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We were on the way to home in rohan’s car.. Thankfully, suhani’s neighbour-cum-friend left on his bike.. The weather was cold, and she was admiring the beauty of the nature outside the window.. I was watching her from the corner of my eye.. Probably she knew it, and that would have been the reason behind the smile that she tried hard to suppress..
I held her hand without looking at her..
She said- concentrate on driving..
I replied- u’r not letting me do that..
She asked- what did I do?
I replied smiling- how can I concentrate on anything when u’r with me?
She smiled..
My phone rang.. It was sharad’s call..

I said- yes sharad..
He said worried- I saw ur missed call.. Why did u call so late? Is everything fine?
I kissed suhani’s hand and said- yes.. Everything is fine..
We looked at each other..
I continued- I called u coz I wasn’t feeling sleepy..

Then I put my phone on loudspeaker mode and said- sharad.. Early morning I had a heavy loss.. A party interrupted and I had to suffer.. What should I do?
Suhani slapped cutely on my hand by which I held hers..
Sharad replied- that party will never get what he wants.. Go and beat him.. And try to make up for the losses, and make profits too if u can..
I asked suhani- what do u think? Is sharad right?
Suhani took the phone and talked to sharad and Bhawana normally.. She told them not to say anything to maa, as she wanted to give her surprise..

It was 9 am.. We reached home.. Our home..
Suhani brought yuvaan from sambhav’s home..
She said- yuvaan.. U know, hez ur father.. Say papa..
He didn’t, as he was just 6 months old..
I said- don’t worry suhani, one day he will say..
He started crying.. Suhani went to feed him..

We got ready and had our breakfast..
She said- its Sunday.. I need to get the vegetables today..
I said- ok.. U go.. I’ll take care of yuvaan..
She nodded and went to get her purse..
My phone rang.. It was maa..
She asked me about my daily schedule here, and then said- I know u must be feeling too bad as its fathers’ day and ur son is not with u..
I said- I’m sure I’ll meet him soon..
She hung up crying..
I could hear sobs.. I turned to see.. Suhani was there at the door..
I could make it out that she was missing her dad.. I hugged her and pacified her..
I called Pankaj uncle and wished him on loudspeaker mode..
He replied- u and Bhawana wished me, but suhani didn’t..
She silently cried hearing that..
She took the phone and whispered- happy fathers’ day.. Papa..
Uncle asked- who was it yuvraj?
I replied- don’t know uncle.. A daughter wished her father..
He nodded.. I hung up..
I had to cheer her up..
I said- let’s go..
She asked- where?
I replied- veg market.. Today i’ll also go with u and show u who I’m..
Her eyes were left wide open..
She said- I’ve a condition.. U’ll have to bargain too..

I frowned as I had never been to veg market before.. I thought to myself- yuvraj birla.. U’r gone now.. Get ready to argue for 4-5 rupees..
I asked- what will I get in return?
She asked back- what do u want in return?
I placed my finger on my cheek..


I knew it would be fun to watch Yuvraj Birla bargaining with the veg sellers.. I somehow managed to control my excitement..
I said- ok.. For every ten rupees u save, I’ll give u one..
His smile vanished..
He asked to reduce it to two rupees, but I made it to five..

We reached the veg market.. I wished him ‘all the best’..


I actually needed it.. God knew what would happen next..
I was worried..
She said- don’t worry, I’ll guide u..
I looked at her.. She smiled..

She held my hand and we walked.. She asked me to ask about cucumber..
I asked- uncle, cucumber ke rate kya hai?
The seller looked blank..
He asked- Kuku? Amber? Who are they?
I put my hand on my forehead and thought- it would have been better if I had come alone..
Suhani said- yuvraj.. If they knew English, they wouldn’t have been selling vegetables here.. I will show u how to deal.. U just observe..
I nodded..

She said- bhaiya……
I interrupted- isn’t ur bro too old and looks like an uncle?
She asked me to be quiet..
She continued- bhaiya, kheere kaise diye?
I said- haath se..
She stared at me.. I looked here and there to save myself..
The seller replied- Rs.40/kg
Suhani acted- what?? 2 days before, I took it for Rs.25..

They argued.. I couldn’t imagine myself doing that.. She started to choose the fresh ones and said- I won’t pay more than Rs.30.. U people only know how to loot ur customers..
I looked around.. The scene was the same with every seller..
I thought to myself- Here the rich ones come to loot the poor sellers.. They behave like dacoits; they take whatever they want and even pay according to their will.. Get ready Dacoit Birla..
I bit my teeth..

Suhani asked me- why are u sweating when the weather is cool?
I wiped them off with my handkerchief and said- nothing.. Let’s go..
She took me to orange seller..
I asked- bhaiya.. Orange.. I mean, santre kaise diye?
He replied- Rs.55/dozen..
I said- what? 2 days before, I took it for Rs.45..
He replied- then take it from there only.. Why did u come here?
Suhani turned around and tried to suppress her smile..
I asked him to give and quietly paid Rs.55.. But I said- take 50..

Suhani said- wow Mr. Birla.. U learnt today itself..
I raised my brows and smiled..
She said- let’s get tomatoes now..
I said- no.. First I want my prize for saving five rupees..
She looked around and said- yuvraj.. So many people are there..
I interrupted- and all are busy cooking up stories that they bought it 2-3 days before at a lower rate..
She laughed, and then kissed on my cheek..

We went towards the tomato seller.. Before I could say anything, the cucumber seller came and said- bhaiya, this five rupees note was torn and then joined by cellotape, so plz change it..

I looked at suhani from the corner of my eye.. She gave me an angry look..
I said- I didn’t give u this note..
He said- u only gave me.. It was folded with 50 rupees note..
I said- may be I didn’t see, but I won’t pay more than 50..
We continued to argue..
Suhani gave him five rupees and he thanked her..

We continued to purchase.. I bargained as much as I could, and saved Rs.25 in an hour.. But she was angry.. I knew she wanted me to pamper her..
We reached home..
She was about to leave towards the kitchen..
I held her hand and said- suhani.. U’r forgetting something..
She replied- u won’t get anything now.. U lied to me.. Ahaaaaaan……..
I said- u’r mistaken.. I’m talking about something else..
She asked- say fast..


He didn’t try to convince me.. I expected him to pamper me.. But he didn’t.. Sadu.. Huhh..
I was surprised when all of a sudden, he softly kissed my left cheek..
My anger vanished..
I said- yuvraj……
He covered my mouth with his hand and stood facing me..
I looked down in shy..
He said- I got a kiss by telling lie, so I returned it back..
Saying that, he went to his room..


I watched her silently.. She had turned pink.. She touched her cheek and smiled.. I too smiled..

YuvAni at shopping mall..
Suhani- whatever yuvaan will get hold of, that will be his first gift to u..
After sometime, suhani laughs and yuvi gets nervous seeing yuvaan holding a …………..

Guys I hope u enjoyed it.. Don’t forget to comment.. 🙂 also u can guess for the precap what’s the gift.. :p

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