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We entered the mall.. It was too crowdy..
I thought to myself- thank God, bargaining isn’t allowed in malls..
I smiled..
Suhani noticed this and asked- why are u smiling?
I replied- coz I’m lucky that we are here..

As we moved ahead, I saw a 16 years old guy selecting a watch for his dad with his mom.. Seeing that, I smiled..
Suhani said- one day yuvaan will also be buying a nice gift for u.. For now, we can do something.. Whatever will be the first thing that yuvaan gets hold of, it will be his first gift to u..

I nodded, but then I said- but if its a girly stuff, I won’t accept it..
We laughed..
Yuvaan got hold of girly stuffs like gown, lipstick, bangles, etc.. Suhani teased me everytime saying I could try it if I wanted..
I wondered if its Fathers’ Day or Mothers’ Day..

After sometime, suhani laughed and I got nervous seeing yuvaan holding a lungi..
We looked at each other.. She continued to laugh..
I said- laugh.. Since morning u’r getting entertained at my cost..
She tried to stop laughing and said- sorry but this lungi is ur gift..
I looked at yuvaan.. He was smiling at me..
I frowned and said in mind- u too laugh at me son..
I imagined myself driving my vintage in that lungi.. As I got out, it got stuck in the door.. I pulled it and it tore..
I screamed- no…..

Suhani asked me- what happened yuvraj?
I replied- nothing..
She handed over the lungi to me and said- therez the trial room.. Try it..
I said- no need.. Its nice..
She laughed again..
She knew what was I going through.. Yuvraj Birla and Lungi?? Arghhhh……


It had been three hours.. Yuvraj didn’t come back home..
I thought- why did he tell me to leave with yuvaan? Where did he go? Hez not even taking my calls..

The door bell rang.. He was home.. He said that he went to receive rohan sir at the airport..
I asked him to change and freshen up..
He asked- why should I change now? What’s so special?
I replied- its fathers’ day yuvraj.. U should put on that lungi.. If u can’t do this for ur son, u’r a horrible father..
He looked worried hearing that!!
I laughed silently..

He took the lungi and went to his room..
I stood outside the room to hear his frustrations..
He stood in front of the mirror and tried to wear it..
He said- I’m looking so funny that I can’t even step out of the room.. God knows who created this lungi.. Its the male version of saree..
I laughed like hell covering my mouth.. Suddenly I felt his hand on my shoulder from behind..
He said- so someone is having fun out here..
I turned around and said- no.. Who can dare to laugh at Lungi Birla?
I laughed again..


I was completely taken by her.. It hadn’t been even a day when I had confessed my love for her, and she was so happy since then.. I realised we were made for each other!!

I said- laugh.. One day I’ll wrap u in this lungi and run away..
She asked raising her eyebrows- oh really? U can do that?
I pulled her closer and said- don’t doubt my courage.. I can do anything..
I said- then wear a saree..
I grinned and said- I’m hungry.. Let’s go out for lunch..
We laughed and left..

At night……
Suhani wanted to sleep as she was too tired.. She forgot it was her birthday next day, and I wanted to wish her at 12.. Just an hour to go.. I had to keep her awake somehow..
I said- suhani..
She said- let me sleep.. I’m tired..
I let her sleep thinking it would be more fun to wake her up at 12 by scaring her.. I smiled at the thought..

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  1. sarita sharma

    yuvaani yuvaan scéně was nice i curious what will happen next pz update soon

  2. napsa aapne aise point par end kiya ki aage kya hoga pata hi nhi chala kab end ho gaya pz update soon

  3. Lungi haha..male version of saree very funny…too good dear…update asap..keep it up

  4. Awesm epi.
    I was waiting for this ff..
    Now waiting for next epi 🙂
    Update asap

  5. Nice shot Napsha….

  6. lungi birlaaa… hahaha.,. superb dear, it was very nice n u made me laugh n am still laughng.,

  7. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    I wish to jumb bcz of lottttt happiness filled n episode ….. I wish to whistle also……wat an funny episode…its really awsm….

  8. very funny episode.. lungi birla hahaha…..
    update soon

  9. very funny episode,i laughed very hard really very word full of fun filled .specially yuvraj imagination abt lungi nd while wearing that lungi.i really love it i’m still laughing .

  10. A.Tejaswi

    Funny..Lungi birla..awesome episode dii..pls update asap.can’t wait to know what is going to happen nxt

  11. Very funny n interesting specially that lungi part

  12. NAPSHa J

    Thank u soooo much guys.. 🙂

  13. Of course we enjoyed a lot . lungi thought was just amazing ❤

  14. Neethu

    This is too awesome!! I loved every bit of this episode? And especially that scene where the lungi gets stuck…Very funny?
    Keep writing such fun filled episodes

  15. NAPSHa J

    Thanks radha and neethu.. 🙂 :p

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