I would wrap u in the lungi and run away..
I said- very funny..
And stood near the window..

Suddenly he came and hugged me from behind and whispered- happy birthday.. Mrs. Lungi Birla..
I laughed.. And then realized I had actually forgotten about it..
I thanked him..
He asked me- I thought of scaring u, but I didn’t know u’r so scary..
I nodded smiling..
Just then, my phone rang.. It was rohan sir.. He wished me and said that he just arrived.. I recalled yuvraj saying he went to the airport to receive him.. He lied to me!!

I looked at him.. He smiled..
I asked him- where did u go after I came back with yuvaan?
He said- to receive rohan..
I said- rohan sir has just arrived..
He said- oh.. So u got to know.. Wait, I’ll show u something..
He opened the top button of his shirt..
I turned around and said- no yuvraj.. I don’t wana take our relation ahead this way.. U lied to me.. Tell me if something is there.. We will find…………

I stopped as I turned around towards him and found my name tattooed on his chest!!
I looked at him.. He was smiling..
He said- suhani.. U speak sooooo much.. And that’s why I found this way to make u quiet..

I was on cloud nine!!
I never thought somebody would love me to the heights.. I walked closer to him and ran my fingers slowly over the tattoo.. My eyes filled with tears of joy, as I wasnt used to so much of happiness at a time!!

He wiped them and said- no tears today.. Only smile..
I softly gave a punch on his chest and asked- what was the need? It must have pained a lot na..
He nodded and said- yes.. But the happiness I got after getting it done, healed all..
I hugged him tight.. He too hugged me back..

Suddenly the door bell rang.. He frowned and looked at the door..
He said- I know its sambhav.. U wait..
I laughed and buttoned his shirt..
He shouted opening the door- why did u come now? Is this time to……
He stopped.. PA bhaiya and bhawana di entered.. We were surprised..

They hugged me and we had some emotional talks after a year.. Then they wished me.. I took them to yuvaan.. They were very happy..

There was another knock at the door.. It was gauri with aunty and sambhav..


Was it my wife’s birthday or wedding?? Family members, neighbours, all arrived..
Gauri hugged her and wished her.. She touched aunty’s feet and took her blessings.. She too hugged her.. Next was sambhav.. He held her hands and wished her saying he had no right to hug her.. As if she would feel pity and hug him.. Lol..

Our dearest neighbours left.. We walked out.. I looked towards the staircase..
Suhani asked me- why are u looking there?
I replied grinning- I’m just checking if anyone is on the way to wish u.. I’ve to welcome the guests.. This is my job for the night..
Saying that, I looked away..
She said laughing- awww…. So sweet of u..
I didnt look at her..

We got inside..
Bhawana said- suhani.. Tonight we will sleep together and recall our childhood..
I grinned hearing that.. Suhani looked at me..
I said- no Bhawana.. I mean, why should both of u sleep separately coz of us? We will adjust tonight.. Right suhani?
She nodded..

Sharad stood beside me and started asking softly- what’s going on guru? Why is the room so shuffled?
I tried to suppress my smile and said- nothing.. We just had a fight..
Sharad said- it seems some ‘tom and jerry fight’ was going on..
He started hitting me with his elbow and said- say na guru.. Plz say na..
I took him to the room and told about my confession..
He hugged me happily and said- u wait here, I’ll bring bhabhi..

He brought suhani.. Bhawana kept asking him the matter.. He said that he would explain her later.. Sharad winked at us.. They left closing the door..

Guys I hope u enjoyed the epi as well as the VM.. Ur reviews are awaited.. 🙂

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  1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    wow wow wow di….its really took me to yuvani world…..missing yuvani very much……awsm…as usual it’s beyond words….

  2. Awesm epi.. i liked d scene wen yuvi was looking towards d staircase.. so funny.. 🙂
    I also liked d cover pic of this epi.. that lal ishq wala scene is my fav…

    1. NAPSHa J

      mine too.. 🙂

  3. fantastic dear.. yuvani scene was so gud as always.. pl update nxt…

  4. wow di.. its really awesome episode..

  5. awsome its really something which i don’t know but i missing old yuvani very much means thier fights etc in show but this ff is fullfilling that wish also.

  6. Just one word… Loved… It…. Pls try 2 post daily

  7. Vm is superb…. Full of the yuvani scene… Loved it

  8. Napsha ur entire ff is like abeautiful painting which is entirely dedicated to yuvani.episode is very very nice.its soo beautiful.we will be waiting fr ur another ff dear.

  9. Nice episode…everything going fine in yuvaani’s life…liked it very much

  10. Aqsxxh

    God you are such a magical writer, your fanfic transports me to another world! I can’t believe it is ending so soon! 🙁 <3 hope you come back with a new ff x

    1. NAPSHa J

      I’ll try.. I have exams in march and then in may, so I’m ending it..

  11. Suprb napsh

  12. superb epi yuvaani scéně was nice ise end karne ke baad new ff start kar dena aap bhut accha likhati ho

  13. sarita sharma

    nice yuvaani scéně pz new ff start kar dena aap bhut accha likhati ho pz update soon

  14. NAPSHa J

    Thank u so much guys.. keep supporting.. 🙂

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